(Part: 90) Mine (Manan)

“Doctor told me that it is not confirmed that when Nandini can walk, maybe she can walk tomorrow or maybe never.” His heart stopped beating as he listened to her words. He lost his balance and as he moved backwards, his back hit the wall because he had no power left in him to see his baby in pain.

“Bhai relax, Doctor has told about the treatment also, there are hundred percentage chances, Nandini will start walking in a few days after that treatment,” Mukti said after holding him from shoulder. He sighed with relief after hearing her words and looked at Mukti with questioning eyes.

“Doctor has told that Nandini should try to walk herself by putting her all power and she will put her all power when she sees you in danger, then only she will able to move her legs and within a few days she will start walking.” He remained silent for a few second when Mukti told him about the treatment. He was wondering something.

He shook his head. “No, Mukti, she will get scared, she is like a baby, she will make her condition worst if she sees me in pain and..” He denied the treatment because he couldn’t see his baby in pain.

“But, Bhai, for her only, we have to do this, after that everything will get fine, she will start walking.” Mukti tried to make him understand, but he was just nodding his head because he didn’t want to see her in more pain.

“I’m ready to do anything to make her alright but in this, I can’t give her more pain, Mukti. She has already suffered a lot. If she is smiling, it doesn’t mean that she is really happy, I can see the pain in her eyes, she is just smiling because she didn’t want to make any of us upset.” Manik’s every word were showing that how much, he knew about his baby. Love doesn’t need words to convey emotions.

Mukti didn’t persuade him more and he went from there.

Cabir was sitting, holding Navya’s hand. He wasn’t crying but inside his heart was crying seeing her love in so much pain. He didn’t know how he would handle her when she wakes up and he also had no idea how she would react after waking up.

“I want to die, please, don’t save me.” Her last words were echoing in his mind and he was dying from inside.

Manik opened the door and his heart ached when he found his brother in the same pain which he was going through, the pain of seeing your love of life in the deepest pain where there is no way to take them out from that pain.

He took a deep breath and lumbered to him with a heavy heart. “Cabir” As he placed his hand on Cabir’s shoulder, he looked at him with his sorrowful eyes.

“Don’t worry, we all are with you, she will be fine.” Manik reassured him.

“What was her mistake, Bhai? They treated her like an Animal, they broke her completely, you know what she said to me when I found her, she said she wants to die.” A fresh tear rolled down his cheek when he said the last line.

Manik immediately pulled him into the hug and within the second, Cabir started crying like a small baby in his brother’s arms. Manik let him cry because sometimes it better to take out pain by crying. He was also shedding tears, but he wiped them before breaking the hug.

“Cabir, it’s just a bad time which will pass because there is the morning after every night, you just need to be strong for her and everyone.” Manik consoled him after breaking the hug. Cabir gave him a slight nod, wiping his tears.

“How is Nandini, now ?” As Cabir asked, Manik became silent for a few seconds.

“She’s fine.” He lied to him because he didn’t want to give him more pain by telling him about Nandini’s problem.

“Today, because of her only, Navya got her life back, “Cabir said and Manik just nodded his head, lost in his thought.

“She sacrificed her legs to save Navya, she didn’t think about herself for once even but there was no mistake of her also because there was no other option.” He wondered, staring at Cabir.

On the other hand, Nandini was crying like a small baby because she was feeling so much pain in her heart when she wasn’t able to move her legs. She wanted to cry but didn’t want to cry in front of Manik, therefore she sent Manik out and as soon as he left, she started crying.

“God, why are you doing this with me, have I done something wrong by donating blood to Navya? Is this wrong to save anyone’s life that you punished me like this ?” She questioned God and sobbed.

She instantly stopped crying as she heard the sound of the opening of the door. She hurriedly hid her face in the blanket. Manik narrowed his brows bemusedly after seeing her lying like this.

“Baby, are you sleeping?” He asked, strolling to her bed. She didn’t reply to him because she was still shedding silent tears.

