(Part: 84) Mine (Manan)

“Baby, look at me, I’m here with you, your hubby is here.” He clasped her face and made her look at him. She looked at him with sorrowful eyes.

“Hubby…” she murmured in low voice placing her hand on his hand which was on her face, trying to believe that she was with him. Manik felt a bit relief after hearing hubby from her, he was craving to hear it.

“Yes, your hubby is here.” He nodded his head. Nandini looked at Aman having fear in her eyes, Cabir, Abhi, Arnav were beating Aman and he was screaming in pain.

“Hubby,” she was about to say something, but before that only Manik understood that she was afraid of Aman, therefore he scooped her into his arms. This proves that in love, eyes speak more than words. She held the collar of his shirt tightly and dug her face in his chest. Manik sighed with relief because she was at least responding. He lowered his head and placed a kiss on her hair.

Manik sat with her on the driving seat, taking her in his lap and after that, he started the engine of the car. As he kissed her forehead, she clutched his shirt tightly and hugged him tighter, she was scared to lose him again, she was thinking if she didn’t hold him tightly then she would lose him again, therefore she was hugging him tighter and tighter, she didn’t want to lose him again.

After a few minutes, he stopped the car.

“Baby, please talk to me, if you don’t say something, how will I come to know that how my baby is.” He said politely looking at her, his one hand was caressing her hair. He was trying to be strong for her but from inside, he was broken and wanted to cry with her.

After that he felt like someone stabbed the knife into his heart when Nandini started crying like a small baby making the sound. Her state was clearly showing to him that she had suffered a lot in those six days without him. He was fondly stroking her back and hair. He was letting her cry because he was thinking, maybe after this, she would get some relief.

She had been crying for ten minutes which was more than enough for him, he couldn’t see her crying like this more, therefore he forcefully tried to break the hug but she wasn’t ready to come out of his arms. She was just crying.

“Baby, please stop crying, you are hurting your hubby.” His words didn’t affect her, she didn’t respond to him.

“Did that bloody Aman hurt you so badly that even I can’t heal you?” He asked anxiously. She sobbed louder, recalling about his slap, how he had forced her and tried to rape her and he had treated Navya with extreme curtly in front of her and also tried to kill her. She could never forgot all this.

“Hubby…” she cried and wanted to tell everything to him, but the memories were hurting her and she couldn’t stop crying. Manik closed his eyes and tears trickled down his cheeks.

He took a long breath to make himself ready to hear what he had done with her.

“Hubby, he is a monster, he hurt me badly, ” she hiccuped and clutched his shirt more tightly. His heart was thumping with fright.

He gathered courage and asked by pointing at her middle of thigh. “Did he hurt you here?” As she cried louder in response, his breath got stuck in his throat thinking the worst.

“Hubby, he-he,” she stammered, crying badly and looked at Manik who was sitting in a shock thinking wrong. “He said,” she hiccuped, “that he will f*** me. I said to him that only you have the right to do this but still,” she sobbed, “still he touched me and kissed my neck and when I tried to push him, he slapped me.” She was telling him everything which was hurting her, he was difficultly holding back his tear.

“I got so much scared hubby, I thought he woulf f*** me but god saved me at right time.” Manik sighed with profound relief.

“When he kissed me, slapped me and touched me, I didn’t feel good, I felt very very bad, it was very painful to be touched and kissed by him, I only like when you touch me, I got so much scared when he said he will.. “she cried again, clutching his shirt and buried her face in his chest. He hugged her back and caressed her back, he wanted to take away all her pain. He was feeling like someone was stabbing the knife in his heart again and again.

“Sh…. now I am with you, no one will hurt you, Aman will be punished and he will not get easy death, he will be suffered till his last breath. You are my strong baby, right.” He was caressing her forehead, he was trying to console her and giving her comfort.

“Hubby, don’t kill him, Navya,” as soon as she took Navya’s name, he knitted his brows in fury because she was the one who took Nandini with her. In his eyes, she was a culprit of her pain and their suffering, but he had no clue that she was also suffering without any fault.

