(Part: 12 Love is in the Air) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

Breakfast with my mom went pretty good, we talked, mom asked me about my life and friends, she already knew so many things about me, she was taking care of me and I always thought wrong about her. I just wanted to forget about my past and start a new life with Manik and mom and of course with my friends, how could I forget them, they were the only ones who were there for me when there was only darkness in my life. Mukti and Abhi were also a very important part of my life.

I stepped out of the house, my eyes were shimmering and my face was glowing with happiness. I was extremely happy today, my heart was jumping with joy. My lips curved into a beatific smile as I saw Manik standing, leaning against his car. He merrily smiled back at me. I just rushed to him, he slightly lifted me from the floor by holding my waist and lovingly sucked both lips together. It felt incredible to feel his lips over mine. He put me down on the floor.

We both beamed at each other, gazing deeply into each other eyes.

He swiftly pinned me against the car and captured my lips after cupping my face, I widened my eyes in amazement. After a few seconds only, I respond to him back by encircling my arms around him and clasping his hair. I was trying to match up to his speed, he was kissing me so wildly and deeply, his fingers slid into my hair and his thumbs were kept on my neck. My body was burning with a profound desire. I was becoming breathless, but still, I didn’t want him to stop. I was loving the way his lips were sucking my lips and the way his tongue was exploring every inch of my mouth. I was utterly lost in the kiss.

We pulled apart after a few seconds, my eyes were still closed and I was panting after our intense and passionate kiss.

He clasped my hand and moved up, gazing deeply into my eyes. “You’re looking so beautiful today in this pink coat, my angel.” He complimented me and placed a soft kiss on my knuckles. I smiled gleefully, moving my eyelashes. I was wearing a pink knee-length blazer and longboats as it was winter time.

I looked at him through my eyelashes and said in low voice, “it is the effect of your love.”

He held my chin with his thumb and finger and pulled my chin up to make me look at him. He leaned in and whispered against my lips. “ I love this effect.” He kissed my lips chastely.

“Now we should go to college.” As he said, pulling away from me, I nodded.

As he opened the door for me like a gentleman, I smiled at him and settled inside. He sat at the driving seat and started the car.

We didn’t talk much during the car ride, I kept gazing at the handsome face and something gazing out of the window. I had a constant smile on my face because my heart was dancing with joy inside me. I was feeling so good after a long time. It felt like I was dreaming with my open eyes.

“Manik, why did you stop the car here?” I asked confusingly when he stopped the car a little away from the college, not in the parking of the college.

His brows creased in tension. “Because my enemy is here and I don’t want that anybody should come to know that we are together.” As he told me, I wondered, who could be his enemy.

I came out of my thought as he uttered in a serious tone. “Nandini, are you listening to me? I am saying nobody means nobody.” I gave him a slight nod.

“Can’t I tell about us to my friends too?” I asked because I was eager to tell them about him.

I pouted sadly as he shook his head.

“No, you can’t even tell Mukti and Abhi because my enemy has the power to change her physical appearance, she can become Mukti or Abhi within a second, so don’t trust anybody, not even your friends.” I was stunned after knowing this. I never knew that magic happens in the real world also.

“Can she become you too?” As I asked, he nodded.

I said, “Then we should set a code for us.”

He suddenly kissed my cheek. “I’ll kiss your cheek whenever I meet you. This is our code.” As he told me, I smiled broadly at him.

I kissed his cheek. “And I’ll kiss your cheek in response.” We beamed at each other.

“By the way why did she get this power ?” I asked in confusion.

“Nandini, in every vampire, there is one special power, which is different, like some vampire can freeze the time for a minute, some vampires can read the mind of people.” I was listening to him keenly. I was amazed to know all this and getting curious to know more about Vampires.

I asked curiously, “What is your power?”I was so excited to know about his power.

“I have the power to see the glimpse of the future. If something is bad going to happen with you, I will get the vision a few minutes ago only.”

So therefore every time he reached on time to save me. Now everything is crystal clear to me.

“But Nandini, it doesn’t mean you will always put yourself in trouble. You know when you jumped down the cliff, that day I was in another state, it was so difficult for me to reach on time, but thanks to god that I reached there on time.” He chided me and I’m listening to him mutely because I knew it was my fault, I shouldn’t put my life in danger.

“Now I want a promise from you that you won’t try these type of stunts again.” He held his hand out in front of me.

” I promise, “I smiled and placed my hand over his. He clasped my hand, I continued, “but if you leave me in future, then I promise that I will not afraid to try these stunts again.” As I warned him, he shook his head in disbelief, seeing my braveness.

“You’re unbelievable, Angel.” He uttered incredulously, I grinned.

“I think we shall go to college, we are not here to talk if you remember.” As he said, I realised that we were standing near to the college.

“Okay, bye Manik, meet you in class.” I clasped his face and pecked his lips. As I was about to leave, he stopped me by holding my hand.

“Never do that again.” As he said in a serious tone, I narrowed my brows bemusedly because I didn’t understand.

“What?” I asked.

“Never peck my lips like this because it arouses my desires.” As he said, my eyes popped up in shock and my cheeks became red. I just get out of the car after giving him a slight nod and I heard his laugh behind me.

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