(Part: 5) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

He didn’t come to college the next day. I kept staring at the door, hoping that he would come but he didn’t come. The next whole week he didn’t come to college.

I was feeling like, he went far away from me forever. I wasn’t feeling like to do anything, even I stopped talking with Mukti and Abhi, I always found them worrying for me but I wasn’t in a condition to make them understand my state of mind, what I was going through. They tried to cheer me up but I always kept wondering about Manik. I’m becoming more and more restless with each passing day. The emptiness in my heart is slowly and slowly eating me from inside. I was inconsolable.

“Why did he leave like this?” this question was eating my mind.

“Nandini, it is enough, for how long you will remain like this, not talk to anyone, you have to move on, he is never going to come back as he never cared for you, even he wasn’t worth for your love.” Mukti shouted at me, shaking me by holding my arms and I looked at her with sorrowful eyes.

“Mukti, it is not easy to move on for me, with each passing day, my heart is breaking more. I’m feeling like he is going very far from me, my heart is aching, Mukti, badly. I don’t know why, but I have strong feelings for him. I’m madly and deeply in love with him. Maybe one day my heart will stop beating without him and I will die.” As I uttered dejectedly, Mukti and Abhi looked at me in shock. I said the truth as the pain was becoming unbearable for me.

“Nandini, stop it, don’t say that okay, we are with you, we will find him, don’t lose hope.” Abhi clasped my hands and assured me that he would help me in finding him, but I knew, it was impossible because we had no information about him. We didn’t even know where he lived.

After that day, I stopped going to college, I stayed at home in my room the whole day and silently cried for hours in agony. The pain was increasing more and more with each passing day, I was in despair, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want our story to end like this. I wanted him back and wanted to know why he was doing this with me. What he was getting, seeing me suffering each day without him.

After a month, I decided to go to the club and get drunk. I was sure that he would surely come to save me. According to plan. I went to the club and started drinking without any pause. My head started spinning, everything became blurry, I left the club.

“If I put myself in trouble, Manik will surely come to save me.” I smiled, thinking this because finally, I got an idea to get Manik back.

I was waddling down the empty roads and finding trouble for me. It was a late night, there was nobody.

I saw a jeep coming, in that jeep two boys were sitting, they were looking goons type and they were drunk. I grinned as I saw them because I finally found trouble for me. I was a hundred percent sure that Manik would surely come. My heart was saying that he would come, therefore I was ready to put myself in the terrific trouble without any fear.

As I come in front of their jeep, the boy who was driving, he instantly applied the brake.

They were ogling at me shamelessly. I felt like to kill them. I composed myself. “I need to go home, my car broke down.” I indirectly asked for the lift from them.

They both glanced at each other, having a smirk on their faces. I knew it was very dangerous for me, but I was sure that Manik would surely come.

“Why not madam, we will drop you home, come sit.” The other man asked me to sit beside him in the backseat, I knew their intentions and then also I sat with him. They both passed each other evil smile.

“Where you are taking me?” I asked because they were taking the car into the dense forest.

“How will Manik come here to save me.” I wondered, playing with my fingers nervously. My heart started pounding with fright.

“Don’t act innocent, you know what we want from you. After our work, we will drop you at home? “The boy who was sitting beside me said, rubbing his hand on my thigh and leering at me. Other boy stopped the car in the middle of the forest. I gulped the lumps down my throat, trembling with fear.

“Take her out, I think this is the right place and right time.” The boy who was driving the car ordered, climbing down the car and the other boy dragged me out. I knew that I got myself into very big trouble.

“Leave me, I am not that type of girl.” I tried to push them, but no use they were stronger than me and I was utterly wasted. He pushed me and I fell.

“Hold her hands, first I will f*** her.” One of them said and the other boy immediately grasped my wrists and pinned my both hands above my head. I started kicking my legs.

“No, no, I won’t let them touch me, I have to do something.” My mind was asking me to do something and my heart was still hoping that Manik would surely come to save me.

The other boy started opening his shirt, staring at me lustfully. I was kicking my legs and trying hard to get up. They devilishly laughed, looking at each other. The boy came above me and tore sleeves of my top and started kissing my neck. I squeezed my eyes shut and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was feeling disgusting with his touch. I was horrified, they were going to rape me and it was all my fault.

Then without thinking anything, I kicked boy’s crotch in fury three times continuously, so that he couldn’t get up for a few minutes. He screamed in pain, holding his crotch and the other boy also went toward him, leaving my hands. I threw sand in their eyes. I hastily stood up and ran away.

I had been running for fifteen minutes in the dense forest, they both were chasing me. I was breathing heavily and my legs were paining but still, I was running to save my life from the two animals. I knew that if they caught me, they wouldn’t leave me. I had decided that I would die but I won’t give myself to them.

After a few minutes, I reached the cliff and they grinned evilly at each other because I had no way to run rather than jumping down the cliff.

“Come here because now you have no other option left.” The boy said, they both laughed loudly. I glared at them, clenching my fist in fury. I wanted to kill them with my own hands before dying.

I chuckled, “what do you think, I had no other option rather than coming to you? Then let me tell you that you both are thinking wrong.” As I said in attitude, they glanced at each other bemusedly.

I closed my eyes. “I wish I could see you before dying.” I murmured and jumped down the cliff.

I saw my death from so close, I knew that I was going to die but suddenly I felt, someone, held my hand in the middle before I fell. I instantly opened my eyes and saw him, standing on the mountain, holding my hand tightly. It was like a dream. We both were deeply gazing into each other eyes. He proved my heart right by saving me. My lips were curved in a contented smile. After a month I was seeing him, a month was like ages for me. If it was a dream then I wanted this dream to never end.

He yanked me up and swiftly hung me behind him. “Hold me tightly.” He said in low voice. I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist tightly. I buried my face in his back and took a deep breath as like I finally got my breath back to got him. He was cold like ice. I felt incredible.

He started climbing up the mountain speedily like an animal. I was stunned and couldn’t believe that it happened in real. Within ten seconds, we reached the top of the hill. He put me down and I was staring at him, bewildered.

How he did this? What he is? A normal human being can’t climb the mountain as he climbed. I wondered, staring at him, utterly confused.

“Who are you? How did you,” before I could say something, he shushed me by placing his finger on my lips and moved down dangerously close to me.

“I’m a vampire.” As he uttered, I widened my eyes in shock. I seriously felt like I was dreaming, vampires are in reality too. I never thought that the person whom I love, he would be a vampire.

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Do you like the way how Nandini brought Manik to herself?

Love Mehak


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