(Part: 34 The Nightmare) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass

In the evening Manan are lying in each other arms in the net swing and watching the sunset. There is soothing calmness at this moment and their lips are drawn up to a contented smile. Nandini is wearing a one piece red lacy bikini and Manik is only in shorts. The cold breeze is caressing them and sending chills down their spines. They are utterly lost in each other warm arms.

“I never thought watching sunset would look this beautiful until now.” Manik broke the silence and whispered huskily in her ear, she just smiled at him, gazing into his intense eyes.

She softly and chastely kissed his lips after clasping his face. She whispered, “and I never thought being with someone would make my heart smile.”

“Could I ask you something if you don’t mind?” Manik asked her in a serious tone.

She pecked his lips and said, “of course.”

“Promise me, you’ll never push me away, ever.” He asked her to promise him, stroking her cheeks and gazing into her eyes deeply and lovingly.

Her eyes softened hearing him, she is just gazing at him lovingly. This is the first time someone is asking her to stay with him, this is the first time someone is asking her to not leave him, not to push him away.

She just hugged him, resting her head on his chest and as she listened to his soothing heartbeat, a smile appeared on her face.

She whispered, “Even if I want, I can’t stay away from you.” She softly kissed his heart.

As her lips touched his chest, electricity coursed down his spine. He embraced her in his warm arms, smiling blissfully and kissed her hair. He never thought that his life would be so beautiful. Now he doesn’t want to lose her ever. She is the only happiness of his life. She’s really his sunshine.

“You know what, earlier I didn’t like the sunset.” He said as they pulled apart.

“Why?” She asked raising her brows.

“Because it symbolises the end. But right now, having you, as my sunshine, I’m finding this beautiful.” He purred with so much love, gazing into her eyes. She just captured his lips, becoming speechless. They kissed each other passionately and lovingly, clasping each other face.

Then they just lay down in each other arms, feeling each other and didn’t come to know when they fell asleep in the swing only.

After some time he woke up and smiled at her. “She looks like an Angel while sleeping.” He thought, tucking her hair behind her ear and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled blissfully in sleep also in the response to his kiss.

The cold breeze is blowing rapidly and she is shivering in his arms because of coldness, therefore he stood up and scooped her into his arms to take her inside the room of the yacht.

He laid her down on the bed of the lavish room and himself lay down, hugging her closer to his heart. He pulled the quilt over them and fell asleep again, gazing at his beautiful sunshine.


“No! No! Please, don’t shoot her! Please!” Manik woke up from the nightmare, screaming and shouting Nandini’s name. Tears are continuously falling from his eyes. He’s sweating badly, breathing heavily and shivering because of fear. He felt immense pain his in heart as he recalled that incident. After so many years, this is the first time he got up by the nightmare. This is the first time, he is feeling this much scared of losing someone.

Nandini woke up from sleep as she heard his screams. Her eyes winded in shock as she saw him in a devastated state which she never wished to see him.

“Manik, what happened?” She asked anxiously after cupping his face in her palm. Hearing her voice, he engulfed her into his strong arms as if his life depends on that hug. Tears are continuously trickling down his cheeks and he was tightening his hold more and more, assuring himself that she’s with him and that was just a nightmare.

“I don’t want to lose you. I thought I lost you.” He cried out, pulling her closer to himself like he wants to store her in his arms forever.

“Manik baby, relax. I’m here. You’ll never lose me.” She reassured him calmly, rubbing his back. Though she can feel his uneasiness, she can see how broken he’s looking, she wants to ask so many things, but first, she wants to calm him down. Her priority is to make him understand that no matter what she will never leave him. She will stay with him.

She started kissing his shoulder softly, rubbing his back, calming him down. Her soothing kisses gave him a bit of relief. She knows these nightmares never let people stay in peace, she’s utterly herself aware of it. She knows right now, all he wants, all he needs is assurance.

He’s crying like a small baby in his arms and her heart is breaking into millions of pieces. Her heart is aching seeing his vulnerability. She wants to calm him down at any cost because his condition is breaking her heart and making her insane.

Not for once, she tried to break the hug, she knows he needs it. She took a vow to herself that this is the last time he’s crying because of his nightmare, she won’t let this happen ever again.

After what felt like an eternity, she tried to broke the hug, but he wasn’t letting her do that. She sighed, taking a long breath, she whispered, “Baby, let me see your face.”

He shook his head, and murmured, “No, I won’t let you go.” He sobbed like a baby.

She forcibly broke the hug and clasped his face. “I’m with you and I’m not going away from you.” She stated and started kissing every inch of his face. She is saying after every kiss that she is with him.

“But what if you go away from me? I can’t live without you, sunshine.” He cried out, gripping her face tightly.

Exhaling a deep breath she cupped his face again and said sternly, “Look into my eyes, Manik.”

He gazed into her eyes like an innocent kid, his eyes are filled with tears. Her eyes softened seeing his innocence, and vulnerability.

“Until your heart is beating, my heart will beat.” She placed his hand on her heart and a small smile flashed on his face as he heard her soothing heartbeat.

“Our heart beats in sync, isn’t it?” She asked, he nodded his head, having a small smile on his face.

She came over him and straddled him. She leaned in and captured his lips, ruffling his hair.

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