(Part: 13 Challenging The Mafia Boss) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl

Nandini is in the gym and she is taking out the anger on the punching bag. She is hitting it with a scowl on her face, without wearing the gloves and her knuckles are bleeding. She’s boiling in extreme anger and sweating. Manik and that girl’s moans are echoing in her ears and making her insane.

“What the hell he thinks of himself? How could he brought that girl to show me that I’m not his type?” She is shrieking and striking the punching bag with outrage.

“Miss Kapoor.” As Manik’s intense voice reached her ear, she stopped, breathing heavily. He’s strolling to her, she’s standing facing her back to him. Her heart is pounding, she doesn’t know why his presence affects her so much.

He came in front of her, her gaze is fixed down on the floor.

“I never knew that you’re this much dumb.” He said in a stern tone, holding her wounded hands, his eyes filled with concerns.

“Fuck off! I’m not in a mood.” She jerked his hand away and glared at him. “Go with your type of girls? Why you came here?” She snarled at him.

“Aghh! Maybe I come here to raise my standards!” He smirked at her.

She narrowed her brows confusingly and asked, “What do you mean?”

He moved closer to her and whispered, “you know exactly what I mean.” He pulled her to himself by grasping her waist. “After all this what you want right?”

“Stop it.” She shouted and pushed him away from her with full force.

She waggled her finger at him and burst out, “you know what you care for me, but you don’t want to accept it, you’re running from it. You’re a coward, you can’t even accept your feelings. Sleeping with others girls will not help you.”

He grasped her arms and pinned her against the wall. “Just shut up, you’re no one to tell me about my feelings, I have no feelings, I’m heartless.” He roared at her.

“Yeah right, that’s why you saved my life. Isn’t it?” She asked in a serious tone.

“Shut up, I saved your life for my business. I don’t want anyone to leak my information, understood?”

She moved closer to his face and blew her warm breath over his dry lips, gazing into his eyes intensely. The electricity of profound desires rushed down his spine and he felt a sudden urge to kiss her lips.

“Now did you feel anything?” She asked, gazing into his eyes deeply.

“Stop it, Nandini.” He clenched her arms and shut his eyes before he could be lost in her intense and intoxicating eyes.

“Why? Is it becoming difficult for you to control your feelings?” She’s moving closer to him, smirking.

“I said stop it, Nandini.” He said breathing heavily, squeezing his eyes. Their proximity is driving him crazy and arousing his desires. A grin flashed on her face, seeing this. She can clearly see that she’s affecting him profoundly like he’s affecting her.

“Accept it, Manik. You can’t resist me. Accept your feelings.” She said in a husky tone, brushing his lower lip.

He opened his eyes and pushed her harshly on the floor in fury. He’s angry because he has feelings for her. He’s angry with himself. He grimaced at her.

“Now you will see my real side, it’s enough of your useless drams. You aren’t scared of me because you haven’t seen my real face yet.” He bawled at her.

She sneered at him and stood up. “Then show me your real side, I’ll love to see it. In fact, I’m eager to see your every side.”

“Trust me, this is the biggest mistake of your life. Soon, you’ll regret your words.” He warned her sternly.

“Bring it on, Manik. I’ll make you confess your feelings.” She challenged him.

He stormed out of the gym after glaring at her.

Mike was watching all this standing out of the gym. He strode into the gym as Manik left.

“I’m highly impressed with you, Boss’s girlfriend.” Mike praised her and she just passed him a faint smile.

“Your boss is a hard nut to crack but I’m also Nandini Kapoor, I can deal with him.” She said with full confidence before stepping out of the gym, not knowing what Manik is planning to do to show her that he is heartless.

Mike’s phone rang up as Nandini left.

“Yes, Boss.” He answered the call after placing it over his ear.

“I have work for you, come to my room fast.” He ordered him.

“Yes, boss, I’m coming.” He disconnected the call and dashed to Manik’s room.


The next day, Nandini messaged Mike. She has a plan to make Manik confess his feelings and she needs Mike’s help in this.


Hey, Mike.




I need your help to make Manik confess that he has feelings for me.


I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this. You should stay away from the boss.

Nandini widened her eyes in shock after reading his message. Till yesterday, he was calling her boss’s girlfriend and now he is asking her to stay away from his boss.


Suddenly what happened to you, Mike? Why are you asking me to stay away from him?


Because he’s dangerous for you, Nandini.


I’m not scared of danger, Mike.

I don’t care if he’s dangerous for me.


Boss is planning something, therefore I’m warning you.


What he is planning?


I can’t tell you.



Then She messaged Manik.


What are you planning to do?


You want to see my real side and want to know who I’m, I’m planning to show you that only.

He instantly replied to her.


Whatever you do, it doesn’t change the fact that you care about me.

He read her message but didn’t reply.

“Oh God, when he will accept the truth?” She shouted frustratedly, throwing the phone on the bed.


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