Our Angel (Part: 9 Who’s cuter?) {Sidnaaz}

Angel was sleeping, putting her two fingers inside her mouth and keeping her other hand on her forehead. She was looking so adorable. Sana was admiring her little doll, having a blissful smile on her face. She was sitting cross-legged in front of her Angel. She clicked her photos and sent it to Sidharth.

As Angel woke up, she started crying. Sana tried to calm her down after hurriedly holding her close to her heart. “Mumma is here, baby.” Angel stopped crying instantly after coming into her mumma’s arms.

“Are you missing your daddy, Angel?” Sana asked, holding her in front of her. Angel made a cute face and stared at her Mumma innocently.

Sana laughed. “My cutie chotu baby. You know, your mummy is so blessed to hold you in her arms and to play with you.” She caressed her nose with her.

Sana gently kept Angel over her lap. Angel held her mumma’s thumb with her tiny hand. She took her mumma’s hand toward her mouth and started sucking it. Sana smiled, looking at her. She was loving Angel’s every move.

“You’re so so cute.” Sana leaned down and placed few kisses on her face. “Mumma loves you a lot.” She pecked her tiny lips. She could spend the rest of her life staring at her princess.

After some time, Sana walked into Mukti’s room with Angel to meet little Arjun. He was lying on his front on the playing mat. He was trying hard to pick her head.

“You can do it, baby.” Mukti was encouraging him, sitting in front of him on the floor. Sana looked at them excitedly.

“Sana, when did you come?” Mukti asked, looking up at her.

“Just now, didu.” She replied.

Mukti stood up and took the angel from Sana’s arms. She was sleeping at that time. “Hey, beautiful Angel.” Mukti cradled Angel in her arms and kissed her forehead.

Arjun started crying loudly, getting jealous of Angel. “Didu, I think chotu ACP is getting jealous.” Both laughed loudly.

Sana knelt in front of Arjun and held him in her arms. “Are you getting jealous of your little sister, Arjun?” Sana asked, raising her eyebrows and he cried louder, trying to come out of her arms.

“Stop crying, that’s very bad. She is your sister. Can’t your Mumma hold your sister for some time?” He was sobbing, staring at Sana, making a sad pout.

“Aww.. everyone loves you too, Arjun.” Sana leaned down and kissed his forehead. He gave a cute smile to her and she too smiled.

When Arjun stopped crying, Angel started crying. Mukti rocked her but she was crying loudly.

“What happened Angel? Now, are you getting jealous?” Sana placed Arjun on a play mat on his back. He started, throwing his hands and legs on toys that were hanging above his face.

“Handle her, she is crying a lot,” Mukti said, giving Angel to Sana.

As Sana cradled angel near to her heart, she stopped crying and slept again. “I think, in one day, she get habitual of you.” Mukti said caressing her head.

“You’re forgetting one thing, didu. She was inside me for nine months. We’re together for nine months. We’re connected to each other through the heart.” She was looking at Angel lovingly and kissed her forehead.

Mukti was smiling at them. “You’re right.”

Sidharth happily walked into the room with a cute teddy bear for his angel. He walked to her and his expression changed, seeing his baby who was crying. She was lying on her side, facing her front to Angel’s crib.

As she saw Sidharth, she sat up on the bed, wiping her tears.

He kept the teddy beside Angel and after placing a kiss on her forehead, he sat beside Sana. “What happened, baby?” He asked concernedly, placing his hand over her face.

“Nothing..” she nodded her head, looking down. She tried to lie to him.

“Then why were you crying?” He asked and she sadly looked at him through her eyelashes.

“I’m missing Mumma papa a lot today.” Fresh tears trickled down her cheeks. “Why they aren’t with me today ?” She asked him. She was missing her parents a lot.

He wiped her tears with his thumbs. “They’re always with you, baby.”

“I miss them a lot, hubby. They were the best parents.” She sobbed, resting her head on his chest. He embraced her and stroked her hair. He let her cry for few minutes.

After some time Angel also started crying. Sana came out of his arms. Sidharth tucked her hair behind her ears after wiping her tears.

“Feeling better ?” He asked after kissing her forehead. She blinked her eyes.

“What happened to you, angel? After your Mumma, now you have started crying.” As Sidharth picked her up in his arms, she peed on him. “You made your daddy dirty, very bad princess.”

Sana giggled, putting her hand over her mouth.

“Why didn’t you make her wear the diaper?” He asked, giving Angel to Sana while she was still laughing.

“Because I wanted her to make you wet.” She joked.

Sidharth shook his head and went to bring her diaper and bodysuit.

“Angel, very bad. You shouldn’t have peed on your daddy.” She kept over her lap and opened the buttons of her bodysuit. She was still crying.

“It’s okay, Princess. You can do anything with your daddy. Daddy will never get angry from his doll.” Sidharth gave the bodysuit to Sana and placed a soft kiss on Angel’s forehead. Angel instantly stopped crying. She squeezed her eyes and smiled cutely.

Sidnaaz smiled wholeheartedly seeing their princess’s beautiful smile. It gives peace to their heart, mind and soul.

A smile on their child is the most precious thing for parents.

“Awwh, her smile. She is so adorable.” Sana started kissing her face crazily. Sidharth chuckled, looking at her. He was still confused that who was cuter among both of them, his wife or his angel.

“Baby you change her clothes. I just come after changing my clothes.” He said after kissing her forehead and she nodded her head.

“Mumma loves you a lot, Angel.” She kissed Angel’s forehead.

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