(Beyond Love} Chapter: 19 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

“Good night, mom.” Sidharth whispered, pecking Aunty’s forehead.

“Good night, my baby.” She smiled and pecked his forehead lovingly.

I kept admiring them standing beside Sidharth.

They are so adorable. May God bless them with all the happiness and love.

“Now, move your ass out of my room, Sidharth. Let me be with my wife alone.” Uncle said dramatically smacking Sidharth’s head from behind while he pouted.

God, his family is super cute.

“Jealous, oldie.” He said making faces, while uncle glared at him. I laughed at Sidharth’s cute antics.

I can’t believe this boy can be this cute too!

Hearing my laugh everyone gaze fell on me, and I passed them a smile.

“Sana, come here, darling.” Aunty called me towards her gesturing me to bend down.

As soon as I bent down, she placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Good night, princess.” She whispered, caressing my cheeks softly with her hands and unknowingly a tear rolled down my eyes.

I didn’t know what gotten into me that I engulfed her in a hug making her startled a bit. But after few seconds she too wrapped her arms around me making me smile through my tears.

“Thank you.” I mumbled in her neck while she patted my head lovingly.

“Good night, Aunty.” I whispered after breaking the hug and she smiled at me lovingly.

“Sidharth, drop Sana to the guest room and Raj passed her one of my night suit from the closest, please. Make my princess comfortable here.” Aunty said caressing my face lovingly, wiping the tears from my face.

“Let’s go, My Queen’s Princess. I will drop you to the room.” Uncle said passing the night suit to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulder lovingly. I’m just dazed with overloaded love.

“Oh, hello. Mom asked me to drop her.” Sidharth said giving tight-lipped smile to uncle, removing his arm from my shoulder, pulling me towards him.

My eyes winded on his gesture and I saw his parents giving us a teasing smirk, making me blushed.

Not again, please!

Uncle parted his lips to say something but before that Sidharth dragged me out of the room hurriedly saying, “goodnight, oldies!” Without turning back. I heard their chuckle behind my back.

God, this guy is crazy!

As we moved out of the room, I stopped folding my arms in front, passing a deadly glare to Sidharth.

“What?” He asked after turning when he realised that I wasn’t walking.

“What was that? Why you dragged me like that? Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was? What will they think about us?”

“What will they think?” He asked acting all innocent.

“They will think that we are more than friends,” I said and greeted my teeth in utter disbelief.

“Aren’t we?” He smirked, jerking me towards him by grasping my arm, making me startled.

“Sidharth, Stop it,” I said looking here and there.

“Well, if you want. We can share my bedroom. What say?” He asked huskily making me go all weak on my knees.


“Sidharth,” I whispered, breathing heavily, Our proximity was not helping me.

God, we need to stop. What if his parents saw us like this what will they think?

“Yes, baby girl.” He whispered, leaning closer to me. Our lips were just a few inches away. Butterflies started dancing inside my stomach, I closed my eyes tightly, breathing heavily, not knowing what to do.

It feels so good whenever he comes close to me.

“Relax, I was just teasing you.” He chuckled, rubbing his nose to mine, making me blush harder.

Okay, I get it. I don’t think now I have to spend my money on blusher!

“Come, let’s drop you to the room.” He said softly, entwining our hands together.


“See you tomorrow, Sidharth.” We unwillingly bid the bye to each other and I closed the door with a sad pout but soon a beatific smile came across my face when I closed my eyes, leaning my back against the door, thinking about him.

Today, almost whole day I have spend with him and now too I don’t want him to go away from him. Whenever he stays around me, I feel like heaven and when he goes away from me I feel like run towards him and engulfs him into my arms.

I never thought that I’ll say that but yes, Mr Sidharth Shukla you’re making me feel all those emotions which I always dream about.

We both wanted to spend more time together but still we didn’t do anything.

Can’t he stay back? Huh!

God! What is happening! Why I’m behaving like this?


Sidharth’s POV:

For the past fifteen minutes, I had been standing in front of her room. I didn’t know what gotten into me that I came here.

Should I knock or not?

These were the things which were running inside my mind.

“Sidharth, just because you’re not feeling sleepy, that doesn’t mean you will not let her sleep too.” I mentally scolded myself and decided not to disturb her.

But wait! I think I should knock once, what if she’s awake? If she doesn’t open in one knock, then I’ll go.

