(Part: 7 Playing With The Fire) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl

Shehnaaz is lying on the bed in one of the lavish room of Sidharth’s mansion. The doctor is doing her dressing and she’s still unconscious.

Sidharth is sitting at the bar counter of his mansion and drinking the glass of scotch, wondering about the foreign feelings, staring straight unblinkingly. He’s not understanding what is happening to him. Why his eyes became wet when he saw her in pain? He is annoyed that he is developing feelings for someone because he likes to be heartless, he doesn’t want to care about anybody. He doesn’t want to change. He’s afraid to change.

“Boss.” Mike’s voice startled him.


“Doctor said she will gain her conscious back within few hours,” Mike informed him and he just stared at him blankly. Mike added, “you don’t worry about her, she’s fine.”

“What? Why I’ll be worried about her. It doesn’t matter to me that she’s fine or not.” He freaked out, putting the glass on the counter with a thud.

Mike stayed quiet even after knowing that his boss is lying. He truly cares for her, he can clearly see in his boss’s eyes. He just slightly nodded his head and left from there.

He gulped down a full glass of scotch in one go. “I don’t care for her, I don’t care for anybody.” He thundered, placing the glass of scotch on the counter. He stared straight, his eyes are red and spitting fire.

Now he’s sitting on the sofa of his room and watching her on his laptop that is placed on the table. As Shehnaaz gained her consciousness back, he instantly stood up from the sofa and rushed to meet her without thinking anything. Her room is next to his room.

He stepped into her room and as she saw him, her eyes shimmered with happiness and her lips drew up to a bright smile. She’s sitting, leaning against the bed. He kept his look serious. He strolled to her and stood beside her bed, crossing his arms across his chest. He wants to ask her that how is she but he doesn’t want to show her that he cares for her.

Shehnaaz initiated the conversation. “Thank you so much for saving my life, my hero.” He frowned as she called him a hero.

“I’m not your hero.” He rolled his eyes.

“But you saved me like a hero.” She smiled at him gleefully.

“You should be afraid of me.” He bent down and uttered darkly, staring into her twinkling eyes.

“I’m not scared of anything.” She asserted, gazing deep into his scorching eyes.

“Everybody has some weakness, soon I’ll find yours.” He stated with full confidence.

“Good luck, my hero.” She scoffed.

“Stop calling me a hero.” He said, irritated.

“You know they thought I’m close to you and that’s why they kidnapped me. Couldn’t we come close to each other in real? Now you know that I’m loyal to you.” She asked and grinned at him.

He moved dangerously close to her face, accelerating her heartbeat. “You’re playing with the fire, you will get burn.” He warned her sternly, the intensity of his gaze is searing.

She caressed his stubble, gazing into his bewitching eyes. She said softly, “I’m not afraid to burn because I’m habitual of playing with the fire. In fact, I love to play with the fire.” She winked at him mischievously. They both gazed into each other deeply.

Suddenly her eyes fell on his bleeding palm and she asked worriedly. “Why doctor didn’t bandage your hand? It’s bleeding.”

“None of your business. It’s not hurting.” He stood straight and hid his hand behind his back.

“What are you doing, idiot?” He stops her instantly when she is just about to remove her bandage below her neck.

“It’s not hurting me too, I also don’t need it.” She jerked his hand away and removed her bandage harshly. Again her wound started bleeding and she’s looking at him like it’s really not hurting her a bit even.

“Are you crazy? It is a deep wound.” He flared out and pointed at her bleeding wound.

“It doesn’t hurt.” She said emotionlessly.

He shook his head and rushed to bring the First Aid box from the cupboard. He sat beside her and opened the box.

He extended his hand to do her dressing but she stopped him by holding his hand and said, “first I’ll do your dressing.”

“Okay, fine. You can do my dressing, but first, let me do yours, it’s bleeding. The doctor said you have already lost so much blood.” He said in a concerned tone.

She can clearly see that he’s concerned for her and she felt immensely good because, for the first time, someone genuinely cared about her. She just slightly nodded at him.

First, he is gently and carefully cleaning her wound and she’s just gazing at him fondly, her lips are drawn up to a small and contented smile. Nobody can say that he’s a ruthless Mafia boss. Then he applied the ointment and put the bandage over her wound.

“Now I’ll do.” She said, picking up the ointment.

“Deal is deal.” He held out his bleeding hand in front of her.

She smiled at him and held his hand. As her hand touched him, he literally shivered. After doing the dressing of his hand, she leaned down and placed a soft and tender kiss on his hand. His eyes dilated in shock and he instantly withdrew his hand. She smiled at him cheerily. He just glared at her.

“You will stay here because the person who captured our photo, he’s still out. So it is still dangerous for you.” He said while putting back the things in the first aid box and closing it.

“Haye, I like you.” As suddenly she confessed, he widened his eyes in shock at her.

“What?” He asked in disbelief.

“You care for me so much and therefore you’re asking me to be here.” Her lips curved into a goofy grin.

“I’m doing this because I don’t want you to leak our information. I fucking don’t care for you.” He stood up and stormed at her, waggling his finger at her. He is angry at himself because deep inside he really cares for her but he doesn’t know why, and this thing is making him angrier.

“Liar, accept that you care for me. I can clearly see this.”

He knitted his brow, fuming in uncontrollable anger. “Just shut up, you’re irritating me.” He barked at her in aggression.

“You will stay in this room until we find that person. Now goodbye.” He stomped off the room, slamming the door.

“Oh God, he’s an angry hulk but I very well know how to handle these type of men.” A mischievous smile spread across her face.

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