{Beyond Love} Chapter-4 (Manan)

Nandini’s POV:

I couldn’t stop thinking about Manik on my way back home. The way he called me “Baby girl” still giving me goosebumps, the way he was staring at me was still accelerating my heartbeat. I really have no idea why my mind and heart is telling me that we had met before. But how? Am I thinking too much? I stopped my inappropriate thoughts once I reached home and went to my room to get changed for the cafe.

Oh! I forget to tell you all, I’m going to work in a cafe for a part-time job so that I could pay half of the rent and fulfil my basic necessities. Thank god I got that scholarship in college otherwise it would have got very difficult for me to pay college fees too.

“Nandini, it’s so good to see you on time first day itself,” my manager praised me and I smiled, taking the apron from my employee cupboard. We had a dress code like a pink t-shirt and grey shorts with white shoes.

I saw the other waitresses and they all have so much make-up on. I sighed and looked away, getting ready for my shift. When it was my turn, I walked out and went to every table to serve food and to take orders with a fake smile plastered on my face.

Being an introvert, it’s so difficult to do a job in a cafe! Oh, gawd!! Please, give me strength.

“Nandini, go and serve the table of your right. They are our regular customer,” one of my colleagues asked me and I went towards the table where three boys were sitting. As I strolled more closer to their table, my breath hitched and my eyes widened in utter shock.

Holy, Shit!!!!!!

Mr Brown Eyes! Here?

How will I go there? I can’t! But I have to!

Oh, gawddd!!!!

Come on, Nandini. You can do it. I boosted myself.

“Welcome to the Blank Slate Cafe. I’m Nandini, your waitress for tonight. What would you like to have?” I asked the group directly without even glancing at Mr Brown Eyes. I was taking the orders of his friends but I could feel his constant gaze on me which was literally setting my whole body on fire.

After taking the order of his friends, I glanced at him and he was literally staring at me with that sexy smirk on his face.

“What would you like to have, Sir?” I asked looking here and there trying to avoid eye contact with him. It was getting harder for me to work here.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know that,” he said in a husky voice making his friends chuckled. A red hue came across my face looking at his sexy smirk. God!! It’s getting so difficult.

“What?” I whispered, still avoiding eyes contact with him.

“Nvm! Coffee please!” He said and as I looked at him, he mouthed “baby girl.”

I shook my head and rushed to bring the order. I could hear his chuckle behind my back. I didn’t know why but I smiled after coming to the counter. His little gesture was enough to make me smile. I really didn’t know what was happening to me. I would be lying if I say I don’t like when he calls me “baby girl.” This word sounds way sexier from his sexy mouth.

I bought them their food and his coffee, I could feel his intense gaze on me again, and I couldn’t help but blush and I could clearly see from the corner of my eyes that his lips curved to a sexy smirk as he saw me blushing.

His sexy smirk, my poor heart!

Damn, this guy is literally making it difficult for me to concentrate on my work.

I literally avoided eye contact with him with lots of difficulties. Soon they left after paying the bill, and I went to took the money when I saw a note placed in it.

‘You look cute when you blush, baby girl. See you soon.’ It was written on the note. I couldn’t help but blush harder.

Note? Isn’t it cute?

But wait!

What is it? We just met yesterday and I’m blushing because of him? Why I’m feeling like something is missing? Why I’m feeling that his eyes want to say more things. His smirk, his eyes, his gestures are creating music inside my heart.

He’s giving me butterflies in my stomach and my racing heart making me go all weak on my knees.

What is happening?

Exhaling a deep breath, I went back to my work.

After my shift, I went back home. Anny was still out with his boyfriend, Abhay. They had been together for almost three years and he decided to do his studies over here when he found out that she wanted to go to Colombia University, which was so romantic.

After changing my clothes and eating my food, I came to my room and tried to keep myself occupied by doing my assignment and some reading.

I was halfway through my notes when I got an Instagram request from Aryaman. I smiled and accepted his request. He was a sweet guy and we became really good friends in these two days. I was glad that I didn’t have to be completely alone at college.

Remembering about college, Mr brown eyes face started coming in front of my eyes.

And studies was a long-forgotten thing now.

My mind went back to our little encounter in the college. How I bumped into him, how he said sorry, how he called me ‘baby girl’, how we met in the cafe, how his intense gaze was not leaving me and at last but not the least his ‘note.’

I never thought that he would write a note for me.

I took out the note which I had placed into my bag and looked at it. A small smile again spread across my face as I saw ‘baby girl’ written on it which was enough to make me blush, again.

I inhaled his fragrance from it and smiled contentedly. I could also imagine his smirk when he wrote it.

This man is literally driving me insane.

Mr brown eyes, what are you doing to me?

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