(Part: 21 A Blissful Kiss) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl

She mistakenly placed her hand on his wounded arm and he hissed in pain.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised, coming back on the earth and moved away from him.

“It’s okay.” He said and she sat beside him.

They both are just thinking about their accidental kiss and how they felt when their lips came in contact. Now they are craving more to taste each other lips. It is getting hard for both of them to resist each other.

Sidharth took his phone out to call Mike. “Shit, there is no network, now how will I contact Mike?” He muttered in frustration and slid the phone back into his pocket.

“Wow, thank you so much, God. Now I can spend more time in this dense forest with Mr Handsome.” She wondered and a goofy smile flashed on her face.

After few minutes of silence, Shehnaaz spoke up, “Mr Handsome.”

He instantly turned his head toward her. “What?” He raised his brows.

“I’m feeling sleepy, Could I sleep placing my head on your shoulder?” She asked and he slightly nodded his head in response.

She smiled broadly and placed her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep because she was really feeling sleepy.

She is sleeping peacefully and he is just gazing at her fondly, he’s feeling like an Angel is sleeping placing her head on his shoulder. For the first time, he’s admiring her while she’s sleeping and he’s getting some kind of peace. His lips are drawn up to a contented smile. He can gaze at her angelic face all his life. He isn’t aware of what is happening to him.

He gently tucked her hair strands behind her ear which were coming over her face and disturbing her peaceful sleep. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead in the heat of the moment.

As his lips touched her forehead, she instantly opened her eyes. He’s only a few inches away from her. They’re gazing into each other intensely. Their warm breath is caressing each other lips and arousing their desires of tasting each other lips.

“How much more you will make me crave for the lips kiss?” As she uttered, he came on the earth back and moved away from her.

He stood up and said to change the topic. “We have to find the network, then my men will track my location.”

She also stood up, smiling. “Couldn’t we stay here more? The weather is so good and you’re so hot, what a deadly combination.” She chuckled after saying this.

He again stared at her sexy body. He can’t resist her because she’s looking tempting in a black lacy bra.

“Right now you’re looking hotter than me, Miss Gill.” He said hoarsely, moving closer to her. Her eyes widened in surprise because she wasn’t expecting this.

He grasped her bare waist and yanked her to himself, smirking at her. She’s just staring at him in disbelief and shock.

He moved closer to her. “You know when you pulled off your top, from that time I can’t able to take off my eyes from your exquisite and luscious body.” He whispered in her ear and her breathing quickened as the goosebumps rose on her skin.

“You have a perfect and flawless body.” He is stroking her belly and melting her body with his magical touch. Her eyes are closed and she’s utterly lost in the touch of his soft hand. His touch is sending chills down her spine and awakening her inner desires. She wants to feel his hand all over her body. His touch is like heaven on the earth for her. Only he can set her body on fire with his mare touch. He has such a profound effect on her.

They came on the earth back as rain droplets fell over them. He left her waist and instantly pulled away from her. She cursed rain for spoiling their intimate moment.

“I have to find the network.” He took out his phone and waved it in the air to catch the network.

“I hope he will never get the signal and we stay here in this forest forever.” She wondered and a naughty smile flashed on her face.

Sidharth looked at her and narrowed his brows in confusion, seeing her smiling. “Are you mad or what? Why are you smiling like a fool?” He asked, annoyed.

“Yes, I’m crazy for you.” She teased him and winked at him.

“Oh, God! Why I always end up with her?” He murmured, frustrated.

“You are lucky, I guess.” She chuckled.

“Shut up, just shut your fucking mouth. One more word and I’ll kill you.” He warned her.

“Oh, I’m scared.” She raised her hands, grinning at him.

“Arghhh! You’re crazy.” He groaned nodding his head in disbelief.

“Only for you.” She said in a husky tone.

He rolled his eyes and took his gun out. He pointed his gun at her just to scare her.

“Shoot me if you can.” She grasped the gun and placed it over her forehead. She is staring at him, having no fear in her eyes.