He flared up, cutting her words. “I know, Navya is Aman’s sister and she is bitch, she is the reason for your pain, she is involved in your kidnapping, she hurt you, don’t worry, we will find her and she will die in hell.” Nandini was constantly nodding her head that he was saying wrong but in anger, he wasn’t paying attention toward her.

“Hubby.. stop it,” Nandini shouted because she couldn’t hear more bad words about Navya because she was nowhere at fault, she was innocent and she suffered because of her.

He widened his eyes in shock that why suddenly she shouted as a few minutes ago she was not ready to speak and now what happened to her suddenly.

“She was forced to do this, Hubby. He had blackmailed her that if she doesn’t listen to him, he will kill you, he had sent the video to her in which someone was pointing the gun at you. She did all this to save your life, hubby and I am thankful to her.”Manik was utterly shocked after knowing this, the girl whom he was blaming, she was the only one who saved his life. He recalled when goons were making his video and he was confused at that time.

“But, still she put your life in danger, Nandini.” He uttered, because for him her life was important than his life.

“With my life, she put her life also in danger and she suffered for you, Manik and for me without any fault, I was so shocked to see that his brother treating her like she was nothing to him. Hubby, she did this for us, please save her, her life is in danger. Aman asked his men to punish her because she had told about his son to Cabir. They would hurt her, hubby. She has already suffered a lot because of us, Aman didn’t want her, Aman wanted me but still she suffered,” she was crying badly and trying hard to make him understand that Navya was nowhere at fault.

“Okay, okay, relax, stop crying, we will find her. Aman is with us, she will be fine, please, stop crying, I can’t see you crying like this more.” He requested, wiping her tears. Now he also wanted to save Navya’s life.

“Hubby, if Navya hadn’t helped Aman in the kidnapping, they would have killed you. Then, what? I would have died too,”

“Baby, please stop thinking about all this. I’m with you now, that’s more important. I love you and I promise you that I will find Navya, she will be fine.” He promised her after clasping her face. He kissed her forehead and took her in his arms and she hugged him tightly. Now she was just sobbing.

“Abhi, where you all are now?” Manik asked after calling Abhi.

“We are going towards the construction site.” Abhi told him.

Aranv was driving the car, Cabir was sitting beside him, staring out of the window blankly. Abhi and Kartik were seating on the back seat. Aman was unconsciously lying in Diggy, tied up.

“Give the phone to Cabir.” Abhi gave the phone to Cabir as Manik asked him.

“Cabir, listen to me very carefully and don’t worry we all are with you and everything will be fine,” as he said, Cabir narrowed his brows bemusedly that why Manik was saying all this to him.

“What happened, Bhai?” When he asked, after that Manik told everything to him.

Cabir was relieved after knowing that she didn’t betray him, but he was anxious for her too because Aman’s men took Navya with them.

“Cabir, you don’t worry. Navya will be found soon, ask Aman and call me.” Manik knew the feeling of separation from your love, therefore he was trying to assure him.

Cabir disconnected the call and suddenly shouted, “stop the car, right now.” Arnav immediately applied the break.

“What happened, Cabir?” Abhi asked but Cabir didn’t respond. He was not in a condition to tell them anything, he just wanted to see his girl fine. He stepped out of the car and opened the Diggy.

“Where is Navya, Aman? Tell me fast or you know what I can do.” Cabir asked after grabbing the collars of Aman in anger. Abhi and Arnav were confused that why suddenly he started asking About Navya.

“That bitch is at her right place which she deserves, she is in Aman’s hell and she is getting punished for her mistake,”

“Shut up.” Cabir roared and punched him.

“Aman tell me or else I will shoot your son,” he warned and took out the gun from his pocket.

Aman chuckled. “You all can’t fool me anymore, I know you won’t hurt my son because he is innocent.” Aman said confidently while Cabir was glaring at him, he wanted to kill that bastard on the spot but he couldn’t because he wanted to know about Navya, only he knew that where was Navya. Cabir started beating him again and asking about Navya but he wasn’t ready, to tell the truth, Cabir didn’t find any other option rather than again dragging Kartik in all this, he took Kartik out of the car and point the gun at him. He pressed the trigger.

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