{Manan} Love Story


I am Nandini Malhotra. For me loving someone was impossible. Loving someone means giving yourself completely to the person whom you love. Love means trusting and understanding that person. For me, it was not easy. But the impossible task became possible because of the one person , Manik Malhotra . He always supported me , trusted me , understood me and loved me unconditionally without asking for anything in return from me. His unconditional love made me fall in love with him. In my point of view, Loving me was not easy for him because loving someone truly and not getting love in return , it is not easy. But he always say “loving you was never difficult, it was always a pure bliss and it is still a pure bliss for me”


I am Manik Malhotra , the Rockstar. Everything was going perfect in my life. I was more than happy with my family and my fans . Marriage and love , I used to hate those words even. But a time came when my family started pressurising me for marriage. I started meeting girls but they all were behind my popularity and money. But in all this , I met her. She was completely different from others. Her heart , her thoughts and her soul was pure like crystal. I didn’t come to know when she became my life. Today i am living for her only. My heart is beating for her. She is my heart and I am her heart beat.

This is the love story of two Strangers, how they met and became one forever and ever facing lots of difficulties.

This story will also focus on the couple Zoya , Aditya and their sweet daughter , Muskan. Zoya and Aditya (Adiya) are madly in love with each other. You will come to know that how they are the perfect example of true love. How every couple should live after marriage.

Love Story (Part : 1 Introduction )

Love Story (Part : 2 First Meet)

Love Story (Part : 3 Giving Him A Chance)

Love Story (Part : 4 Meeting His Family)

Love Story (Part : 5 I Can’t Trust Him)

Love Story (Part : 6 The Mysterious Person)

Love Story (Part : 7 A Visit To Her Art Gallery)

Love Story (Part : 8 Falling In Love)

Love Story (Part : 9 Coming Close)

Love Story (Part : 10 Office Romance)

Love Story (Part : 11 A Accident)

Love Story ( Part : 12 Meeting After 1 Week)

Love Story (Part : 13 Dinner Date)

Love Story (Part : 14 Manan’s Shopping with Muskan)

Love Story ( Part : 15 Naughty Manik)

Love Story (Part : 16 First Kiss)

Love Story (Part : 17 Dinner With His Family)

Love Story (Part : 18 What’s Wrong With Her)

Love Story (Part : 19 I an not Virgin)

Love Story (Part : 20 His Different Side)

Love Story (Part : 21 Anxiety Attack)

Love Story (Part : 22 A Hope)

Love Story (Part : 23 Cute Manik)

Love Story (Part : 24 The Game & The Accidental Kiss

Love Story (Part : 25 I Don’t Trust You)

Love Story (Part : 26 His touch is irresistible)

Love Story (Part : 27 Drunk Nandini)

Love Story (Part : 28 Love Confession)

Love Story (Part : 29 My Cute Angel)

Love Story (Part : 30 Poor Musu)

Love Story (Part : 31 (A) The engagement)

Love Story (Part : 31 (B) The engagement)

Love Story (Part : 32 A Twist In Engagement)

Love Story ( Part : 33 The Positive Nandu)

Love Story (Part : 34 I Hate Holi)

Love Story (Part : 35 Holi Special)

Love Story (Part : 36 The Revenge)

Love Story (Part : 37 Painful Memories)

Love Story (Part : 38 Love Healer)

Love Story (Part : 39 Poor Adi)

Love Story (Part : 40 Four Days to Go)

Love Story (Part : 41 A Girl In Pain)


This book has total 134 Parts, if you want the link you have to pay. 



After the payment if you don’t get the link of full book then contact me on Instagram @MehaklovelyStories.

Or email me @crystalmehak@gmail.com


  1. So so beautiful and amazing part Adi ki bat sach thi married life me ye chhoti chhoti fights hoti rahengi but Manan ko ek sath face karke aage badhna hai finally Manan r together now again I m very happy. Musu is so cute and so innocent . Zoya is fabulous and awesome Bhabhi


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