(Part: 63A The Class Room Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Princess’s P.O.V.

After college, I’m waiting for my Professor, sitting in the class. He is going to punish me because I came late today and I also forgot to bring the vibrator.

But the truth is that I lied to him. I didn’t forget to bring the vibrator. It’s in my bag.

I looked at the bag which was kept on the desk in front of me.

I didn’t want to put the vibrator in my undies during the class, therefore I lied to him.

I don’t know how I would have controlled myself moaning in the class if I had put the vibrator into my undies. It would be so hard.

I’m feeling a bit guilty now because I have never lied to him before.

I shouldn’t have lied to him.

Should I tell him the truth?

No, if now I tell him the truth, he will be very angry. I’ll tell him about this some other day or maybe never.

I know he’ll never hurt me, but I can’t see him in anger.

What to do? I’m so confused now.

I’m nervously playing with my fingers, my hands are kept on my lap, I’m staring straight unblinkingly, talking to myself in my mind.

I startled as the door opened. I instantly darted my eyes to the door and saw him, my hot master and my hot professor. My heartbeat accelerated as like I’m seeing him for the first time. He has a profound effect on me. His one intense look is enough to set my body on fire.

“Hello, my naughty students.” His perfect lips curved to a tempting smile, his smile always takes away my heart.

He turned around to lock the door. I don’t know why today I’m a bit nervous. Maybe I’m not feeling good after lying to him.

I took a deep breath to compose myself. As I opened my eyes, I found him standing in front of me, staring at me suspiciously.

He kept his hands over the desk and leaned down, the intensity of his gaze was searing and burning my whole body. He moved closer to my face. A shiver rushed down my spine as his warm breath caressed my lips. This happens to me always when he comes close to me.

“Are you nervous, Princess?” As he asked, I instantly shook my head.

He chuckled, “you can’t lie to me.” I remained silent, not understanding what to say.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you,”

I cut his word. “I have never worried about this. I trust you.”

“But why are you nervous?” He raised his brows warily.

I can’t tell him the truth, I have to behave normally. Oh God, it is so difficult to hide the truth from him. I’ll surely end up telling him the truth.

I don’t even want to think now that how he will react after knowing the truth.

“I’m not nervous, rather I’m excited about the punishment.” As I uttered, he stood straight, smiling.

He strolled to the chair and settled down comfortably, placing his elbows on his lap.

“Stand up and come here.” He ordered sternly, pointing his index finger down in front of him. His voice holds the power.

His dominating nature takes my excitement to a different kind of level and arouses me more.

I got up and ambled to him. I stood before him mutely, waiting for his next order.

“Now take off your shoes, jeans and undies.” He instructed, keeping his voice low and stern.

I gave him a slight nod before bending down to remove my shoes. I stood straight after removing them and undid the button of jeans, gazing at him and his intense gaze is fixed at me. I hooked my thumbs into the jeans and yanked them down my thighs.

I was just about to bend down to take it out of my legs, but stopped as he instructed, “turn around and then take it off.”

I instantly turned over my heels and as I bent down, he squeezed my butts. I moaned, closing my eyes mechanically.

“You keep doing your work, Princess.” He said, fondling my butts. His touch is driving me insane and burning my body with desire.

I hastily took my jeans out of my legs and as I stood up, he slightly hit my butts. I flinched in response.

He stood behind me, very close to me. “You’re body is so tempting, Princess.” He whispered in my ear, grinding himself against my butts, his hands travelled to the front and caressed my thighs. He’s turning me more and more with his every word and touch. I’m dripping wet. He rubbed my inner thigh over the undies, I moaned, enjoying his touch.

He suddenly pulled away from me and ordered in his dominating tone, “now turn towards me and take off your black undies.”

I took a deep breath before turning to him. I hurriedly pulled my undies down because I just can’t wait for more, I’m aroused.

His smile grew bigger, seeing me wet.

“Now get ready for the punishment and I have a small surprise for you.” As he uttered, my eyes twinkled.

He grinned devilishly, slipping his hand into his jeans pocket to take out something. I widened my eyes as I saw the vibrating balls in his hand.

Oh, God! They are making me hornier.

Three small balls of silver colour are attracted to each other with a string and there is also a removal string. I remember last time it was two balls. He’s increasing the level, not bad.

As I swept my eyes to him, he asked, “Do you remember what is this and where it will go?”

I nodded instantly and couldn’t stop myself from blushing.

How can I forget about it?

Last time, I enjoyed it a lot. It was an incredible experience. I’m excited again for this as the first time.

“But today, I’ll use them to punish you for coming late. Are you ready, Princess?” He asked in a husky tone.

“I just can’t wait.” As I answered, he knelt before me.

To be continued…

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu she can’t lie to manik and she can’t even tell him the truth bcoz she is very afraid of his anger and what way he will react when he gets to know that she lied to him abt the vibrator she is stuck is such a big dilemma…
    Abhi tou sirf punishment suru he hue hai but it started as a super hot don’t know how whole punishment will go…


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