(Part: 33 A Plan) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

The next day I visited Cabir’s house without informing Manik. We were sitting in the hall of his house.

“Cabir, I have a plan to finish Katrina,” I told him.

“What?” He asked me and I told him the plan.

“It is dangerous for you, Nandini. Did Manik know about this plan?” He asked me, tensed.

I nodded. “We can’t tell him because he will never let me fight with Katrina and you know, only I can kill her. Cabir, would you help me?” I asked him, looking at him pleadingly.

“It’s wrong but we have no other option. How could I help you?” As he agreed to help me, I smile slightly.

“You just have to freeze Manik, so that he doesn’t stop me from going to kill Katrina,” before I could say something, we heard Manik’s yell.

“Freeze me now, Cabir.” He marched to us in fury, glaring at me and we stared at him in shock. “And forever.” He now glared at Cabir.

I stood up and said, “Manik, listen to me,”

He shouted, cutting my words. “You listen to me, Angel, that I won’t let you go away from me until I’m alive and if you want to fight with Katrina, before that you have to fight with me because until I’m alive, I won’t let you fight with her. I will never let you put your life at risk.” He grasped my arms and yanked me to himself, his eyes were scorching with anger.

“Manik, Katrina is still alive.” I uttered and he closed his eyes to compose himself.

“We will handle it.” He said in a calm tone now and his grip loosened.

“Why aren’t you understanding that before she plans something, we have to kill her? I can’t see you suffering more because of her. Please, Manik, let me fight with her.” I pleaded.

“I have a plan but we need the help of Mukti in this.” He uttered.

“What plan?” Cabir asked, standing up.

“I’ll go to Katrina and pretend that I finally realised that she’s the one for me and I’ll mix the poison in her drink, the poison which Mukti can make with her magic spell to kill the vampire.” He told us the plan. His plan was perfect.

But the question was, would Katrina get trap into our plan?

“But what if Katrina caught you, Manik?” Cabir asked Manik.

“She’s obsessed with me and I’m sure she will believe me. If she catches me, then also she won’t harm me, so we can execute this plan because it’s safe.” He said the last line, looking at me.

It was a great plan.

“Okay, so I’ll talk to Mukti about the poison.”

“And never ever try to put your life in danger.” He warned me sternly, I stayed silent.


The next morning, Mukti came up with the poison.

When Manik was about to sit in the car, I planted a lingering kiss on his lips and uttered, “all the best.”

“Don’t worry, today, I’ll come back after ending Katrina’s chapter from our lives forever.” He assured me and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

After that, he settled into the car. We glanced at each other and his car drove off.

“Please, God, today, stay with us and help us to finish that bitch.” I prayed and strolled into his house. Mukti was sitting in the hall.

I sat down beside her, worried.

“Everything is gonna be fine, Nandu, don’t worry.” She reassured me and placed her hand over my shoulder. I just looked at her blankly.

After some time, Mukti and I were talking and all of sudden I fell off the sofa as like someone pushed me.

“What happened to you suddenly, Nandini?” Mukti asked me worriedly. I was baffled.

“I don’t know.” I shook my head and stood up, holding the table. My body was hurting and I was feeling exhausted and weak.

Suddenly my phone rang up and we both glanced at our phone which was kept on the sofa. It was Manik’s call. I hurriedly picked up the call and put it on speaker.

“Angel, are you fine?” Manik asked concernedly.

“Manik, I don’t know how I suddenly fell off the sofa and my whole body is hurting. I’m not understanding what is happening to me.” I told him, the pain in my body was getting severe. It was hurting me a lot and I wasn’t understanding what was happening to me.

“Oh shit, so Katrina was right.” Manik groaned in anger.

“What happened, Manik?” I asked anxiously. I could sense something very wrong.

I’m biting my lower lip, controlling myself from screaming in pain. The pain was getting intense, I was feeling like my whole body was burning.

“Is Mukti with you?” He asked.

“I’m with her, Manik.” She said, taking the phone from my hand and made me sit on the sofa. My condition was worsening. I lay down on the sofa, tears rolling down my eyes. “What’s wrong? What is happening to Nandini?” Mukti asked from Manik, hell worried for me. She was staring at me, bemused and anxious.

“Ahaaa…” I couldn’t control more and shrieked in immense pain.

“Angel…” Manik also cried with me. Therefore I was trying not to scream. But the pain was getting unbearable, my whole body was burning.

“What is happening to her, Manik?” Mukti asked again and Manik told something utterly unexpected to us. We both were dumbstruck.

So what do you think, what happened to Nandini all of sudden?

Love Mehak

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