Monster’s Bride (Part: 8 He cares for her) Sidnaaz

The girl who has been grown up in a small village where since childhood her parents taught us that after marriage husband becomes everything to the girl. Her priority should be his happiness and his choices. She should respect him as God, she should never question his decision, whether he is right or wrong she should support him. That Girl is Sana who accepted Sidharth as her husband and made him her everything because of her parents’ values as from childhood her parent taught her this only that after marriage her husband house would be her house and he would be her God. This thought of marriage is very difficult to change for her. As what we learn in childhood, it gets stores in our mind forever. So same in Sana’s case, to change her mind is very difficult. She can bear anything but won’t leave her husband.

And second thing is that she loves Sidharth a lot. She doesn’t know why she still can’t hate him after being insulted so much by him and his friends. She feels some connection with him and she still has a hope that one day he will accept her and see her love. This feeling and her hope is making her stronger and encouraging her to bear all the pain with a smiling face.


Sidharth woke up, rubbing his eyes and sat on the bed, removing his blanket. Then his eyes fell over Sana. She is trying to get up with her tied hands. Like always she is praying to her Ganu Ji to help her out and making adorable faces on which anybody can fall.

So how can our Sidharth will not fall for her?

Unknowingly a smile flashed on his face, seeing her adorable faces. For the first time, he noticed her. Only one thing he has stored in his mind that this marriage is nothing for him and he just has to take revenge on this girl, but for how long he will resist her cuteness and her purity. Now he can’t see that he’s so lucky to become the husband of such a pure soul but soon he will and he’s going to regret it badly.

As he realised, he is smiling like an idiot at her, he instantly looked away.

“Sidharth, you have to take revenge from her, therefore avoid her or else you can’t able to fulfil your promise.” He murmured to himself and marched to her with cold expressions.

“Aap humhai khol dijiyie na, ab toh (Please, now open me.)” She pleaded him and made a sad face.

He again found her cute but shook his head. He leaned down and proceeded to open her hand without saying anything.

“Aaa…” She hissed in pain as her hands are hurting.

As he saw the marks on her wrists, he felt a sharp pain in his heart and unknowingly gently caressed her marks with his thumb, her eyes filled with concerns. It’s hurting him to see her in pain but he didn’t show her his real emotions, he just strode to the bathroom silently.

“Ganu Ji, humne kya kiya jo aap humhai shaja de rhai hai. (Ganu Ji, what I have done wrong that you’re punishing me?)” She asked and a lone tear trickled down her cheek.

Sidharth is splashing water on his face. The marks on her wrists are coming in front of his eyes again and again and making him insane. He isn’t understanding what is happening to him and why he’s thinking about her. He never cared for anybody before except his sister and Fab4 members.

He came back to the room and took out the ointment from the door.

“Apply it, you will feel better.” He said, putting the ointment on the table and dashed out of the room without even looking at her.

She smiled broadly and picked up the ointment.

“Wow, Ganu Ji Aaj Sidharth Ji ne khudh apne hatho se humhai yeh dawa di. (Wow, Ganu ji, today Sidharth himself gave me the ointment.)” Her heart is jumping with joy. Today her hope became stronger as she came to know that he cares for her.


Sana stepped out of the bathroom after taking the bath. As Sidharth looked at her, his eyes glinted with desires. Her wet hair, the water droplets dripping down her face, her jawline, her neck and her cleavage, she’s turning him on for the first time. He felt like sucking all the water droplets from her body. For the first time, she’s looking sexy to him in the saree.

He closed his eyes and again got busy working on the laptop. She stood in front of the mirror and combed her hair. He again glanced at her and shook his head in disbelief when he saw her applying the vermillion over the parting of her hairline.

“Hum Jante hai aapke liye yeh sindoor koe mayne(important) nhi rakhta but maa kheti thi yeh sindoor ek suhagan hone ki nishani hoti hai.. Aur hum iss nishani ko kabhi nhi mitange. (I know, this vermillion means nothing to you but my mother used to say that for a married woman it’s necessary to apply to it because it is a symbol of marriage and I will never wipe this symbol.)” She thought, gazing at Sidharth through the mirror. She touched the spot where she applied the vermillion and closed her eyes, a contented smile flashed on her face.

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