She flinched as they heard a gunshot from far away.

“Hey, I’m was just joking!” She said closing her eyes tightly.

He laughed hysterically as he saw her adorable facial expression. She opened her eyes and got lost in his carefree laugh. For the first time, she is seeing him laughing like this and she felt so good to see him like this. He stole her heart all over again.

“So, finally I became your laughing medicine.” She said teasingly while he just faked a glare at her.

“You were scared and I like when people get scared of me.” He grinned with triumph.

“I wasn’t scared.” She said curtly.

“You were.” The smile is not leaving his face.

“No, I wasn’t. I was just paying around.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Why?” He asked, raising his brows.

“Well, didn’t I get the beautiful reward by my acting?” She asked, pointing at his lips.

They again heard the gunshot from faraway.

“Sidharth, I think they are back again.” Her tone became serious.

“Shit. You stay here, I’ll go and check.”

“No, I’m not going to leave you alone. In fact, you stay here, I’ll check.” She said snatching the gun from his hand.

“Shehnaaz, are you mad? Shut up and for once listen to me.” He shouted, grasping her shoulders tightly.

“Am I injured here?” She asked and shut his mouth. He just stared at her silently. “Tell me?” She asked again.

“Still, they are my enemies and I don’t want you to land in any trouble because of me. Is this so difficult to understand?”

“And then you say, you don’t care.” She rolled her eyes and said.

“Okay fine, I don’t know why but I care for you.” He confessed loudly, pulling her toward himself by grasping her bare waist. She gasped with his sudden and unexpected confession.

They gazed into each other silently for a few seconds. “Yes, I care for you.” Now his voice softened and his hands reached to her face. They’re gazing into each other intensely.

She is surprised by his sudden confession that he cares for her. She felt like she is dreaming with her open eyes. She has been seeing concerns in his eyes for her from the first day, but today he confessed with his mouth, she is in utter disbelief.

“I just want to keep you safe with me,” he placed a soft kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes in response as his lips touched her skin. “Forever.” He whispered, gazing at her lovingly and she opened her eyes. She is so touched after listening to his genuine confession. Nobody cared for her before him. His words sent immense happiness to her heart.

“Really?” She asked in utter disbelief.

He nodded slightly. “Yes and this is the first time I care for anybody. In fact, I never cared for myself. I never cared for anybody in my life. Therefore I’m keeping you with myself because I want to protect you.” He is stroking her soft cheeks with his thumbs.

She is just lost in him utterly. His soft touch is sending chills down her spine. She never felt like this before in her life. This moment is so peaceful. She wants to stop the time and get lost in this moment forever.

“And what if, I say the same to you?” She asked in a serious tone. “What if, I say that I also don’t want you to land in any trouble?” She didn’t even realise when these words slipped out of her lips.

“But the difference is that you’re in trouble because of me and if something happens to you because of me, I’ll never able to forgive myself. For now, you’re my priority, Shehnaaz. I,”

She suddenly grabbed his collars and pulled him down, “we will fight back together and protect each other.” As she whispered against his lips, the electricity of desires rushed down his spine and he mechanically captured her sensuous lips which had been craving for his lips since the day her eyes led on them. As their lips met, everything around them disappeared, they felt like they got their breath back after ages. They felt heavenly incredible. They felt alive for the first time in their life. They were kissing each other so softly and smoothly like their lips were made of glass. Her hands left his collars and moved up to his face. His long fingers are curled around her neck below her ear and thumbs are stroking her soft cheeks. They are feeling like their heartbeats are merging and their souls are murmuring sweet nothings. They are utterly lost in the kiss and tasting the sunshine on each other lips. They are feeling the fire between them, the air around them became so hot.

With this kiss, he is realising that all his life he had been waiting for this moment and her. He kissed before also but never felt alive like this before. The intensity of the kiss is burning him alive and setting her body on fire. This kiss is pure bliss for them, giving profound peace to their mind and soul and healing all their deep wounds.

Suddenly they heard the gun shoot near them and instantly pulled apart.


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