(Part: 33 Tasting The Sweetest Honey) {Manan}Mafia’s Badass

He cupped her throbbing wet core and her heart almost skipped beating. “Now it’s time to massage your cunt.” He whispered near to her ear and very slowly started rubbing her most sensitive spot with his two fingers inside the water. She felt incredible and craved for more, her core throbbed for him even more. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. It was extremely pleasurable for her as for so long, she had been yearning to feel his hand on her this spot and it is more tremendous than even her imagination.

With another hand, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to himself before capturing her sensuous lips. She’s moaning in his mouth with immense pleasure because he is rubbing her clit vigorously back and forth, sometimes he’s rubbing slowly, sometimes rapidly and sometimes just pressing and tapping her clit with his fingers. Her core is throbbing for him profusely. She is grinding herself against his finger, kissing him deeply, clenching his hair. Now with his other hand, he’s massaging one of her twins and pinching her nipple.

After breaking the kiss, he attacked her neck. Her core is vibrating for him as he’s nibbling down her neck and rubbing her clit strenuously. She moaned loudly as suddenly he flicked her clit and he did it rapidly to tease her and she enjoyed the intense sensation a lot, moaning and scratching his back.

He again started rubbing her faster and suddenly shoved his index finger deep into her, her breath hitched and her eyes widened as he did it without any warning. He raised her head and smirked at her as he saw her facial expression.

“How are you feeling, Sunshine?” He asked hoarsely, his finger still deep inside her.

“Please, Manik.” She implored, breathing heavily.

“Please, what, Sunshine?” He asked and grinned mischievously. He knows what she needs but he is acting innocent to tease her and to hear her from her mouth that what she needs.

“I want you to make me cum, please.” She begged frantically.

“As you say, Sunshine.” He uttered and took his finger out to slammed it deeper into her.

“Oh Fuck! Manik.” She squeezed her eyes shut and screamed hysterically with pleasure, digging her nails into his back.

He’s ramming his finger into her rapidly and deeply and with the thumb of his other hand, he’s rubbing her core vigorously and swiftly. He’s kissing her neck, cleavage and twins.

“Oh, Manik.” She moaned louder as he added one more finger. Now he’s thrusting her with his two fingers faster and faster, her legs are shaking and her body is vibrating but still, she doesn’t want him to stop. He’s taking her to heaven with profound pleasure. Knots started forming inside her stomach and she’s on the verge of orgasm but suddenly he stopped. He removed his both hands and pulled away from her.

She instantly opened her eyes, extremely irritated. “Why did you stop?” She asked in an angry tone, knitting her brows because she’s sexually frustrated, she needs release badly and he knows very well and he’s delaying intentionally.

He chuckled and leaned in. He moved closer to her ear, blowing the warm breath on her cheek and sending the shiver down her spine.

“To start again.” He whispered, slightly touching her wet core inside the water and bit her earlobe.

“But in a different way.” He said after looking at her, slowly her core.

Her eyes twinkled in excitement and she instantly asked, “how?”

He smiled as he saw her beautiful sparkling eyes. They look more gorgeous when they shine with excitement and happiness.

“You will come to know.” He grasped her waist and lifted her out of the water before making her sit out of the swimming pool, her legs are still in the water. He leered down at her wet core, glowing in the sunlight and looking more attractive. He is arousing her more with his intense and lascivious gaze.

“I just can’t wait to taste the honey which dripping out of your tiny honeypot.” He purred after glancing at her and then again swept back his eyes to her honeypot.

“Even I just can’t wait for you to taste my honey from my honeypot.” They both smiled at each other. She bent down and they kissed each other quickly and passionately, moving their hands through each other hair.

“But I want to suck all the water droplets from your thighs.” He told her as they pulled apart.

“How much more you will make me wait, Manik?” She asked and pouted adorably.

“The wait will be worth it, Sunshine. Mark my words, the more the orgasm delays, the more pleasurable it will be.” He stated confidently before sucking every water droplets from her thighs. She enjoyed the touch of his lips, moaning softly. He’s also massaging her both twins, squeezing them, kneading them, pinching her nipples.

She took a deep breath, her lips curved into a contented smile and her whole body literally trembled as his lips touched her throbbing core. First, he placed a soft kiss over there. He hasn’t just kissed her core, he has kissed her soul.

After placing few gentle and wet kisses there, he splayed her thighs by holding them and started sucking her clit like it’s his favourite lollipop. She’s moaning, clenching his hair, enjoying the heavenly pleasure to the fullest. She isn’t a virgin, she had many one night stands but she never felt like this before, those encounters were filled with pure lust and nothing else but with him, there is feeling more than lust, there is immense and true love, there is a deep connection of heart and soul and there is also profound desires.

She placed her legs over his shoulders after taking them out of the water and firmly wrapped them around her neck. He’s now fluttering her tongue over her clit, sometimes sucking it, biting it slightly and sometimes stretching it by holding it between his lips. Then finally he tasted the honey dripping down her honeypot and entered his tongue into her honeypot to taste her more honey. He started thrusting her with his tongue and rubbing her clit with his thumb rapidly. She’s pulling herself more into him and pulling him more into her by grasping his hair. Again the knots started forming in her stomach with more pressure than before.

She’s moaning loudly, “oh… Manik, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“Oh Fuck.” She screamed to the loudest as she finally exploded over his face, her legs are shaking which are entangled around his neck and her hands gripped his hair tightly. She fell over him, exhausted, panting and he’s still busy sucking her honey. He is still not satisfied with the sweetest honey which he never tasted before in his life.

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