(Beyond Love} Chapter: 20 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

I woke up the next morning as direct sunrise fell on my face, disturbing my precious sleep.

I should feel irritated, right?

But guess what? I’m not feeling irritated even a bit.

If this had been another day, I would have been cursing this thing, because literally, I hate waking up. But today something is different. After such a long time I slept so peacefully.


My Mr Brown Eyes!

A beatific smile came to my lips as soon as his thoughts came to my mind. I rubbed my eyes, shaking my head and took a deep breath and looked beside me. My breath hitched seeing him sleeping peacefully, wrapping his arms around my waist, snoring softly.

Awww! He’s so cute!

His hair all messed up, his lips little parted, and his deep warm breath on my neck is enough to make a shiver run down my spine.

I couldn’t help but kept admiring him, though his warm breath on my neck wasn’t helping me.

A chuckle escaped out my mouth when I saw him snuggling more into my neck, hiding his face in my hair so that sunrise wouldn’t disturb him.

Hayee! He is looking so adorable. I’m feeling like to gobble his cheeks.

Can I?

Automatically, my finger brushed his hair, lovingly.

It feels so peaceful to watch him sleeping, just like a baby.

My eyes fell on his mole above his lips, which from day one, I’m fascinated about. I softly traced the mole with my thumb, getting lost in his angelic face.

He is indeed breathtakingly handsome!

An urge to kiss that mole developed in my heart. Slowly, I tilted my head and unknowingly I bent down and placed a soft feather-like kiss on his mole.

I really don’t know why I did this, but this man is literally making me feel different. The way he talks to me, the way he always tries to understand me, though we didn’t know each other from a long, still what he did for me, no one ever did till now.

Whenever he’s around me, I always feel a sudden pull towards him.

He’s something else!

I slowly tilted my head more, closing my eyes and placed my lips on his forehead.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I met the gorgeous pair of brown eyes, which are staring at me intensely.

Fuck! Was he awake?

But how?

“When did you wake up?” I blurted and bit my lower lip immediately, closing my eyes. I saw his lips converting into a smirk.

Fuck! How much more I’m gonna embarrass myself?

What he must be thinking?

And wait!

Who smirks early in the morning?


“Now if someone touches me with such soft lips, then I have to get up, right?” He whispered huskily, tracing his thumb on my lower lip, making my breath hitched.

A husky voice that too early in the morning? How? This man is literally going to be my death.

“Shit!” I cursed under my breath when I realised our position.

We are so close to each other Or should I rephrase it, we are almost on each other!

“Good morning, baby girl.” He whispered huskily, tightening his one arm around my waist more.


“Good morning.” I breathed, looking here and there, trying to avoid looking in his eyes.

This man, literally made me feel so nervous and on top of that our proximity, his husky voice with that intense gaze, totally not helping me.

“Indeed, it’s a good morning.” He whispered huskily, and I could clearly feel his intense gaze on me.

“Actually, I-I w-was,” I stammered and tried to move a little away from him.

Great! Only this was left!

Perfectly going Sana!

“Shh! It’s the best morning of my life till date. Don’t spoil it.” He whispered huskily, placing his index finger on my lips, pulling me more closer, gazing intensely at my face.

His intense gaze is enough to make me go all weak on my knees.

His eyes always hypnotise me. Something is really special about his eyes. I always find myself melting in them.

“Sidharth… I thin-” before I could complete my sentence, I felt soft warm lips on my forehead.

Pure bliss!

I closed my eyes, feeling the warmness of his lips.

He was right!

Indeed, it’s a good morning!

“Don’t feel embarrassed in front of me, baby girl.” He whispered huskily, cupping my face in his palm.

Is he for real?

Do guys like him still exist?

I kept staring at him, without breaking our eye contact.

What I did good, that I met him?

“By the way, I won’t mind sleeping again like this, if next morning I’m gonna get this amazing reward.” He said teasingly, pointing his index finger at my lips.

I immediately moved my eyelashes down, breaking our eye contact. A red hue appeared on my cheeks as soon as he uttered those words, making him chuckled.


Is he the same guy who is behaving all sweet to me, few mins back?

Stupid, sexy face!

“God! You’re so cute.” He chuckled and pulled my cheeks with one hand as the second hand is still securely wrapped around my waist.

“Sidharth, don’t trouble me.” I whined, placing my head on his chest, hiding my face from him, in him, making him laugh.


Realising what I did, I too laughed at my stupidity.

“I think, I behave dumb in front of you.” I murmured on his chest, pouting sadly and he giggled.

“Trust me, you’re the cutest girl I have ever met, baby girl.” He said, ruffling my hair, making me smile.

“Now I should go home or else I’ll get late for college.” I said slightly moving away from him, he frowned.

“What? Why?” He frowned, making me laughed.

“I mean, we can go college together, right? I’ll arrange everything for you here.” He said pouting cutely.


“But my books and bag are there. Please let me go. We will meet in college.” I said shyly.

“For one day you can’t manage without it?”

“No, and what about my clothes?”

“Okay.” He pouted sadly and exhaling a deep breath, continued “but I’ll drop you. Come, let’s go.” He said getting up from the swing.

“What? No, Sidharth.” I said getting up holding his wrist.

“What no? Now don’t tell me you don’t want me to come along with you.” He frowned.

God! Why he is so cute?

“Aww! You’re so cute.” I said pulling his cheeks making him frowned more.

“Seriously? Cute? Ughh! ” He asked making faces making me laughed more.

“Sidharth, We slept here last night. You need rest, right? College then office, how will you manage if you get tired. Tell me?” I asked raising my brows at him, he parted his lips to say something but I cut him off.

“You can ask the driver to drop me, we will meet in college. Okay?” I said.

“No, I’ll drop you and I’m not tired because last night I had a good sleep.” he said stubbornly, tucking my hair behind my ear, lovingly.


“So stubborn!” I murmured shaking my head in disbelief.

“I heard it.” He said ruffling my hair, playfully.

“Sidharth, you won’t listen to me?” I asked making a puppy face, he glanced at me once and taking a deep breath he said “Fine.” Making me squeal in happiness.

I seriously wanted him to take a rest.

“Never made this face in front of me. This is the last time, I’m backing myself.” He pouted, making me giggled.


A beatific smile came across my face when the car started moving towards my home. A chuckle left my mouth when I remember how cutely he was telling me to take care of myself. He was literally not ready to leave me alone.

God, he’s so cute and his family is super duper cute.

Shukla’s are the epitome of cuteness!

They all are so down to earth, so loving and caring. They are so rich still they behave so nicely. Now I get to know from where Sidharth get all the humbleness.

His parents are really very adorable.

I so wanted to meet them before leaving but I couldn’t because they must be sleeping, it’s just 6 a.m. and it’s not good to wake them up.

It’s only been five minutes since I left and I already started missing him. Flashes of last night started coming in front of my face.

But wait! Why he behaves so nicely with me? I still don’t know why he finds me different. Am I really different? Am I really that lucky to be around a guy like him? What if he finds me boring, after some time?

My head again started getting filled with all the negative thoughts.

“I must be probably thinking too much.” I murmured, shaking my head.

I was so lost in my thoughts when my phone pinged and it’s Sidharth.

‘Miss you, already!’

Those three words threw all my negative thoughts making me smile like a crazy person.

‘Miss you too.’ I replied back, shyly.

Haye, I just can’t wait to see him again. This man is driving me insane. Oh, God! What magic you’re doing on me, Sidharth?

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