(Beyond Love} Chapter: 18 (Sidnaaz)

Sidharth’s POV:

We stepped into the kitchen and saw no one was there. I looked at the time and sighed, it’s 1:30 a.m. The servants must have gone to their servant quarters.

“Maybe servants left for their room,” I said looking at Sana who was standing beside me.

“Let me call the butler,” I said and pull out the phone from my pocket to dial the number but stopped when Sana placed her hand on my phone. I looked at her raising my brows in asking what.

“Don’t you think it’s quite late? We should not disturb anyone’s sleep like this and the food is already ready. So, if you don’t mind, should I re-heat the food?” She asked nervously looking here and there making me smile at her.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t disturb the butler at night,” I said and she smiled.

Her beautiful smile, my heart shined.

She’s so different from other girls. She’s so kindhearted, and her innocence is something that really attracts me towards her more. I’m liking her even more and more.

We together re-heated the food in the microwave and arranged it in the trolley of food.

We came to the dining room with the trolley. Mom and Dad smiled at us.

Sana went towards my parents and started serving them, so lovingly.

I couldn’t stop admiring her. I was literally gazing at her, standing near the table, having the bowl of rice in my hand. My eyes were not ready to leave her.

Why am I feeling like she’s the daughter in law of my parents?

“Fuck!” I cursed loudly when I realised what the fuck, I was thinking, making my parents and Sana startled.

“What happened, Sidharth?” My dad asked and Sana and mom too looked at me waiting for me to answer.

“Umm… actually the Bowl was quite hot, So..” I said rubbing my nape, looking here and there.

“Really?” My dad asked giving me a suspicious look, making me hell nervous.

Trust me, I’m very poor at lying but I don’t know what’s happening with me right now that I’m getting hell nervous.

I was about to say something but before that, a soft pair of a hand grabbed my hand, making me startled.

“Give this bowl to me, I’ll serve. You sit.” Sana said, concern was clearly visible on her face making me smile.

“Relax, I’m okay.” I smiled at her.

“Still, You sit, I’ll serve.” She said and made me settled down on the chair opposite my parents and started serving me lovingly. Mom and Dad were sitting in front of me and I could see them giving us a teasing smile but my whole concentration was on her. I couldn’t able to take my eyes off her. I kept looking at her. She’s perfect, she’s innocent and she’s so beautiful.

I tucked her hair strand behind her ear, which was disturbing my view, making her shivered.

I just love the way her body reacts to my mere touch.

Then she settled down beside me, I served her. “Sidharth, it’s okay, I’ll do myself.” She said placing her hand on mine.

“Let me do.” I said and murmured in last, “baby girl.” She blushed, tucking her hair behind her ear.

When she blushes, the way her eyelashes move down, I just love it. She every time steals my heart.

“Sidharth, stop staring at your friend, she’s not going anywhere.” Mom said making me startled. I immediately dug my head in my food making the oldies laughed. I know she deliberately stretched the word friend to tease me.

God! They are my parents but literally, they can beat my friends in teasing.

“Oldies,” I murmured and they laughed more.

“Sidharth, have this.” Sana said, passing the plate of salad towards me.

“I don’t like salad.” I said rubbing my nape, smiling sheepishly.

“But it’s good for health, have it. Please.” She insisted lovingly that I couldn’t get the courage to say no to her.

“Okay.” I said and she smiled.

“They are looking so perfect, together.” Mom murmured to dad while eating and I choked my food, making my dad chuckled.

“I mean as friends.” She said smiling sheepishly, deliberately stretching the word friends. I turned my gaze at Sana and saw her pretending as if she didn’t hear anything, making me smile at her.


After few minutes I saw my dad feeding my mom with his own hand as she was showing tantrums eating her food.

I smiled broadly at them, then my head turned towards Sana and I noticed she too smiling looking at my parents.

I again got lost in her beatific smile. When suddenly I noticed her eyes widened in surprise, I turned my gaze and saw my dad pecking my mother’s lips, time to time feeding her.

I again turned my head towards my baby girl but before I could say something, she immediately moved her head down. I could clearly see a red hue on her cheeks.

I laughed so hard seeing her reaction, gaining others attention as well.

But what should I do?

God, she’s so cute. I so wanted to gobble her up.

“What happened, Sidharth?” Mom asked, curiously making me chuckled. I turned my head again, towards my baby girl and saw her playing with her food being all embarrassed.

God, she’s behaving like, she was being kissed.

“He’s just jealous, Neyo. Ignore him.” My dad said and started feeding my mom again, I pouted.

“I’m not jealous,” I whined and they chuckled.

“So Sana, tell us more about you. What your fa,”

Before Mom could ask her about her family, I interjected, “Mom, she lives alone here with her friend and earn her livelihood by working in a cafe.”

I don’t want to see her upset because I know if Mom talks about her family she will become upset like before.

“Oh, such a hard-working girl.” My father praised her and my mom too nodded her head in acknowledgement while she passed them a small smile and started having her dinner silently.

I could see her little discomfort, I took her hand in mine, under the table and entwined our fingers again, giving her much needed assurance while she just smiled at me and murmured, “thank you”.



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