Monster’s Bride (Part: 6 A Difficult Task) Manan

Fab4 are sitting in the living area. They are shocked by Nandini’s act. After that no one said anything.

Alia broke the silence and asked, “guys, if this girl doesn’t resist us, then how will our revenge will be accomplished?”

“We thought that after this she would call her brother, then he would come and beg for his sister but this girl.” Alia said, her eyes are filled with hatred.

“The revenge will be accomplished very soon. For now, this marriage is everything for her but soon she will forget it. Till when she will call me as her husband and till when she won’t go to her brother, crying?” Manik said, staring straight and a smirk flashed on his face.

“Yes, we gonna break her so badly that she has to go to Abhi and then our revenge will be accomplished.” Mukti smiled evilly.

“So guys, let’s do something. By the way where is she?” Alia said, raising her brows at Manik. Then Manik asked one maid to call Nandini.

Nandini is sitting on the floor beside the bed, hugging her knees closer to her chest. She is not crying now but her eyes are red and wet which is vividly showing that she has cried a lot.

“Hum kya kare ganu Ji hum Manik Ji ko Apna pati mante hai dilse, lekin Unke liye yeh rishta koe mayne nhi rakhta, unhone toh bash yeh marriage ek badhle ke liye ki hai, par bhai aisa nhi kr skte hum jante hai, hum toh bhai se kuch puch bhi nhi sakte varna, (What I should do, Ganu ji, I have accepted Manik as my husband with my whole heart, but this relationship is nothing for him, he just married me for the revenge. I’m sure bhai can’t cheat Mukti. I can’t even ask bhai anything, or else,” she sobbed and continued, “varna Bhai humhai ek pal bhi yha nhi rehne denge aur humhai apne pati se dur kr denge, lekin hum toh manik ji se pyaar krte unhai hi apna pati mante hai. (or else Bhai won’t let me live here for even a single moment and separate me from my husband. But I love Manik and he’s my husband for me.)” Nandini thought innocently, not knowing that a person like Manik doesn’t deserve a pure soul like her.

“Aaj humhai bhut bhura laga jab sab hum par has rhai thai humhra masak udha rhai thai pr sabse jada tab bura lga jab humhre pati hi hum par hasne lge, par hum har nhi manege hum unhai vishvas dilakar rhainge ki hum unhse pyaar krte hai.. Aur bhai ko bheguna shabit karke rhainge. (Today I felt very humiliated and bad when everyone was laughing at me and making fun of me, but I felt worse when my husband started laughing at me. But I won’t give up, I’ll show him that how much I love him and prove my Bhai innocent.)” Today Nandini took one more vow.

Now the only God knows that Nandini’s hope and love will win or Manik’s determination to take revenge.

Then the knock on the startled her and she hurriedly stood up. She went to open the door after setting her saree.

“Manik Sir has called you downstairs.” The maid informed her.

“thik hai. (Okay.)” Nandini nodded and then the maid left.

She came downstairs and strolled to the hall where they all are sitting. She is playing with the pallu of her saree as she is scared now, wondering what they will do.

“So you came, read it.” Manik stood up and threw a paper on her face.

“Yeh kya hai? (What is this?)” She asked innocently, holding the paper.

“Now don’t tell us that you can’t even read English.” He said, frustrated and her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Nhi, hum English padh bhi lete hai aur smajh bhi lete hai, Lekin bol nhi pate. (No, I can understand and read English but can’t speak English.)” She answered him innocently and they all laughed at her. She looked down in embarrassment and fought back with her tears.

“Listen, this is list of all those things which you have to make for today’s lunch.” He told her and she read the paper.

“Itna sab, hum kese banaenge? (There are so many things, how will I make it?)” She asked, her eyes filled with innocence.

“Bhabhi ji, you shouldn’t defy your husband’s orders.” Cabir said and gave a high five to Alia. Mukti smirked evilly.

“Now get lost and prepare all this with three hours.” Manik ordered and she left from there silently.


“Ganu JI, humhai toh kitchen bhi nhi pata kha hai, hum khana kha banaenge? (I don’t even know where is the kitchen, where I will cook the food?)” She is roaming in the mansion cluelessly as she can’t able to find the kitchen.

“Suno, Bhaiya. (Hey, listen.)” She called one of the servants for help but the servant also left ignoring her as Mukti has strictly instructed all the servants that no one would listen to Nandini and help her.

“Yeh log humhai sun kyu rhai? Ab hum kya kare? (Why nobody is listening to me? Now what I should do?)” She thought, bemused.

Alia and Mukti laughed at her when they saw her standing helplessly.

On the other hand Manik and Cabir were having fun talking about Nandini. Alia and Mukti came there laughing.

“That small-town girl can’t even able to find the kitchen, how will she prepare all the dishes?” Mukti said and smirked.

“She is a dumb girl.” Alia laughed evilly.


Finally, she found the kitchen and became happy. As she stepped into the kitchen, all the servants left from there. She pouted, upset.

“Ganu ji, yha toh koe bhi nhi sun rha, hum itne badhi kitchen mein kese kam karenge? (Ganu Ji, nobody is listening to me here, how will I work in this huge kitchen?)” she thought dejectedly.

“Ganu ji, ab bsh aap hi ka sahra hai, please humhre sth rehna. (Ganu ji, now you can help me, please support me.)” She prayed, joining her hands.

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