(Beyond Love} Chapter: 21 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

After taking a nap for two hours, I got up and jumped into the shower. After a nice hot bath, I started searching for a nice outfit and couldn’t find anything.

“I definitely need to go for shopping!” I murmured, pouting sadly.

Finally, what felt like an eternity, I settled on a plain beige top and a black skirt that stopped mid-thigh.

Simple, yet classy!


I completed my look with a bit of mascara and baby pink lipstick, letting my hair in loose waves.

Now, I’m ready to go!

Oh, fuck! I realised that I no longer have a ride to college as Anny moved out. I should also buy a small car, in my budget.


How I’m gonna travel?

Public transport?

Shit! It’s so difficult to travel in public transport when you’re are an introvert.


I never travelled, alone. How will I manage?

But wait! No Sana, you can’t panic. When you came here leaving everything behind, you knew you have to face all these things.

You can do this!

After boosting myself, I went downstairs and started eating my Poha with coffee.

I was so engrossed with my breakfast that I didn’t notice when my phone started ringing.

“God! I swear I’m gonna kill Anny for disturbing my breakfast session.” I murmured, moving towards the table in the drawing-room for my phone.

As soon as I saw the name, a red hue appeared on my cheeks, and I bit my lips in embarrassment.

“Sorry, Anny!” I murmured, glancing at her pic which is placed on the side table.

“Heya, Sidharth.” I chirped and went towards the chair in the kitchen where I was sitting.

To be honest, I was literally missing him!

“Hey, baby girl. What’s with the energy?” He chuckled making me blushed.

“Shouldn’t I be happy to talk to you?” I said, biting my lips in shyness.

“Woah, I’m impressed.” He chuckled making me blushed more and continued, “now, stop bitting your lips.” He breathed making me realise I was still holding my lower lip in between my teeth.

“Shit!” I cursed under my breath in utter embarrassment, and he laughed.


How did he get to know this? How?

“I wasn’t,” I whispered, shyly playing with my spoon, taking a few bites in between.

Trust me, now this breakfast is no more important for me!

“Lying and all. Okay, now that’s interesting.” He chuckled, making me giggle too.

“Btw, meet me outside after you are ready, okay?” He said.

“Wait….what?” The spoon was hanging from my mouth.

“Shouldn’t I give you a ride to College?” He mimicked me. Oh my god! I cut the call immediately and grabbed my stuff before heading out.

“How did you know I needed a ride?” I asked him as I approached the passenger seat.

“Do you think I didn’t notice that there is no car in your place?” He said raising his brows at me. “You look gorgeous by the way.” He winked.

“Well, I will get one soon,” I said confidently as my mind is still on what he said. I don’t even have a car and here I’m hanging out with a guy with fancy cars. Suddenly I felt insecure.

“Baby girl,” he whispered, holding my hand in his breaking my chain of thoughts.

“Don’t let any negative thoughts cross your mind, you have no idea how special you are.” He whispered, leaning towards me, placing his lips on my forehead and that’s it, his mere words are enough to wash all my insecurities and his soothing kiss is enough to make me feel all peaceful.

How does he manage to wash all my negative thoughts without any questions? How does he manage to understand me so well? How?

“Smile.” He whispered huskily, tucking the strands of hair behind my ear making me smile, a genuine one.

“I’m driving you anywhere you need from now, okay?” He looked at me for an answer.

“I still need a car, you can’t be available all the time, Sidharth,” I replied. I know he will be busy and he can’t be driving me around. I need to be independent.


“I want to be independent, Sidharth. I want to stand strong.” I said looking at him pleadingly.

“Okay but I’m coming with you when you will go to buy a car.” I shook my head, smiling at his response. He is such a kid sometimes.

“Of course.” I pulled his cheeks without my knowledge making him groan.

“Stop it, woman!” He said annoyingly making me chuckled.

“What should I do? Sometimes you look so cute that I feel like gobble you up.” I blurted and bit my lips, closing my eyes immediately when I saw a smirk forming on his lips.

Fuck you, Sana! Can’t for once, you think before speaking?

“So you want me to gobble up?” He whispered huskily, leaning forward towards me. My breath hitched due to our proximity.

“Sidharth, I wasn’t…I m-mean”


“You have no idea, what you do to me, baby girl.” He whispered huskily, biting my earlobe making me moan unknowingly, fisting the fabric of my skirt from both the side.

He took my hand, and softly placed it over his chest and again, whispered near my ear, “This is the least I can tell you right now, what you do to me.” A shiver ran down my spine as soon as he placed my hand on his chest, I started breathing heavily due to our proximity.

“Open your eyes, baby girl. By the way, you’re looking breathtakingly beautiful,” he whispered, gazing intensely at my face making me open my eyes. I found myself getting melting in his gorgeous pair of brown eyes which accelerated my heartbeat. He leaned more closer to me, locking his eyes with mine. I’m not able to move my eyes from him, I can see so many foreign feelings inside his eyes and my situation is also not any different. Cupping my both cheeks in his palm softy, he caressed it. Giving a quick peck beside my lips, he moved back, making my eyes winded in utter shock.


“Baby girl.” He chuckled, lightly brushing my nose with his index finger, making me blushed more.

“I guess, now you won’t call me cute, because whatever I did, that was quite hot, isn’t it?” He teased and I blushed harder.

“Shut up,” I whined hitting him playfully making him laughed more.

“Haye, that blush just took my breath away.” He said dramatically placing his hand on his heart, acting as he will faint.

“Don’t trouble me, Sidharth.” I whined more making him chuckled.

“Okay, baby girl.” He took my hand and placing a soft kiss, he entwined our fingers and placed it on gear, started the car making me blushed more.

I looked outside, and a beatific smile came across my face. His Little gestures always fill my heart with immense happiness.

I love the way how he always entwined our fingers before driving. It really sends peace to my heart and assurance to my mind that I’m not alone, anymore.

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