(Part: 11 Caring Mafia Boss) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl

“What he thinks of himself. I know my presence is affecting him like his presence is affecting me. He’s just not accepting it, but I’m Shehnaaz Gill, I’ll make him accept that he feels for me.” She murmured to herself, she is sitting on the sofa.

She picked up the phone to message Mike.


Mike, I’m so angry with your boss.


What he did with you now?


He shouted at me like always. Why can’t he be sweet like you a bit even?


Because he’s my boss.

I’ll talk to you later, boss’s girlfriend. I have urgent work.

Whenever he calls her boss’s girlfriend, automatically a smile flashes on her face.


Okay, Mike.

But could you tell me about Sidharth’s room?


Boss’s room is on the left side of your room.

But only I and the old maid of the mansion have permission to enter his room.

She read the message and said sassily, “I’ll go to his room and nobody can stop me.” She blew few hair strands away from her face.


Thank you, Mike.

She stood up and said, “I’ll see who has the guts to stop me from entering Sidharth’s room.”

Next day

Sidharth is standing beneath the shower, the water is cascading down his muscular and extremely attractive body.

“What is happening to me? I don’t want to feel anything for anybody. Feelings make people weak and I can’t fall weak. I have to do something of that badass girl.” He’s wondering, his eyes are closed.

Shehnaaz stepped into the room, smiling mischievously. She pouted in disappointment when she didn’t find him in the room. Her eyes glinted with anticipation as she heard the sound of water from the bathroom.

“So he’s in the bathroom. Wow, I’m so excited to see him wet and naked.” She squealed with excitement.

She rushed to the bathroom and luckily the door of the bathroom is ajar, she smiled broadly. She pushed the door open and her heart skipped beating when she saw him, standing under the shower only in boxer. He’s standing far from her but still, he’s making her breath heavy with his hotness. The water coursing down his hot body is arousing her desire and burning her body. She bit her lower, gawping at his wet body. She wants to suck all the water droplets from every inch of his body.

After catching her breath back, she uttered, “Hey, Mr Handsome, taking shower without me. I don’t like it.” As her euphonious voice reached his ear, he instantly opened his eyes and stared at her in shock.

She grinned at him goofily. “Let’s take shower together.” She pulled off her top and dropped it down on the floor. She’s only in blue denim short and a black lace bra.

He widened his eyes in shock and dashed to her after turning off the shower. He picked up the top and tossed it over her.

“Are you crazy? Wear the top and get lost from here.” He snarled at her.

“Could you make me wear it, Mr Handsome?” She pulled out the top in front of him, making him angrier.

He harshly grasped her arm and pushed her out of the bathroom, fuming in anger.

“You aren’t permitted to come here, so you better understand or else I have my ways.” He yelled out at her in fury, holding the door.

“Aaaa…” As he slammed the door, she screamed out because she placed her foot inside so that he couldn’t able to close the door and now she got hurt as he closed the door with force.

He became anxious and instantly opened the door. Her ankle is bleeding profusely.

“Fuck! Are you crazy?” He chided her and scooped her into his arms, putting everything on the side, he is extremely worried for her.

She grinned widely with triumph, placing her head on his chest. His wet naked body touching her, she is loving it and her body is burning with immense desires.

He hastily took her out and laid her down on the bed. She’s just grinning at him and he narrowed his brows confusedly.

“You’re bleeding and you’re at smiling? Isn’t it hurting?” He asked in disbelief.

“Physical wound doesn’t hurt me.” She answered him in a serious tone. Her voice stored some kind of deep pain.

He noticed this and they stared into each other intensely. He wants to ask, but he just stared at her silently, wondering why she said those words.

“I did it deliberately so that you couldn’t able to close the door.” She told him and again grinned at him.

He shook his head in utter disbelief. “You’re a completely insane woman, seriously.”

“I know.” She chuckled, nobody can say that her ankle is bleeding. Sidharth is utterly shocked after seeing this.

He waggled his finger at her. “Now keep quiet and let me do the dressing of your ankle.”

“I don’t know how many times I have to do this.” He muttered under his breath.

“You think, I can keep my mouth shut?” She asked and chuckled loudly. He rolled his eyes and went to bring the first aid box.

“Seriously, this woman is something else.” He murmured, taking out the box.

He’s still naked and wet, and she is ogling at his hot and muscular body shamelessly, her eyes are filled with immense desires. She bit her lower lip. She is so aroused by seeing his tempting wet body.

He strolled to her with the first aid box, ignoring her constant intense gaze which is filled with desires. He sat beside her on the bed near her leg and carefully placed her foot on his lap. As his hands touched her leg, she shivered. His touch has such a profound effect on her.

He’s applying ointment on her wound carefully and gently and now she’s gazing at him affectionately. Nobody can say, he’s the heartless Mafia boss.

She can vividly see that he cares for her and she loves this. For the first time, someone is genuinely concerned for her and applying ointment on her wound. She’s falling in love with him unknowingly. Her lust is turning into love gradually and she’s not aware of it.

As he leaned down to kiss her ankle in the heat of the moment, her eyes twinkled and a broad smile flashed on her face, but before his lips could touch her foot, he stopped when he realised what he’s doing. He placed her leg on the bed gently and she pouted sadly at him.

“You care for me?” She asked him with curiosity.

“Fuck! no.” He growled at her like he’s answering to himself.

She scoffed, “the truth is not going to change if you show your anger.”

He came over her and clenched her chin roughly. “Nothing is like that, understand?” He stared at her darkly.

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not scared of you, so stop wasting your time in doing all this.”

“Because you haven’t seen my devil side yet.” He uttered and his lips stretched to a devilish smile. He jerked her face.

“No words.” He yelled when she opened her mouth to say something.

“I don’t care for you. You aren’t my type.” He stood up. “And today, I’ll show what types of girl I like.” He dashed out of his room after saying this.


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