I decided.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door of my baby girl’s room and she instantly opened the door, startling me like she was waiting for me.

Okay, I didn’t expect this.

“So you were also not feeling sleepy?” I asked her and she nodded, making me smile.

Thank god, I came here. Now, I’ll spend some more time with my baby girl.

Thinking this, I mentally started dancing in happiness.

“Why?” I asked.

“It’s a new place, so-“

“So?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“I don’t feel comfortable,” She murmured nervously making me smile.

I love it when she says to me whatever she feels like. I always want her to be like that.

“So you wanna accompany me up on the terrace?” I asked her.

“Wow, I would love to.” Her eyes sparkled, I just smiled at her innocence.

“Then let’s go, baby girl.” I held my hand out to her.

She smiled beautifully and placed her hand over mine. I clasped her hand and led her to the terrace.

As we stepped on the terrace, the breeze caressed our face. Her face is shining in the moonlight and she’s looking more beautiful.

We settled down on the swing, gazing at the stars and moon.

“You know, I love gazing at the stars.” I said breaking the silence and she looked at me. I continued, “When I don’t feel sleepy, I come here and watch the stars. It is so peaceful, isn’t it?” I asked raising my brows at her, waiting for her response.

“Yes, It is really peaceful.” We passed a smile to each other.

She gazed at the stars in the sky and I gazed at my star who is sitting beside me. I found peace in looking at her.

As she looked at me, I turned my head.

“Don’t you want to ask something from me?” As she asked me, I looked at her.

I’m dying to know everything about you, baby girl but I know I have to wait.

I smiled at her. “You have no idea, how many questions are running in my mind.” I said and she nervously looked down at her hands, playing with her fingers.

I clasped her hands and she looked at me through her big eyelashes. “But I know you’re not comfortable answering them.”

A smile of relief touched her lips and she gazed at me intensely unblinkingly.

She uttered after a few minutes of silence. “Thank you for understanding me.” She paused for a second and added, “always.”

“Don’t thank me, baby girl. Aren’t we friends now?” I said stretching the word friend making her giggled.

“No,” as she said, I pouted sadly.

“I mean we are friends but I really want to say thank you.” She said softly, making me smile but at the same time, I rolled my eyes too.

“Friends? Lol!” I murmured to myself but I know she heard it.

“I already told you that you can thank me in a better way. Remember?” As I asked her, she blushed.

“Expected reaction!” I murmured shaking my head at her and turned my gaze at the stars.

She moved closer to me and placed a soft kiss on my cheek, I widened my eyes in shock but soon, I closed it loosing myself into warmness of her luscious lips.

“Definitely, not expected.” I murmured, breathing heavily, touching the place where she kissed.

I opened my eyes still in the same position and she smiled at me sheepishly.

“Wow! I love this type of surprises.” I said grinning and she chuckled.

“Then be prepared.” She whispered and leaned down at my shoulder taking me by surprise.

Okay… I’m not complaining even a bit.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her shoulder, pecking her forehead and moved my eyes to the sky.

“Thank you so much for bringing me here. I really enjoyed a lot with your family.” She murmured looking at the sky. I turned my gaze to her face and I can clearly see so many emotions in her eyes. Without saying anything I just pecked the side of her head and tightened my grip on her.

Few minutes passed and we didn’t say anything, still, the silence felt so comfortable.

The way she fits in my arms looks like they are made for her and her being in my arms feels so peaceful, so soothing that I can’t put it in words.

A cold breeze touched our faces, making us a little shiver. But soon, a beatific smile came on my face when I saw her snuggling in my arms.

“Are you feeling sleepy?” I asked, caressing her hair from behind, still, one arm securely wrapped around her.

“Yes, because right now I’m in the most comfortable position. It’s so peaceful.” She whispered, snuggling more in me, making my heartbeat fasten.

I lowered my head and again kissed her forehead, Stroking her soft cheeks with my thumb. We gazed into each other intensely, our lips are drawn up to a beatific smile.


“Sleep, baby girl,” I whispered, softly pecking her both eyes, making her close them.

I couldn’t able to take my eyes off her, I kept admiring her, how comfortably she fell asleep in my arms.

I dropped numerous feather like kisses on her forehead, and she kept snuggling more and more into me with a content smile on her face in sleep.

Unknowingly, I also fell asleep admiring her. This was one of my best night.



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