(Part: 30 The Blood Make Out) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

“What? Are you serious, Manik that we are going to jump down from here?” I asked in shock and disbelief, looking down the cliff. As he chuckled, I narrowed my brows bemusedly and looked at him for the answer.

“Don’t tell me that you are afraid to jump down the cliff because this isn’t your first time.” As he said, I recalled how many times I had put my life in danger so that he comes to save me.

“But that was a different situation.” I said and he again chuckled.

“Nandini, if you have forgotten, let me remind you that you’re pari and you can fly even.” As he told me, my brows raised in surprise.

“What! Really, I can fly but how?” I asked, astonished because I never knew that I can fly too, seriously this is incredible and thrilling.

“That I have to search.” He suddenly scooped me into his arms in bridal style. “Trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you.” He reassured me, gazing into my eyes intensely.

“I trust you more than I trust myself.” I whispered and planted a lingering kiss on his lips. After that without wasting any single second, he jumped down, holding me in his arms, I grasped his shirt tightly. But suddenly in the middle making me shocked, he left me and himself held the branch.

“Manik…” I yelled in fright falling and moved my hand and legs.

I was amazed as suddenly instead of falling, I started going up, I was flying like a free bird.  It was like I was swimming in the air. I flew to him, he was grinning at me.

“You already knew that how to make me fly.” I said, hanging down with him holding the branch.

He laughed. “It was so much fun to scare you.” He teased me.

I frowned at him and broke the branch with my free hand. We both started falling, he grasped me from my waist and we were falling together. I wasn’t flying, just gazing into his eyes deeply and showing him that how much I trust him. I just want to tell him that when I am with him, I have no fear because I know he is there to protect me.

We both fell into the water and came up instantly, breathing heavily. I balanced myself by grasping his shoulder and he was smiling at me.

He snaked his arm around my waist and yanked me to himself. “You are a daredevil, seriously.”

“Yes, I am.” I moved closer to his lips but before I could kiss his lips, I found him standing far away from me.

“So you wanna play with me?” I asked and flew to him. As I reached there, he went farther. I was flying to him swiftly and now I could see him that where he was going, he was swimming fast and I was flying faster than him, that’s why I could see him where he was going and finally, I caught him and flew him away with me at the top of the cliff, grasping his hand. Within a few seconds, we were standing on the cliff. So that’s how he was training me. I was enjoying it a lot.

“I love the way you teach me.” I said after wrapping my arms around his neck and moved closer to his lips.

He was just smiling at me. “And I love the way you’re learning everything so fast, my angel.” He whispered against my lips before capturing my lips and we both fell down the cliff, kissing each other hungrily and passionately. It was my most beautiful experience, kissing him in the air, the wind blowing around us. It was heavenly beautiful.


We were having lunch in the dining room, I said to him, “Manik, I want to ask something.”

“Say,” he responded instantly, moving his eyes to me.

“How did you become a vampire?” As I asked, he closed his eyes dejectedly.

“It because of Katrina.” Now I understood why he became upset because it’s related to Katrina. I placed my hand over his hand which was kept on the table and slightly squeezed it to assure him that I am with him. He blinked his eyes.

He continued, “she was so obsessed with me, therefore she turned me into the Vampire. When I was human, she was feeding me her blood and after my death, I became a vampire and she also made me bad like her, I hate her a lot, Nandini, she loves to give me pain, you know, how difficult it was for me to control my desire of blood. She drinks the blood of innocent people and she had also forced me to drink it, I killed so many innocent people, Nandini, I hate myself.” He burst into tears and started crying. I regretted and scolded myself for asking about all this.

“It was not your fault, Manik, it was Katrina’s fault and she will be punished.” I reassured him after clasping his face and pulled his face to me.

“I’m a killer, I hate myself, I never wanted to become a vampire, it is so difficult to control the desire for blood. When I complete succeeded in controlling my hunger then she came again and I am still craving for human blood, Nandini.” He blurted out the truth. I thought that he was alright, but he had been hiding the truth from me all this while, he was still craving for my blood and controlling himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me before, Manik?” I asked, disappointed. He became silent for a moment and moved his down because he still didn’t want to share this with me but he spit out the truth mistakenly.

“I…” he swept his eyes to me and before he could say something, he stopped as I showed my hand to him.

“No, Manik, I don’t want any explanation, you hid the truth. It hurts that you are still hiding things from me.” I uttered in dismay before standing up in anger.

He stared at me guiltily and stood up. “Angel, I just don’t want to make you worried,” he was about to hold my hand, but I moved away from him. He closed his eyes, dejected.

I sighed deeply. “Manik, please, share your pain and problems with me, then only you will get relief. Hiding is not the solution, sharing is the solution.” I couldn’t see him in pain, therefore throwing my anger aside, I tried to explain to him.

“I am sorry,” he apologised, holding my hand and I smiled at him faintly.

“I have a solution to your problem.” He widened his eyes in surprise. “I can fulfil your desire, you can satisfy your hunger by drinking my blood.” As I told him the solution, he frowned at me.

“Are you out of your mind, Nandini? Do you know what are you saying?” He freaked out.

I clasped his face, pleading him through my eyes. “Manik, I know, what I am saying. My wounds healed instantly, it won’t hurt me. Please, let me satisfy your every desire. If I am here for you, you don’t need to control yourself. Please, I beg you.” I was trying to convince him, but he was nodding his head constantly.

“Nandini, please, stop it, I can’t fulfil your this wish.” He shrieked in fury after grasping my arms tightly. “I can’t let you do this.” He left my arms.

“If he is stubborn then I am more stubborn than him.” I thought in my mind and I brought the knife to me from the fruit basket through my eyes. I grasped the knife and he widened his eyes in shock.

“I want to satisfy your every desire, please, let me do this, please.” I pleaded and started cutting my hand, again and again, it was hurting me a bit because my wounds were healing within two-three seconds. I could do anything for my love and this was nothing for me.

Manik turned around and stood facing his back to me. I placed my bleeding hand near to his mouth after strolling in front of him. He was about to run but I grabbed his arm tightly and didn’t let him go. He was fuming in anger.

“Please,” I requested to him with pleading eyes. A smile of pure contentment flashed on my face when he finally bit my hand and started drinking the blood. I felt blissful to fulfil the desire of my vampire.

“You are doing wrong, Angel.” He stated, staring at me intensely, his lips were red and I just grinned at him because I won.

He suddenly attacked my neck from behind by pulling my head back by grasping my hair, I had awakened the inside monster of him. He was biting my neck and sucking the blood hungrily.

I turned him to myself and captured his lips by grasping his hair. He grasped my waist and pulled me to himself. We were kissing each other passionately, our bodies rubbing against each other and setting our bodies on fire. It was not a normal kiss, it was a blood kiss, he was biting my lips and sucking blood, the kiss was wilder than earlier kisses but also filled with love. I was the happiest soul because I was satisfying my vampire Boyfriend.

After an hour, I was lying naked on the floor and he was on top of me. He was marking my body with his kisses and bites. Our clothes scattered on the floor.

“Manik, please.” I literally begged because I wanted to feel him inside me. I couldn’t control myself more, he was teasing me by stroking and rubbing his junior over my wet folds. He smirked at me and without any warning, he pushed into me, stretching me and completing me, here we go with another make-out session. We made love on the floor because we didn’t want to break the bed daily. He slammed his lips with mine and suppressed my screams. I was feeling incredible, with his every thrust, he was satisfying me. Feeling his body against mine, nothing could be more beautiful than this. With his touch, he made every cell of my body alive and also my soul.

This is one of my favourite part.🥰.

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Love Mehak

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