(Part: 16 Flashes Of Dreadful Past) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl

As Nandini recalled what he did with her Aunt, she turned around and pushed him away in fury. “Why did you hurt my Aunt, you monster?” She barked at him and he gave her a surly look.

“Because I’m Devil.” He said darkly, scowling at her.

“Is Devil keep the girl with him to protect her?” She asked, gazing at him intensely and shut his mouth. A goofy grin flashed on her face.

He ignored her question and asked her sternly, “are you coming with me or not?”

“In your dreams, Devil.” She bristled at his rudeness and averted her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Now don’t blame me for this.” He warned her, walking closer to her while opening the belt, his intense gaze is fixed at her which is making her weak on her knees. His intense gaze has such a profound and magical effect on her which she can’t ignore.

He pulled the belt out of the loops by holding the buckle and swiftly turned her around. He grasped her both hands behind her back and fastened her wrists with the belt hastily before she could resist. She is struggling and cursing him, fuming in outrage.

“Stop struggling, you little badass girl.” He rebuked and clenched her chin harshly from behind, bristling with uncontrollable anger.

She stopped resisting and closed her eyes as his crotch rubbed against between her butts and his front body pressed against her back. She wants him badly, her body is burning with profound desires and her breath is becoming heavy. Every skin cell of her body is craving for his touch. His touch does heaven to her.

“I’m protecting myself.” He whispered in her ear and again grasped her jaw. “If somebody finds you, you can tell my secrets to them, so don’t give so much importance to yourself, Miss Kapoor.”

“You stop giving excuses, you coward.” She snarled at him.

He frowned and turned her toward himself roughly, his eyes filled with anger.

“You’re a coward, Mr Malhotra.” She sneered at him, making him angrier.

“I think, now I have to tie your mouth also because you have annoyed me enough with you blabbering.” He said, brushing her lower lip with his thumb.

“Do anything, I don’t care.” She rolled her eyes.

“You have forced me to do this.” He said, loosening his tie and she’s just glaring at him, her brows are knitted in anger.

He walked behind her, removing his tie and bound her mouth with it. He strode in front of her and she’s killing him with her looks.

“It’s time to go, baby.” He picked her up over his shoulder and she started kicking him. She gasped as he instantly spanked one of her butts.

“If you don’t want me to spank you again, then behave.” He warned her in a stern tone, striding out of the mansion. She groaned in frustration.

When he reached out with her, his driver hurriedly opened the door for her. He made her sit inside the car and sat beside her.

He smirked at her. “You’re looking good like this.” She averted her eyes.

He moved closer to her and uttered, “If someone defies me, then I do this because I’m a devil.” She just glared at him, boiling in anger.

He marched into the room and tossed her on the bed.

“Stay like this for some time in this room, then only you will understand how to talk with me.” He said, waggling his finger at her.

She scowled at him, but suddenly her face turned pale as some dreadful flashes of her childhood came into her mind.

A little girl is lying on the cold floor in the darkroom, bounded, devastated, lonely, her tiny innocent eyes are filled with immense sorrow. She howled in pain when a woman started beating her with the rod mercilessly.

She started trembling and sweating profusely, recalling her dreadful past. Manik noticed her condition and rushed to her, becoming anxious for her. He hurriedly untied her mouth and hands.

She grasped his shirt tightly, breathing heavily and shuddering. He is horrified, seeing her in this condition. He isn’t understanding what happened to her all of sudden. He wants to comfort her but not understanding what he should do. His mind is whirling seeing her in the worst state. He didn’t think that he would ever see her in this terrible condition. He’s really shocked to see her in this state. Her sorrowful eyes are asking him to help her but he’s in great shock and not understanding what to do because he has never consoled anybody in his life.


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