(Part: 80) Mine (Manan)

A day passed in finding Nandini but there was no clue of her. Manik was losing control over himself with each passing second, he could burn the whole world in his anger. His pain was coming out in form of anger. He was apprehensive for her because he knew his baby was innocent and she wouldn’t able to live without him. Whenever he thought that how she would be living without him and what can Aman do with her, he always trembled with fear.

“Tell me, how dare you helped Aman in escaping?”Manik was beating a police constable like hell because he had helped Aman in escaping out of the jail. He wanted to kill that bastard because Nandini was not with him because of him. He wanted to kill every dam person who was involved in escaping of Aman and kidnapping Nandini.

“No, Abhi, leave me, I will kill him, because of him, today my Nandini is away from me.” He bawled in fury when Abhi tried to stop him because the constable was about to die. Abhi didn’t want to stop him, he wanted to kill that bastard but they were in the police station.

“Manik, you will not find Nandini by killing people and shouting at them, we shouldn’t waste the time in all this, we should start finding Nandini.” Abhi tried to explain to him. He left him and lumbered out of the room mutely after last time glaring at him.

“Abhi, I’m not understanding anything, where I should find Nandini. Aman is Mafia, he can do anything, he can hide himself and Nandini anywhere, You know many politicians and businesses men are in his control, we can’t do anything Abhi.” Manik was punching on the wall, crying badly, despaired because he was aware of Aman’s power.

“Manik, my team is checking out all his hidden and secrets places, we will surely get our Nandini back, don’t lose hope. Please, Manik, be strong for her, don’t become weak, if Aman is powerful then our love, especially your love for Nandini is more powerful, no power can separate you both for a long time.” Abhi tried to encourage Manik like a true friend and Manik just hugged him and started crying like a small baby in his arms.

Abhi had never seen Manik crying like this before but he was not shocked even seeing him crying like this because he knew how much Manik loved Nandini and he also knew why he was crying because he was scared for Nandini. After all, Aman could do anything with Nandini.

In one luxurious room, Nandini opened her eyes after twenty-four hours. She got up, rubbing her eyes cutely and smiled seeing the huge room. She was confused about how she came here and then she recalled.


“Nandini, I will make you meet Manik, stop crying okay,” Navya said, stepping into her room when Nandini was crying because no one was telling her about her hubby.

Her eyes glinted with hope and asked, “you will make me meet him?” Navya nodded her head. After that, she happily went with Navya wondering she would make her meet Manik but she had no clue about her true intentions that she was taking her more away from her hubby.

On the way to her destination, Navya made her drink water in which she had mixed sleeping pills. As soon as she drank the water, she fell asleep and After that, she threw both of their phones outside of the window and called Aman.

Flashback Over

“I think, Hubby has planned a surprise for me as like he took me to yacht on my birthday, he loves to give me surprise. I love you so much, hubby.” She became happy, thinking wrong.

“Hubby, now come please, I haven’t seen you for three days. It’s enough now, I can’t wait for more, I’m missing you a lot.” She walked to the door.

“Why it is not opening?” She cried in frustration when she tried to open the door but it wasn’t opening.

“Hubby, open the door.” She banged the door. After getting tired, she sat on the bed making an angry pout.

“Hubby, I won’t talk to you because you are making me mad and angry by making me wait for you.” She sat, crossing her legs on the bed and said, but little did she knew that Manik was not going to come.

After a few minutes as the door pushed open and she instantly moved her eyes to the door, she was expecting Manik on the door, but she saw Navya walking into the room.

She hastily climbed down the bed and strode to him. “Navya, where is hubby and where I am?” As she asked, Navya gave her a doleful look.

“Nandini, I’m sorry for taking you here.” As Navya apologised looking at Nandini, her eyes filled with guilt. Nandini narrowed her brows bemusedly.

Navya burst into tears. “I’m sorry that I brought you here. Aman blackmailed me that if I didn’t bring you here, he would-he would kill Manik. He sent me the video where they were beating him. I was forced to bring you here, Nandu, please forgive me.” Nandini froze after knowing all this.

“Aman,” she murmured in disbelief and recalled the video, in which he was forcing her parents to commit suicide. “But Aman is in jail, how could he blackmailed you?” She asked, baffled.

“He escaped out because he is very powerful,” before Navya could say anything, they both saw Aman standing on the door, looking at Navya dangerously.

Nandini glared at him in fury, she was regretting that why that day she didn’t kill him.

“Navya, my little sister, who told you to come here?”Aman asked, walking to Navya. Nandini was shocked to know that Navya was his sister.

“Go from here right now or else, you know what I mean.” Aman tried to scared Navya. As she looked at Nandini, she shook her head asking Navya to don’t go leaving her alone.

“Go.” As Aman bawled, Nandini flinched and Navya immediately left from there. Then Aman looked at Nandini, smiling devilishly. She rushed to her bed.

“Please, God, please God, wake me up from this bad dream, please, please.” She hid herself into the comforter and prayed to God, clutching the comforter.

She slowly pulled the blanket down her face. “Bapre (oh god) he is in reality.” She murmured as she found him still standing. He was staring at her, smiling evilly.

“Darling, I am real, not your nightmare and now no one can take you away from me. He said after coming close to her. As he lifted his hand to touch her face, she moved away from her face.

“Aman, you are a villain and Manik is my hero, he will surely come and save me from you and this time he won’t leave you because always hero wins in the end,” Nandini said confidently and Aman laughed loudly.

“Oh darling, this is not any movie where there will be a happy ending, this is the reality where the most powerful person wins always and I am powerful than your Manik, He will never able to find you.” Nandini was fuming in anger.

She pushed him away. “Then I will run from here.” She jumped down the bed and dashed out of the room. She widened her eyes in shock to find herself on the yacht and Aman came outside behind her.

“Why Hubby didn’t teach me swimming, now how will I go to him. I’m missing him a lot.” She cried.

Aman came in front of him. “There is no escape darling, you can’t go to Manik and he can’t reach here, Manik will check my all secrets places but he never come to know, there is not any specific place where I am keeping you.” He moved closer to her face and she gave him a disgusting look.

“I won’t let you touch me, only my hubby has the right to touch my body.” As he was again about to touch her face, she pushed him and ran to the room. She hurriedly locked herself before Aman could catch her.

“Nandini, open the door.” Aman banged the door, fuming in anger.

“Never.” She shouted from inside.

“Okay fine, stay in the room. I will see, how many days, you can leave without food, and I will surely make you regret this act.” He shouted and left from there.

“I can live without food and water for many days, but I don’t know how I will able to live without hubby.” She murmured, hugging her knees, sitting on the cold floor, tears rolled down her cheeks mechanically.

“Why god, why you are doing this to me? First, you keep me away from Mumma, papa and now you are keeping me away from Manik.” She cried, she was afraid to lose her hubby after her parents.

“No, my Hubby is a hero, he will surely come to

save me.” She tried to encourage herself and wiped her tears.

On the other hand, Cabir was sitting at the bar and crying. He was thinking that Navya had betrayed her because all the proofs were against her. First proof that she was Aman’s sister and second, she was the one who took Nandini with her, but deep inside his heart was not ready to believe that his love Navya would do something like this.

“Manik bhai, I promise you, I will bring your Nandini back at any cost and if Navya is involved in all this then I will kill her with my own hands.” He clutched the glass in fury, staring straight in anger and it broke down. The blood oozed out his hand, he didn’t even flinch because he was broken from inside.

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