(Part: 26 A Truth) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

“No matter what is the truth, I’ll never hate you,” I stated with full confidence after cupping his face.

He took a breath. “I vanished my memories from your mind in past.” As he told me, my eyes dilated in shock and I removed my hands from his face.

“What? I met you before also and you made me forget you?” I asked in disbelief and he slightly nodded his head.

“Now I’m understanding why I felt such a strong connection with you. Why did you do this and when did we meet earlier?” I asked him.

“When you visited your beach house this summer vacation.”


You were sitting at the beach when I first time saw you. I was standing behind the tree. Your hair was fluttering in the cold breeze, eyes musing on the water. You were looking so gorgeous, I kept gazing at you without blinking my eyes. You were wearing a blue dress. I just fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I understood that you are the girl for whom I had been waiting since so many years. I was feeling immense peace watching you.

But your lips were drawn down in sadness and it disturbed me. I felt a sudden urge to see a smile on your face. I mechanically strolled toward you, gazing at you.

You looked at me in shock, “who are you?” You asked me, I was gazing at you unblinkingly.

“Why are you so upset?” As I asked you, you narrowed your brows bemusedly. “You can share your pain with me, you will feel better.”

“I’m not getting peace in my life. I’m a lost soul who is finding a home.” You told me, gazing at me like the way I was gazing at you.

“Then we’re travelling on the same board, but I want to confess something.”

“What?” You asked me.

“I’m getting some kind of peace with your presence. Could I sit with you for some time?” I asked politely, you slightly nodded your head.

I sat beside you. We gazed into each other eyes deeply. You suddenly started sharing your pain with me.

“I’m feeling a bit better after sharing my pain with you. Thank you.” You said, I just smiled at you.

“I’m glad to know this, but don’t say thank you. I’m doing this for myself.” I said, you again narrowed your brows bemusedly.

You asked me, “for yourself? I didn’t understand.”

“I don’t know why but I want to give you relief and see the smile on your face.” As I said, you stared at me in utter disbelief.

“Who are you?” You asked, staring at me.

“A Vampire.” As I told you the truth, your eyes popped out in shock.

You burst into laughter, thinking that I joked. I just got lost in you. You look more beautiful when you laugh. I was grateful that you took it as a joke.

“You’re kidding, right?” You asked to confirm.

“Yes. I was joking.” I agreed.

“What’s your name?”

“Manik Malhotra.”

“I’m Nandini and nice to talk to you.”

You asked, “I came here alone on vacation. You stay here?”

“I also came here alone, but now I got a great company.” As I said, your lips curled up to a smile.

“Your smile is so pretty.” I praised you.

You blushed and your eyelashes moved down. You stole away my heart at that moment.

“I’m smiling wholeheartedly like this after a long time. Thank you for making me smile.” Now a broad smile flashed on my face after becoming the reason for your smile.

“I’m glad to know this.” We beamed ear to ear.

We watched the sunset together. It was the best day of my life. You placed your head over my shoulder and I was shocked. I gently tucked your hair behind your ear and you again smiled at me. I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. You closed your eyes to feel my touch.

You raised your head from my shoulder and gazed at me affectionately.

“I never felt like this before, so peaceful. Could you join me for this vacation?” You asked, raising your brows.

“I would love to spend more time with you, Nandini.” I agreed and you smiled gleefully.

As I moved closer to you, your breath became heavy and caressed my lips, sending the chills down my spine. I kissed your cheek.

We spent three days together. It was so much fun. We enjoyed it a lot. We played cards, danced in your beach house, stared at the sky full of stars at the beach, holding each other hands and we had a pillow fight. Every moment was so special and beautiful to you. They were the best day of my life. You took out the best side of me. You were also happy. It felt like a beautiful dream.

Flashback Over

He told me everything. I imagined us. Those moments were so beautiful. I just couldn’t believe it that he vanished away those moments from my mind. I was a bit angry but not that much because now we were together again and I was sure he was forced to do this.

“Why did you vanish those beautiful memories from my mind, Manik?” I asked him and he looked at me guiltily.

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Love Mehak

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