(Part: 19) Burning Desires (Manan)

Nandini’s POV:

The next morning I woke up in the bed alone and scanned the room for Manik.

Damn! Where is he?

My eyes landed on a note which is placed under the lamp on the table.

“Need to be at Lonavala at 10. Call me when you wake up, baby.”

I smiled widely and fell back on the pillow, thinking about him. He is so perfect that it is hard to believe that I, a complete mess is having something so perfect. My parents ruined my view on relationships. I never knew what the actual meaning of care, happiness and togetherness called until Manik came into my life.

I never thought Manik would take this much efforts to make me feel special. In the beginning, I thought, it’s just a physical attraction for him, but now I know how much he loves me. Though he hasn’t said those words, but still, his eyes, his actions, his care speaks much more than that, already.

I don’t wanna lose him, he’s my precious possession, without him, I don’t think, I can live my life now. In these past few days, he has become my anchor. There isn’t a minute I don’t think about him. He occupied my thoughts most of the time and I’m not complaining even I bit. I love this feeling. He makes me happy without expecting anything in return.

Earlier, I used to thought, what if after some time he gets bored of me then what will I do? But now I know, he will never leave me.

For him, I will never let my insecurities, my negative thoughts rule over my heart.

I decide to call him and he picked it on the first ring.

“Hey, gorgeous!” A broad smile flashed on my face as I heard his pleasant voice.

Aww… was he waiting for my call?

“Hey,  good morning,” I said hoarsely. I must have sounded so bad. My voice is all groggy.

Way to sound sexy, Nandini!

“You sound sexy,” He chuckled.

“Yeah right,” I rolled my eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes,” I grinned at how well he knows me.

“I’m missing you so much, Nandini. I so wanted to spend this Saturday with you but instead of that, I’m attending this boring meeting.” He sighed.

“Awww… Poor baby,” I cooed.

“Poor baby needs a kissy,” He said in a baby voice which made me laugh.

My adorable baby!

“Why are you so cute and adorable?” I sighed in content, rolling in my bed.

“What can I say? Maybe that’s why women dig me.” I could imagine him smirking.

“I seriously so wanted to slap that sexy smirk off your face,” I uttered smirking slightly.

“And I so wanted to kiss that sexy smirk off your face, baby girl.” He uttered, making me laugh.

“I miss you,” I whispered through the phone and the line went silent. “Manik, you there?” I thought the call got cut or something.

“Yeah, it just feels so good to talk with you and God, I so wanna kiss you right now,” He groaned.

“As much as I love, I know it’s not possible now and I really don’t want to distract you from your work, so all the best for your meeting, give your best and come back soon, someone is waiting for you eagerly.” I whispered.

“Alright baby girl, tell that someone, I’m too dying to meet her, so will be back soon,” I tucked hair behind my ear, grinning ear to ear.

This feeling, I just can’t describe in words!

“Okay.” I whispered and cut the call, tying my hair in a bun.

“Now I’ll not wait for him to confess. I know my feelings and till now only he had taken efforts for us, now it’s my turn.” I murmured to myself.

“Come soon, Mr Malhotra.” I kissed his note grinning widely.


“Ouch!” I retracted my hand from the pan immediately as it was still hot. After taking it down from the stove carefully. I tasted my sweet corn soup and sighed in relief.

It isn’t that bad.

“Well done, Nandini.” I praised myself.

Self-praise is also important sometimes, isn’t it?

“See I can cook so easily, thank god he’s not here yet. My disturbing element.” I chuckled thinking about him while removing my apron and went towards the balcony with my soup to check if everything else is perfect.

I want everything perfect, for my Mr Perfect!

Feeling satisfied with my work, I let out a huge sigh and made my way towards my bedroom.

Manik would be here in thirty minutes, I need to get ready fast. I want to look the best tonight.

Just when I was about to cross the living room, I heard my phone rang off and I picked it up from the coffee table.


Seeing the name blushed crept on my cheeks. Oh god, I can’t believe I’m blushing like a stupid teenage girl.

One day without him, such a toucher!

This man is my heaven!

“Hello” I whispered, trying to sound normal but deep inside, my heartbeat is racing so fast. I’m feeling like butterflies are dancing in my stomach.

I know, I know, I’m sounding cheesy but what can I say, this man is literally making me feel all kinds of emotions which I never experienced before.

Chuckling my thoughts, “Hello, Manik? You there?” I again spoke. Why he’s not saying anything? Is he fine?

“Manik?” I can hear some voices of him and Cabir talking. I sighed. Maybe the call got connected by mistake.

I was going to cut the call, but Manik’s loud voice took my attention which literally felt like someone stabbed a knife into my heart.

“No Cabir, you can’t tell Nandini about this.”

“But why? She should know what the fuck you’re doing behind her back.”

“For God sake, Cabir. You’re my best friend. So shut up and stop taking her name again and again.”

Tears automatically started rolling out of my eyes.

What they were talking about? Manik is hiding something from me? But why? And why he didn’t want to hear my name? What happened to him?

“No, Nandini. Don’t panic! He’s your Manik. Trust him.” Wiping my tears, I again called him, but his phone went switched off.

I tried my best to stop my mind from making any assumptions but I can’t trust my destiny. I bit my lower lip.

“Where are you, Manik,” I muttered, staring at his name on my phone. Tears are constantly rolling down my eyes and only one person can stop them.


So what do you think, what Manik is hiding?





  1. U r back after such a long time and what an update… loved it.. its a cliffhanger now.. pls get back with d next update soon☺️☺️


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