(Part: 15 Hey, I’m Angel) Our Angel (Manan)

Angel’s P.O.V.

Hey, I’m Angel Malhotra, a very cutie baby girl. I can’t talk because I’m still a chotu baby of nine-month but now I start understanding what other giant people say to me. Angel. Isn’t my name is cute like me? I’m thankful to my momma and daddy to keep my such a cute name. I really like my name.

I’m the cutest baby. My job is to entertain others with my cutest. A smile flashes on everyone’s face when they look at me. See, how much talent I have, hehe.

I love to be with my momma and daddy, I love to dance and sing in my own language, I crawl in full speed and make momma run after me. When I feel bored, I scream loudly, I love it a lot. Now I can also stand up by holding something. I love to learn new things every day. When somebody else except my parents pick me up, I become very angry, I shout, hit them with my tiny hands and clench their hair. I whine loudly when my momma and daddy get busy in themselves forgetting about their little cute daughter. Everybody comes to kiss me, tickles me and I laugh a lot, enjoying it. I love to grab the attention of everybody, especially my parents. My parents love me so much, if I cry, they cry with me, if I laugh, they laugh with me and if I become angry, my momma scolds dad, saying that, ‘I’m completely like him.’ Hehe, I’m like my smarty daddy.

But daddy always says, ‘I’m like mommy’ because I’m super duper cute. My momma is the best, I enjoy working with her a lot, she always entertains me. My Mommy and Daddy, they both are my peace. I’m blessed to be their daughter.

Ale, I forgot to tell you all that I’m very naughty baby.

I woke in the morning, I’m lying in my tiny bed like me, Momma daddy calls it cot. It is kept beside their huge bed. Last night I slept between momma and daddy.

Very very bad, I’m very upset.

Why did they make me sleep away from them?

I looked at them. Daddy and Momma are sleeping in each other arms.

Aww, they are looking so adorable together. They’re the cutest couple. I admire them.

But, I pouted in angry because they forgot about me. I know I’m tiny, but they look cuter with me. Am I Right, my friends?

Now it’s time to wake them up and take revenge. Huh! How could they separate me from them?

I hurriedly stood up, holding the railing of the cot and cried loudly to wake them up. I’m hungry also. I started eating the railing. I became angry because momma and daddy aren’t waking up. I started screaming, hitting my hand on the railing. I shouted louder and finally they woke up.

“Why my little doll is crying so early in the morning?” Daddy sat up and took me in his arms. It feels so good to be in daddy’s arms, I placed my head on his chest, closing my eyes.

Daddy and Momma are my first love.

“Good morning.” He wished me and placed a kiss on my head.

“She must be hungry, hubby, give her to me.” Momma assumed right. Wow, she knows me very well.

She sat up, opening the button of her shirt. I remember last night daddy was wearing the same shirt. When I fall asleep, why they exchange clothes? I wondered, confused, staring at Momma innocently. Daddy is caressing my hair and I’m loving a lot. He’s not wearing anything.

Now my anger was a forgotten business. Daddy gave me to momma and I instantly started drinking the milk, I’m really hungry after shouting and crying a lot. It takes my lot of energy. When Momma feeds me like this, I enjoy it a lot and again become energetic. It is my favourite time. I’m feeling sleepy again, but I don’t want to sleep, I want to enjoy time with daddy and mommy. I want to play and dance.

Suddenly I moved my eyeballs up and found daddy eating momma’s lips. I narrowed my brows bemusedly, still drinking the milk.

Is daddy drinking milk from momma’s lips like I’m drinking from here? I thought. I’m so innocent to understand all this. But I want to know what daddy is getting by sucking mumma’s lips.

It’s time to cry again, hihi.

As I whined, they pulled away from each other and looked at me concernedly.

“What happened, Angel? Do you want to eat something else?” Momma again assumed right and my eyes shimmered.

Wow, Mumma, you’re so great. You know your daughter very well.

“Ahaaa…” I nodded my head gleefully.

Suddenly I peed on momma, she yelled, “you always pee on me, Angel, why you never pee on your daddy?”

I pouted sadly at momma. I don’t know mumma, it happens automatically. I’m sorry, please, don’t shout at me, I don’t like it. I want to say this to momma, but I don’t know how to speak.

“Aa… aaa… gee..” only these words came out of my mouth. When I will start speaking like momma and daddy? It’s very very difficult to tell them what I want. I can just cry and wait for them to assume correctly that why I’m crying. Sometimes it really gets hard for little babies like me to convey our feelings.

“Because, baby, our little daughter loves his daddy more. Right, Angel?” Daddy asked me, assuming wrong.

No, it isn’t true, I love my momma and daddy equally, no comparison. They both are my best friend, my everything. I can’t even imagine my life without them. They are the best parents.

Momma frowned at daddy, she’s looking super cute. I always copy momma to look cutest. Momma and I are cutest, nobody can be cuter than us in this whole world.

“Hubby, our chotu baby loves us equally.” I smiled widely as Momma again assumed right.

“Yes, baby. I know, I was just kidding.” Daddy caressed momma’s cheeks.

Oh, so daddy was joking. I’m so small to understand when people are joking and when they are serious.

Now I’m all wet, I cried because I want them to change my clothes. They almost forgot that I’m wet.

“Mumma is just changing your clothes, baby, stop crying.” Momma pulled wet lower out of my legs and I smiled merrily at her. The wet lower was irritating me. I don’t want to wet my lower, but it happens automatically. What I can do? It isn’t my fault.

She got lost in my adorable smile and I got lost in adorable smile, “hihi.” I laughed and momma and daddy also laughed with me.

“Aww, hubby, her hips are so tiny and cute.” Mumma caressed my hips and I laughed hysterically. I’m lying over my front in momma’s lap. Daddy also laughed at us.

As daddy stood up, I tried to jump towards him but momma held me tighter. I want daddy to pick me up in his arms. I always do this when anybody stands up. I don’t want to leave any chance to come in the arms of the standing person because I get bore of sitting and playing on the bed.

I’m putting up my all energy to go to daddy and screaming. He’s going without me. How could he? Poor me.

Daddy turned his head and told me, “Daddy is bringing your lower, Angel, then he’ll pick you up and we’ll go for the morning walk.”

My tiny eyes twinkled and I smiled with glee after knowing this and clapped my hands excitedly. Daddy smiled at me and went to bring my lower.

“Aww, my doll is so cute. I love you so much.” Momma kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly.

I love you more, my cutie momma. I raised my head and sucked Momma’s cheeks, I always do this to show my love. Momma laughed and placed so many kisses on my cheek.

So this was the glimpse of my life, if you want to know more about me, then make me happy with you sweet comments.


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Awww the chapter was super cutee just like angel…
    The way she was telling all the things from her perspective was soooo adorable and hellish cute…
    Then comes manan whose life revolve around there baby and they find every moment is cute with her…


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