(Part: 4) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

I was standing in the corridor of college with a bouquet of yellow flower in my hand. I was lost in deep thoughts, my lips were drawn up in a cheery smile and my eyes are sparkling. I was delighted because yesterday Manik had saved me which proved to me that he cared for me secretly.

“Today I will surely make Manik my friend because friendship is the first step towards love. From starting I knew that he’s not what he shows to the whole world. By saving me yesterday he proved that he is not a monster, he is my saviour.” My smile grew bigger as my eyes fell over Manik.

He curled his lips and rolled his eyes before ambling to the classroom, utterly ignoring me. My lips drew down in disappointment.

“Manik.” I rushed behind him and stopped him by coming in front of him. He stared at me, annoyed.

“Manik, I want to say thank you, thank you so much for saving me yesterday.” I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and held out the bouquet to him. As he took the bouquet, I grinned like an idiot wondering that he accepted my gift. I literally shivered as his cold hand touched mine. We glanced into each other eyes deeply for a second only.

“Thank you so much.” He scoffed and pitched the bouquet on the floor before crushing it. I felt a stabbing pain in my heart and my face dropped down in sadness. I had brought that bouquet for him with so much love.

He gritted his teeth and moved his face down dangerously close to my face after grasping my arms tightly. I stared at him mutely, disheartened.

“Now listen to me very carefully, miss whatever you are, I’m not interested in you, so please stop following me and stop dreaming that yesterday I saved you because I have feelings for you or I’m interested in you.” He growled at me before pushing me away.

I was just staring into his black eyes, trying to read them ignoring his words, because I knew that he was lying. I was hundred percent sure that he saved me yesterday because he also had feelings for me. There was something big which he was hiding from me.

He was wondering that if he kept shouting at me and treating me like this in front of everyone, I would believe him that he wasn’t interested in me. But he didn’t know his behaviour wasn’t going to convince that he wasn’t interested in me.

“Manik, you can’t change the truth by shouting at me that you care for me and that’s why yesterday night you saved me and this is the truth.” I said with full confidence.

“Whatever.” He said curtly and stalked to the classroom. My heart broke down into millions of pieces when crumpled the bouquet with his shoes. I fought back with my tears very difficultly and bit my lower lip.

What is my mistake that he isn’t talking to me and treating me like this? He is shouting at me and insulting me, then why I’m still falling for him? Why he is doing this? What secret he is hiding? All of these questions were eating my mind.

After all this drama happened, I wasn’t in the mood to attend the college, therefore I came back home. At home also there was no one, with whom I could share my feelings. I just lay down on the bed and kept wondering about my empty life. My life was never normal and after I met Manik, my life became complicated. But I had decided that I wouldn’t give up until I don’t get my answers because I was a strong girl. Life had me strong and I wasn’t afraid of anything.

The only advantage of having a life filled with struggles and pain is that it makes the person very strong.

After an hour, Abhi called me, he was asking about me, why I went back home and why I didn’t inform them. I said to him that I would explain to him everything tomorrow. Somewhere he got an idea that the problem was related to Manik only. He also informed me that there is an annual college party tomorrow. First I denied to come, but later he convinced me to come.

The whole day, I spent lying on the bed, went out to have dinner for survival.

At night, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but immediately opened my eyes as I felt him standing near to me. My desperate eyes scanned the whole room, but he was nowhere. My heart was thumping.

“What’s wrong with me?” I muttered and took a deep breath to compose myself. When I closed my eyes again and tried to sleep, again I felt his presence as like he was staring at me standing near to my bed.

I again opened my eyes and climbed down the bed after removing the blanket. “Manik, are you here? “I asked, moving my eyes all around the room. I know that I was sounding crazy because how could Manik came into my room as the door of my room was locked.

I lumbered into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. I widened my eyes in utter shock as I saw him through the mirror, he was standing behind me. As I turned around, he disappointed like the smoke in the air.

“What’s happening to me?” I murmured, moving my hand through my hair. I was feeling like I would lose my mind.

I stepped out and my eyes were still desperately searching for him in the whole room, but deep inside I knew that he was just my imagination because he couldn’t come here.

And why would he come here?

Next day I came to college, all the students were gathered at the terrace for the annual party. I was wearing a pretty red dress which was coming up to my knees. My hairs were straight. I kept them lose. Mukti and Abhi hugged me when I walked to them. We started talking and thankfully they didn’t ask why I went back home yesterday. Mukti and Abhi went for dance, they asked me too but I denied. I was smiling seeing them, they looked perfect with each other.

Then my eyes fell over Manik and all the students around us disappeared. I could only see him. He was looking so handsome in black coat suit. I kept gazing at him like an idiot as always. He was standing at the corner of the terrace, alone, like always.

Suddenly an idea popped up into my mind to trap him and I grinned evilly. I strode to him, my lips were drawn in a bright smile, like always he stared at me irritably and averted his eyes.

Then I pretended to fall, placing my hand on head. Before I could fall, he rushed to me and caught me as expected. I fell in his arms and didn’t open my eyes. He lifted me in his arms. He was so cold and strong. I felt so good to be in his arms. I felt like this is my home which I had been finding for ages. I just wanted to stop the time here. He was taking me downstairs, I didn’t bother where he was taking me, I was utterly lost in his strong arms.

“I know you are acting, so you can now open your eyes.” As he uttered, I came out of my dream world. I was shocked. How did he come to know that I was acting?

I didn’t open my eyes because I was afraid to face him. His next act shocked me more.

He suddenly left me and I fell on the cold floor with a thud. I immediately opened my eyes and saw him laughing evilly. I glared at him, frowning.

I glanced at the surrounding. We were in an empty room and the door was locked.

“Let’s finish your following game today, I know what you want from me and I am ready to give you that.” He uttered, opening the buttons of his shirt and staring at me dangerously. I widened my eyes in shock. His act was utterly unexpected for me.

Without giving him any explanation, I stood up and marched to the door, but before I could open the door, he pinned me against the wall by grasping my arms.

“Now where are you going? Don’t act innocent, come on do it.” He moved closer to my lips. I won’t lie, that time I wanted to kiss him, but I pushed him away and slapped him before our lips could touch.

“I never knew that you think such a cheap thing about me, you are disgusting, Manik, I hate you and I hate myself that I ever loved you.” I bawled at him and dashed out of the room after opening the door.

“What he thinks, by doing this he will make me believe that he doesn’t care about me. He is thinking utterly wrong. He thinks that he knows everything, but he doesn’t know that I also know everything. I know whatever he is doing with me, it is all his acting, he is showing himself as a monster but in reality, I know he isn’t a bad person, he’s hiding pain deep inside him which I can vividly see in his eyes.” I murmured to myself after coming out of the college.

“I promise myself that I will make him spit the truth.” I uttered, staring straight in determination.

How do you finding the story?

What do you think what will happen next?

Love Mehak

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