(Part: 20 Becoming Powerful) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

Suddenly I pushed Katrina and she fell far away from me and hit the tree. I widened my eyes in amazement and looked at my hands, baffled.

“What just happened?” I murmured, staring at Katrina. I was astonished and perplexed.

She stood up and disappeared with the blink of my eyes. I also realised that the wound of my neck healed as nobody had bitten me. I was terribly shocked.

“Have I turned into a vampire?” I asked myself incredulously.

“This is good if I have turned into a vampire because I can live with Manik and he can’t hurt me. I should message Cabir.” I wondered and immediately message him.

Me: Meet me at my home.

I was a bit relieved assuming that I had become a vampire, but I wasn’t sure about it because I was not feeling hunger for human blood and also wasn’t feeling any changes inside me, I was baffled.

I reached back home at four in the morning by car. I was feeling delighted, energetic, strong and powerful from inside. I wandered into the room and found Cabir sitting on the couch. He was twiddling his thumbs and his elbows were kept on his lap.

“Hey…” I uttered, strolling to him. As he looked up at me, he stood up and instantly reached me.

“Nandini, thank god, you’re fine. You know Manik told me that Katrina is behind you. He asked me to save you from her, but when I was searching for you, I received your message. Then I hurriedly reached your home. Are you fine?” He asked, placing his hand over my shoulder. I could clearly see the concern in his eyes for me.

“I am fine, don’t worry.” I gave him a faint smile.

“Cabir, I want to ask you something.” I said and he nodded his head. “Today Katrina bit me brutally here,” I told him, pointing my finger at my neck. “I felt like I died, but suddenly I pushed her and she fell far away from me. I was stunned and puzzled. You know even my all wounds healed up instantly.” I told him everything. He stared at me in shock.

“Have I turned into a vampire?” I asked.

“No, Nandini, you are still human, I can smell your blood.” He made me more shocked.

“Then what is happening to me? All of sudden how come I became so powerful that I pushed a vampire.” I asked confusingly.

“I am also shocked, can you show me how did you push her?” He asked me to push him.

“Okay.” I nodded and as I pushed him, he hit the wall and got hurt.

I rushed to him and apologised, “I am so sorry, Cabir.”

He stood up and his wounds instantly healed. “It’s okay, I am fine.” He blinked his eyes, his lips were curved to a smile and his eyes were sparkling.

“You’re more powerful than vampires, amazing and unbelievable.” He said in amazement.

I was staring at him confusingly and wondering what was happening to me.

“Cabir, how is Manik?” As I asked anxiously, his smile faded into a frown.

“His condition is worsening, but don’t worry everything will be fine soon and one good thing is that now we know that Katrina with the help of her witch did black magic on Manik and now we just need to find a witch who can break the magic spell done by Katrina’s witch.” He made me look at the brighter side.

“Who is Katrina, Cabir? Why she is doing this with Manik?” I asked confusingly.

“Nandini, it is a big story. Now I can only tell you that she is my sister and I am dying to kill her, but this is an impossible task for me. She is doing this because she can’t see any girl with Manik.” I was shocked to know that Katrina was Cabir’s sister. They both were siblings but both of their personalities were utterly different.

“I know you’re shocked to know that she is my sister, but it’s true that she is my sister. She is bitch, she is crazy for Manik. He has been enduring so much pain for hundred years because of her.” Cabir told me about Katrina’s obsession with Manik. Now I understood why Manik was pushing me away from him in the beginning, he wanted to protect me from Katrina.

“Nandini, you don’t worry, we will soon find a witch and everything will be fine.” He reassured me.

“Cabir, thank you.” As I suddenly thanked him, he narrowed his brows confusingly. “Thanks for your support which I need the most at this time, you are a true friend of Manik.” I was glad that I found a person like him in my life, he was doing a lot for Manik and me.

“No, you are wrong, Nandini.” As he uttered, I looked at him in confusion. “I’m not only Manik’s friend, aren’t we friends now?” He asked, raising his brows.

“Of course, we are friends Cabir.” I smiled and hugged him. He hugged me back.

After he left, I slumped down on my bed and doze off, wondering about everything.

I woke up after a few hours because I was thirsty. I sat up and filled the glass of water from the jar which was kept on the side table. My eyes popped out when the glass which I was holding suddenly cracked and broke down.

Then I hurriedly gulped the water down my throat from the jar only and kept the jar back before that also break down.

“Why I’m becoming so powerful all of sudden?” I murmured to myself bemusedly and shrugged my shoulder.

I stepped into the bathroom to get fresh. As I turned on the tap, it also broke down.

“aaa…” I shrieked in frustration and stamped my foot on the floor. I gasped as the floor also cracked a bit.

“Fuck! What is happening.” I murmured, utterly shocked.

With each passing second, I was becoming more powerful and I was also feeling more energetic.

I was sitting on the bed and lost in deep thoughts. “My life has been so unfair from the beginning. When I was born, I lost my father and never get the love of my parents. Now also I’m suffering. Will good days ever come into my life?”

I musing at the table and then suddenly I saw a pen which was kept on the table in front of me, it moved up in the air automatically. As I closed my eyes, it instantly fell.

“Now what was that?” I asked myself in utter shock. I climbed down the bed and strode to the table. I checked the pen. I didn’t find anything special in the pen, it was a normal pen.

Then I focused on my phone which was kept on the bed, to confirm that it happened because of my power.

Within thirty seconds only the phone also lifted in the air from the bed like the pen. As I moved my eyeballs up and the phone also moved up. Now I moved my eyeballs on the other side and the phone also went in that direction, I was amazed that I was doing this. It was unbelievable and mind-blowing. I also had the power to move things from one place to another through my eyes without using my hands, but the serious question was why and how I was becoming so powerful.

After having breakfast with Mom, I came back to my room. An hour ago Mukti called me to inform me that she is coming to meet me. After so many days, I was going to meet her. In all my problem, I always forgot about my friends who always supported me and stood by my side at my worst time.

Suddenly I smelled Kerosene Oil and looked out of the window. My eyes dilated in horror as Mom was throwing Kerosene from the can into my room from the window. I gasped as she lighted the match stick.

“Mom, no.” I yelled with fright and rushed to her, but mom didn’t even look at me. She flung the burning match stick into my room and the whole room caught fire with the blink of my eyes. I was extremely terrified.

How do find the update?

What do you think, why Nandini is becoming so powerful all of sudden?

What do you think, who will save her?

Love Mehak

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