(Part: 26 The Naked Hug) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl

Nandini has been ignoring Manik from a week and he is also busy with his work but he knows that she is dodging him.

He isn’t understanding why she is doing this. Before she was forcing him to accept that he cares for her and now when he has accepted that he cares for her, she is pushing him away. He really not understanding what is wrong with her, why she’s saying that they are becoming each other weakness.

Mike informed him that Nandini is on the terrace.

He reached there to meet her. She is standing facing her back to him, holding the railing. Her black dress is fluttering in the breeze and revealing her milky white thighs which he wanna stroke and kiss.

She turned around as she heard his footsteps approaching her. As their eyes met, they got lost in each other eyes. He is strolling to her and her heartbeat is accelerating. Her heartbeat quickens and her breath becomes heavier with his presence always.

“I’m going.” She stepped to walk but he stopped her by grasping her arm.

“What the hell is your problem, Nandini?” He growled at her.

She growled back. “What the hell is your problem, Manik? Why can’t you understand such a small thing that I’m not interested in you? I’m just here for my safety.”

“When did you start taking care of your safety, Nandini? You are here for me, accept it and stop lying to me. You’re frustrating me.” He asked her, irritated.

“I want to go from here, leave my hand.” She said, having no answer to his question.

“I won’t let you go until you talk to me.” He stated in a stern tone.

“Let me go, Manik.” She roared at him.

“No.” He shook his head. They stared at each other intensely, their eyes filled with anger.

“Stop running away from me, please.” He pleaded for the first time in his life in front of her. She is completely changing the rude and arrogant mafia boss.

She can’t believe that he is the same mafia boss who had been trying to scare him a few weeks back and now he is pleading to her like a normal person who is helpless.

“Please, for the god sake, Nandini, stop pushing me away.” She moved her eyelashes down and remained silent. She isn’t understanding what she should say.

“Okay, so you have decided that you won’t talk. Now see what I’ll do.” He pushed her away and she looked at him, confused.

He turned around and messaged Mike.


Locked the door of the terrace.


Okay, Boss, All the best.

Mike knows what his boss is doing. He is happy that his boss accepted that he has feeling for Nandini.

“Now I’ll also see that how you will resist me.” He murmured to himself and a devilish grin flashed on his face.

He strolled to the swimming pool and she rushed to the door. She tried to open the door but it isn’t opening.

She frowned and as she turned her face to him, she froze and her eyes widened in amazement because the Manik Malhotra is standing bare chest. He pulled the shirt out of his head, smirking at her. He tossed his shirt and then unbuttoned his jeans before pulling them down his legs. He winked at her before jumping into the pool.

He came out of the water, moving his hand through his wet hair, the water dripping down his face, neck and chest, his lips are drawn up to a sexy smile which she can’t resist. She bit her lower lip, her body burned after seeing him like this. He is looking so attractive and hot. She felt like to pull off her dress, jump into the poll, yank him to herself by grabbing his hair and suck all the water droplets from his face, neck and chest, moving her fingers into his black wet hair.

“Stop doing this, Manik.” She yelled at him.

“What? Why are you stopping me from doing swimming?” She rolled her eyes, frustrated because of her wild desires.

“Opened the door, I have to go.” She yelled at him.

“I won’t open it until you talk to me. If you’re stubborn, I’m even more stubborn than you, Nandini.” He stated, smirking at her.

She stood facing her back to him and uttered, “why are you not understanding, Manik that we’re becoming each other weakness which is dangerous for us. I don’t want any weakness in my life.”

He came out of the pool and wore a bathrobe. “We’re not each other weakness, Nandini. You make me feel all the emotions that I never felt before. Love, care, pain, happiness, every fucking emotion I only feel with you. I feel alive with you. I was living a life with a dead soul, you shared your soul with me. Whatever is in me is you, Nandini. You brighten up my life like a star. You have brought sunshine into my life. You’re my sunshine. I’m only yours, sunshine.” He confessed his feelings from the core of his heart after standing behind him.

Automatically a solitary tear trickled down her cheek after listening to his pure confession. His every word touched her heart.

She slowly turned toward him, tears are constantly coursing down her cheeks. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his heart as he saw tears in her eyes. Her eyes looking down at the floor.

He softly caressed her cheeks and wiped off her tears with his thumbs. “Look at me, please.” He requested and she slowly raised her wet eyelashes to look at him.

“These tears don’t suit you, Sunshine.” He said in a soft voice, lovingly gazing into her eyes which are brimmed with tears.

“I’m crying after such a long time, please don’t stop me.” Her lower lip quivered and fresh tears streamed down her cheeks.

He just placed his forehead over her and let her cry silently. They both are feeling so peaceful at this moment.

“I badly want to be with you, Manik and I fucking don’t want to think about anything else. I just want to be with you forever like this.” She said in the heat of the moment.

He clasped her face and suddenly captured her lips. He kissed her lips softly and chastely, pouring his all love. She’s feeling like he’s making her his with the kiss. She’s feeling incredible.

“Then stop running away from me.” He breathed after pulling away from her.

“It’s impossible to go away from you, Mr Handsome.” She replied, smiling and her eyes are twinkled.

A smile flashed on his face automatically because finally, his badass girl is back.

“Could I ask for something from you?” He suddenly asked, caressing her soft cheeks with his thumbs and gazing at her intensely.

“What?” She narrowed her brows bemusedly.

He moved closer to her and his hands travelled to her back. “I had been yearning to do this since the day I saw you.” He whispered in her ear, pulling down the zipper of the dress. She’s wearing the strapless padded dress and it slid down her body when he completely opened the zipper. She’s now standing only in undies in front of him. Her breath is becoming heavy and her heartbeat is accelerating because of their proximity. As he softly stroked her back, she took a deep breath like finally, she got her breath back with his touch. She was craving to feel the touch of his hands. His touch is magical and electrifying her body.

He moved away from her and opened the knot of his bathroom, his intense gaze is fixed at her face only. He wants to look down at her beautiful body, he has been longing for it but he doesn’t want to do it without her permission. Nandini is surprised to see this.

And suddenly he engulfed her into his strong arms. As their naked bodies came in contact, their bodies literally shivered. He embraced her tightly in his warm arms, burying her face in his bare chest. Their eyes are closed and they both are lost in their own world. He’s pulling her closer to himself like he wants to store in his heart forever. They both felt immense peace in each other arms and today finally they found their home where they want to stay forever and ever. Their soul is at immense peace at that moment.

Their bodies are melting and their souls are merging, becoming one forever with the naked hug.

They felt alive for the first time in their lives after feeling each other so close. His skin touching her, he had been yearning for this from the very first day when he had laid his eyes on her. It’s heaven on the earth for both of them. They have never felt like this before, so divinely peaceful. Their lips are drawn up to a blissful smile. They found contentment in each other.


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