(Part: 91) Mine (Manan)

“Hubby…” She woke up and called Manik as she was thirsty, he was in the washroom at that time.

“Why god, why me?” She cried out when she tried to get up but couldn’t.

“Come on, Nandu, you can do it.” She encouraged herself and tried to pick up the bottle by stretching her arms. The bottle was kept on the side table.

“Hubby…” she cried out again when she failed in this also. Her heart was crying from inside because it is very painful when you know you can’t able to walk or do anything without anybody’s help, you become a burden on someone and this thing was killing her. She didn’t want to become a burden.

“Nandu, what happened, why are you crying?” As Cabir stepped into her wardroom, she looked at him in shock, she didn’t want that Cabir should come to know about her legs problem because she knew if he comes to know, he would feel guilty.

“Nothing, Cabir Bhai, it’s just that I was missing hubby aur mujhe rona aagya ( and I started crying.)”She replied cutely and handled the situation smartly.

“Where did Manik bhai go leaving my cutie-pie alone?” He asked after clasping her face.

“Washroom.” She pointed her finger at the washroom and showed him her teeth. Cabir shook his head in disbelief but didn’t doubt her because she usually behaved like this only.

“You know, how much cute you are, you can make anybody happy from inside in any kind of situation and I am glad that I got a sister like you.” Cabir pulled her cheeks. He was going through so much pain but still, he was smiling only because of her.

“I know Bhai because I born cute.” She said cutely and both laughed.

Then only Manik walked out of the washroom, a smile flashed on his face automatically as he saw his baby and brother happy. He had never wished happiness for himself, he always wished for his family’s happiness.

“Hubby, please give me water.” As she saw Manik, she asked for the water. He nodded and poured the water into the glass from the bottle.

“Bhai, how is Navya now? I’m so worried about her.” As she asked about Navya, his smile faded away.

“I know she suffered a lot without any fault but don’t be sad, you know what is her strength, your smile.”She clasped Cabir’s hand and assured him, “she will be fine, bhai. We’ll make her fine.” Cabir just nodded his head and smiled faintly. Manik smiled proudly seeing her baby growing up. He was falling in love with her more and more.

“Thank you.” She thanked Manik cutely as he gave the glass of water to her and he smiled.

“Cabir, what Doctor is saying about Navya, when she will gain back her conscious,” Manik asked from him.

“In few hours,” he replied dejectedly.

“Don’t worry, we are with you.” Manik said, placing his hand on his shoulder and hugged him. Nandini pouted sadly because she also wanted to hug Cabir.

Manik was playing ludo with Nandini and he was letting her win all the matches. He had never played this type of game in childhood, he used to hate these types of games but for his baby, he was playing.

“Hubby, I am winning but still I am sad,” she uttered sadly like a small baby

“Why my baby is sad if she is winning also?” He held her hand and raised his brows.

“I’m sad because my hubby is not winning.” She innocently told him and threw the Ludo away. Manik smiled at her cuteness.

“Baby, in this game we both can’t win.” He explained to her, kissing her hand lovingly.

“Okay, so it’s final, from now I will never play this game with you, if anybody plays then only we will play as a partner.” She stated after finding the solution to her this problem herself. He was just beaming at her.

“Baby, one second, I just come.” As his phone rang up, he glanced at the caller id and strode out of the room to attend the call.

Within two minutes, he came back, his lips were drawn in sadness because he had to go leaving his baby alone for few hours and he didn’t want to go, but it was an emergency in the office.

“Baby, I have to go office, I haven’t gone to the office for two weeks and I can’t even send Cabir. So could I go?” Manik asked cutely like Nandini, the effects of living with cutie-pie were visible.

“Hubby, you can go because I know certainly, it would be an emergency, therefore you are going or else you would have never thought to go leaving me alone here.” Her words were showing how much she trusted his love, she knew everything about him. He became speechless and sucked her upper lip lovingly and after that they kissed each other lips chastely, pouring their all love in that kiss.

She was playing the game on phone and Mukti was sitting with her.

“When will hubby come, didu?” She asked sadly after three hours because she was missing her hubby.

Before Mukti could say something, they both heard Manik’s voice. “I’m here, baby.”

He was strolling to her bed, holding a teddy bouquet for his baby. Her eyes twinkled and she smiled broadly. She opened her arms cutely, in a gesture she was asking him to hug her and Manik immediately hug her.

“I missed you so much, baby.” He said after breaking the hug and clasped her face.

“I missed you more.” She hugged him again by wrapping her arms around his back. They had remained away from each other only for a few hours and they were behaving like they were living away from each other for so many days. This showed how much they loved each other, few hours were like so many days for them.

Then he gave her the teddy bouquet and she started touching it cutely. “Thank you, hubby, for this cute gift.” She smiled at him adorably and showed her teeth.

“Hubby, when we will go home?” She asked excitedly.

“In a few minutes, we will go back home.” He replied and she smiled broadly.

“and tonight only we have to execute our plan because I can’t see you like this more, I am sorry, baby, I have to hurt you.” He thought in his mind, looking at Nandini and also apologised because he never wanted to hurt her but this time he was forced to hurt her for her only.

“It’s time to go home now.” Manik shrieked, ambling into the room with Doctor. He was hell scared and worried for her but still, he was smiling for her because he knew his smile was her strength.

“Yippie.. finally I will go home, our home. She cheerfully squealed and clapped her hands like a small baby. She was super excited to go back home after two weeks.

But as she realised she couldn’t walk, she wondered, how she would go back home and she became upset. She was also thinking that now she has to sit in the wheelchair. Manik within a second noticed her sadness and also understood the reason for her sadness.

“Baby, don’t worry, I am here to pick you in my arms, in fact now I have the solid reason to keep you close to me, then how can I leave this opportunity?” He didn’t want her to feel herself a burden on him.

“So pick me up, my hubby.” She extended her both arms in front of him. He smiled and scooped her into his arms in the bridal style. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest. He walked out of the room.

“Didu, you are not going home with me?” She asked Mukti who was standing out of her room.

“No.” She denied it because in their plan no one should be at home except her and Manik. “But we will come tomorrow.” As she said, Nandini smiled. When he was taking her outside of the hospital, people were staring at her and witnessing their true love. Manan were utterly lost in each other.


Excited about the plan?

I’ll update the next part in the evening.

Love Mehak

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