(Part: 7) Fallen For Vampire (Sidnaaz)

When I was crying in the rain, he suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I raised my head to look at him, my lips curved to a relieved smile. He was staring at me unblinkingly, his eyes were unreadable.

“I knew that you are still here.” I murmured and he rolled his eyes, annoyed.

He ignored my words and swiftly lifted me in his arms after leaning down. I just forgot everything like always as I came into his strong arms. I placed my head over his chest and listened to his soothing heartbeat. His heart was beating exactly like humans. My whole body burned whenever it came in contact with his cold body. He had a profound effect on me, physically and mentally, both, which I couldn’t describe in words.

He directly took me to my room through the window.

“How does he know about my room? Maybe he was really there that night when I saw his reflection in the mirror and felt his presence in my room.” I wondered, staring at him bemusedly, trying to read his eyes, but they were utterly unreadable today.

“That night, it wasn’t my imagination, you were here, inside my room?” I asked to confirm as he stood me down on the floor, he wasn’t looking at me.

“Shehnaaz, you should be scared of me, why are you not getting scared of me.” He leaned in and snapped at me, his eyes and his lips became blood red and his canine teeth enlarged. Our face was few inches away, he was giving me deadly glares, trying to scare me.

I said, placing my hand on his face. “I know, you will never hurt me, so why should I need to be scared of you.” As my hand touched his face, he became normal like before. He was very cold. I was caressing his dark stubble with my thumb, gazing at him intensely.

Suddenly he knitted his brows and grasped my hand. I hissed in pain as he bit my arm, holding my hand with his both hands. He was now sucking the blood. I squeezed my eyes shut and pursed my lips to bear the pain. It was hurting me a lot but I knew he was doing this because he wanted to make me scared, therefore I didn’t scream and let him do what he was doing.

“Ahhaaa..” after a few seconds only, he growled in frustration and left my hand. Perhaps he was angry as I wasn’t afraid of him. He wiped off the blood from his mouth with the back of his palm, dangerously glaring at me.

“Why did you stop? Why didn’t you kill me?” As I asked, he averted his eyes.

As he glared back at me, I moved close to his face. “I’m sure you are hiding something very big which is stopping you from sharing your pain and stopping you from accepting that you also have feelings for me.” I stated with full confidence. His expression didn’t change a bit, he was still giving deadly glares.

“Sidharth, please, speak up. I love you, I want to know everything about you, I want to know what the thing is stopping you, please.” I again tried to persuade him to spit out the truth by holding his face. He was just staring at me in fury. Then suddenly he disappeared with the blink of my eyes.

I rushed to the window, assuming that he ran out of the window. “Sidharth, you can’t go like this, I want my answers, Sidharth, I love you so much.” I shouted, looking out of the window, my desperate eyes were searching him on the empty road. It was still raining, but not so heavily like before.

“He left.” I murmured, dejectedly.

As I turned around, I winded my eyes in surprise, he was standing in front of me. I noticed the first aid box in his hand. He clasped my hand and led me to the bed. He made me sit by holding my arms. He mutely sat down beside me and opened the first box. He took out ointment and cotton. He dropped the ointment down on the cotton pad. I flinched in pain and clenched my hands as he applied the ointment on my wound after playing my hand on his lap. On one side he was saying that he would kill me, he is a monster and on another side, he was saving me and applying ointment to my wound.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you not accepting that you love me? What is stopping you?” I asked when he was rolling the gauze bandage around my wounded arm.

He looked at me and shrieked, “because I’m a Monster.” He stood up and as he turned to leave, I immediately stopped him by holding his arm. He glared at me over his shoulder.

“Will you come to college tomorrow?” As I asked, he turned to me.

“Go sleep, it’s already late.” He said in a stern tone and removed my hand.

After he left, I changed myself into the nightwear and lay down in the quilt. I kept staring at the ceiling, wondering about him. He was a vampire, it was the biggest shock for me. But I didn’t think only this vampire thing was stopping him, there was something else that was stopping him. I fell fast asleep because today was a very long day for me and I was exhausted.

The next morning, I reached college, I was certain that Sidharth would come to college today. I stepped into the classroom and saw Mukti and Abhi sitting on the second last bench of the left row, I was seeing them after a month, I knew that I was hurting them but I didn’t know how to explain to them my feelings. I ambled to them and sat behind them. They stared at me in surprise after turning their faces. They weren’t expecting me today here in the college. They both hugged me tightly.

“How are you, Sana? I hope you are now fine after the rest of one month.” Mukti said and I just looked at her blankly. They both glanced at each other helplessly.

“Sana, you should come to college, we will go shopping, everything will be fine. We are with you, please, don’t shut yourself in a room.” He explained to me, holding my hand.

My eyes shimmered with happiness and my lips drew up to a broad smile as I saw Sidharth stepping into the room. Abhi and Mukti were shocked after seeing him in the class after a month. He directly strode to me and sat beside me, but he didn’t look at me once. Mukti and Abhi stared at him in shock before turning their face to the front.

After that teacher started his class. My gaze was fixed at him and he was pretending that he was engrossed in the book which was kept on the table. As I held his cold hand, he instantly jerked my hand. I again held his hand and he again jerked it.

He finally turned his face to me. “What’s your problem?” He snapped at me in anger, keeping his voice low.

“What’s your problem?” I snapped back.

“You’re my problem.” He growled.

“Oh really? I,” then the teacher cut me off.

“Sidharth Shehnaaz, out now, you both are disturbing the class.” As the teacher chided us, we both stood up silently and walked out.

When Sidharth was about to go, I stopped him by coming in front of him. He scowled at me.

“Today you came to college for me?” I asked, ignoring his sullen look.

He shook his head. “No. I came here to tell you that tomorrow you will hate me and you will believe that I am a monster.” He said after dangerously coming close to my face.

I was a bit scared. What he was planning? I really didn’t want to hate him.

“Sidharth, stop it. Why are you not accepting that you love me? I know today you came here for me and now you’re again trying to scare me.” I stated confidently, not showing that I was a bit scared today.

He chuckled. “I am sure, you will hate me tomorrow.” He said and walked away.

I was standing there, wondering, “What are you planning to do, Sidharth? I really don’t want to hate you.”

After that, I came back home. I spent the whole day wondering what he would do tomorrow. I was a bit anxious. After all, I didn’t want to hate him, because I love him. I didn’t eat anything the whole day and at night I slept after convincing my mind that he just said those words to scare me.

The next morning, I aroused from my slumber when I heard somebody knocking on the door of my room constantly. I also heard noises from outside.

“What is happening?” I murmured and hurriedly climbed down the bed. I didn’t know why my heart was thumping. I rushed to the door and opened the door.

As I stepped out, I found all my relatives and neighbours were gathered in the hall. I gasped as a dead body covered with a white sheet was lying on the floor. The police inspector was investigating my mom. I lumbered to them.

I widened my eyes in utter shock after listening to Inspector’s words. “Mrs Gill, an animal attacked your husband, did you see something?” As the police inspector asked and my mom nodded her head negatively. She wasn’t crying.

“Did Sidharth kill my father?” The question popped into my mind. Dad never talked with me but still, he was my father, how could Sidharth kill him, just to prove himself a monster in front of me.

How do find the update?

What do you think, did Sidharth kill Shehnaaz’s father?

What do you think, now will Sana hate Sidharth?

Love Mehak

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