(Part: 24 Stay With Me, Please) Mafia’s Badass Girl

Andrew is about to stand up to go after Chloe but Mike reaches there and stops him by holding his shoulders. “Boss, you should take some rest.”

“I’m fine, Mike.” He said sternly.

“Please, Boss.” Mike requested and Andrew listened to him. He closed his eyes and lay down.

The doctor came to check him, then Maid came with food for him, then the Nurse came to do his dressing and his eyes didn’t move from the door, he’s waiting for Chloe restlessly. He badly wants her to be with him.

A whole day passed like this but Chloe didn’t come to meet him. He isn’t understanding why she isn’t coming. He’s becoming more and more restless. He’s missing her, he is feeling incomplete without her. He needs her. He wants to feel her.


“Mike, how is Andrew?” Chloe asked Mike in the corridors.

“He’s recovering fast. In few hours he will be shifted into his room.” Mike told her.

“Thank God.” Chloe sighed.

“Why aren’t you going to meet him?” As Mike asked her, her brows creased.

“It will be better if we don’t meet each other.” She said with a deadpan expression on her face and Mike narrowed his brows bemusedly, not understanding her words.

“Why?” Mike asked her.

“You won’t understand.” She said blankly and strolled from there.


At night, Andrew is lying in his bedroom, wondering about Chloe, his eyes are closed and one hand is placed on his forehead. “Why aren’t you coming to meet me, Chloe? What happened to you?”

Then only Chloe comes to his room, thinking that he’s sleeping. She had been standing out of his room and waiting for him to sleep from a few minutes.

She’s walking to him, taking slow steps, gazing at him, her eyes are filled with immense love. Andrew can feel her presence, but he kept his eyes closed, pretending that he’s sleeping.

She sat beside him and lovingly stroke his dark stubble with her thumb, gazing at him. She leaned down to his face and as her warm breath caressed his face, electricity of desires coursed down his spine, he clenched his hands to control himself.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered against his forehead before placing a soft kiss there. Then she tenderly kissed his both eyelids, caressing his cheeks with her thumbs. He is feeling incredible to feel the touch of her rose petals like lips. He is feeling like she’s directly kissing his soul, he’s loving it.

She gazed at him intensely for few minutes before standing up. As she stood up, he opened his eyes. She turned to walk but he stopped her by holding her hand. She glanced at him over her shoulder.

“Where are you going?” He asked her and she slowly turned toward him.

“Umm… Andrew, you are awake, I-I thought you slept. You should take a rest, Andrew.” For the first time, she hesitated in talking to him and he stared at her incredulously. She’s looking everywhere except him.

“This isn’t the answer to my question.” He said sternly.

“I don’t want to answer you.” She said sassily without looking at him.

“Look at me, Chloe and tell me where were you going.” He said loudly in a commanding tone and she instantly moved her eyes to him.

“I’m going back to my room. It’s enough, I can’t put my life in danger because of you more.” She replied curtly.

“Are you kidding, Chloe?” He sniggered. “I remember you weren’t scared of anything. Now, what happened to you all of sudden?” He asked in a livid tone and she rolled her eyes.

“If you remember my words so clearly, then you should also know that I’m not answerable to anyone.” She answered him, her tone is frigid.

He seized her wrist and yanked her down. She directly fell over his chest and they both gazed into each other eyes deeply, forgetting everything.

“You can lie to the whole world, but not to me, my badass girl.” He murmured, still gazing at her face intensely. He gently tucked her few hair strands behind her ear. As his fingers touched her ear, she closed her eyes. His touch sends a shiver down her spine always.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with you?” As he asked, she opened her eyes. “I know you aren’t afraid to put your life in danger. You’re a warrior. Why all of sudden you’re behaving like you’re afraid of danger?”

She stayed silent. Her silence is annoying him.

He asked after a few seconds of silence. “Whatever happened between us in the forest, is this the reason you’re avoiding me and is this the reason for your sudden change of behaviour?” He assumed.

“I don’t want to talk about this, Andrew.” She tried to stand up but he gripped her tightly in his arms.

He pulled her closer to himself and whispered “Fine, don’t talk to me. But at least stay here, with me. Please?” He implored, looking at her with pleading eyes and she stared at him in utter disbelief. She can’t believe that he is that same Mafia boss who treated her so badly earlier.

She didn’t say anything and just lay down beside him mutely, placing her head on his chest. A small and beatific smile flashed on her face as she heard his soothing heartbeat. He smiled contentedly and encircled his arm around her, burying her face in his chest. He is getting immense peace with her presence. He kissed her hair, smiling.

Before he was pushing her away and running away from him, but now he has accepted that he cares for her and he has feelings for her, and now he just wants to keep her safe with him always.

Andrew fell fast asleep holding his whole world in his arms because of the weakness and effect of the medicine. Chloe raised her head from his chest to look at his face. Her lips stretched to a blissful smile as she saw him sleeping peacefully. She felt like kissing him hard.

“Andrew, we both are fearless and strong but now we both are becoming each other weakness. I want to stay with you but we’re dangerous for each other.” She wondered, looking at him and then placed her head on his chest. “I never thought that I would ever fall in love with you, I thought that it was just a physical attraction. But it’s a very intense and strong emotion. What I feel for you, I never felt for anybody before. But this feeling is making me weak. I don’t want to become weak again.” She also fell asleep, thinking wrong that this love is becoming her weakness.


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