He grasped the quilt and as he tried to pull it down her face to check her, she clutched the quilt tightly. This confirmed to him that she wasn’t sleeping, there was something wrong.

“Baby, I know, you’re not sleeping. Please, tell me, what happened?” He asked before yanking the quilt.

She shut her eyes as he snatched the quilt.

He freaked out after seeing her eyes which were brimmed with tears. “Why are you crying? Is it hurting you somewhere ?” He asked anxiously after cupping her face.

“No, I wasn’t crying, I was just trying to sleep.” She lied innocently. “Then I recalled about Evil Aman, he kissed me here,” she pointed her finger at her neck. “This made me upset and I started crying.” She smartly lied to him. She didn’t tell him the real reason why she was crying.

“Nandini, whenever you recall about Aman, you just think about our romance and our kisses, then you will smile instead of crying.” He explained to her, wiping her tears and she nodded her head cutely, smiling blissfully.

“I love you, hubby.” She held his hand and placed a soft kiss on his knuckles. Manik just smiled at her and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. Only she had the power to make him smile in any situation.

“Hubby, I want to meet Navya but I can’t even go.” She pouted sadly, moving her eyes to her legs. He just closed his eyes, feeling pain in his heart. Before he could say anything, they heard Doctor’s voice.

“You can go.” The doctor said, walking inside their room with the wheelchair and a nurse, Mukti was coming sadly behind her. Nandini looked at the wheelchair in shock and Manik looked at her dejectedly.

“No, hubby, I won’t sit on the wheelchair, I want to walk.” She cried out, looking at Manik. He didn’t understand what he should do. He didn’t know why God was doing this with his baby. He couldn’t see her in pain, he wanted to take away her pain at any cost.

“Just take this wheelchair out of the room, now.” Manik growled in fury, as always he was taking out his pain in anger by shouting. The nurse hurriedly took out the wheelchair.

“Hubby, mujhe nhi bethna wheelchair par, mujhe bikul acha ni lag rha ( I don’t want to sit on wheelchair, I am not liking it) I want to walk, please.” She was crying and he was nodding his head constantly by clasping her face. He was wiping her tears with his thumbs. Her tears were hurting him a lot.

“Baby, I am with you, you don’t have to sit on it, you will walk soon, don’t worry.” He reassured her, but she was crying nonstop because she was hurt after seeing the wheelchair, wondering what if she would never able to walk.

“I want to walk, hubby.” She tried to move her legs by putting her all power but couldn’t. He was holding back his tears after seeing her condition. He wanted to calm her down anyhow.

He clasped her face and captured her lips to make her stop crying because he didn’t find any other option to calm her down, he knew at this moment only a kiss can control her and give her relief. He didn’t care that how many people were present in the room, he just only cared about his baby. He just wanted to calm her down, he couldn’t let her cry like this.

Doctor and Mukti walked out of the room silently without disturbing them.

He was lovingly kissing her pouring his all love, the kiss was soft, slow and full of love. He succeeded to calm her down because she was also kissing him back with all her love, forgetting about the pain. He knew everything about his baby, how to make her smile, how to make her laugh, how to tease her, how to make her desperate and how to give her relief in pain. He was the best husband whom every girl wished for.

“Before you ask, I want to say that I’m fine now, hubby.” She said cutely as soon as they broke the kiss, Manik gave a small smile to her, in pain also he smiled for her only. She asked him to come close to her through the gesture of her hand.

As he moved closer to her face, she placed a kiss on his cheeks. “Thank you for the kiss, hubby.” Manik smiled broadly and pulled her cheeks. She laughed cutely.

After some time making Nandini sleep, He came outside and Mukti was still sitting outside.

“How is Nandini?” She asked worriedly after standing up.

“I’m ready for that treatment, I just want to see her walking again as soon as possible. I can’t see her like this anymore.” He stated in a serious tone because of the way she behaved seeing the wheelchair, he didn’t want this to happen again in future.

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