(Beyond Love} Chapter: 24 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

I woke up by some unlikable noise that came from my phone.

I saw the time on my wall clock, ‘3:02 a.m.’

Seriously? People really need to take a chill!

I’m sure, it’s Anny!

She can’t let me be in peace!

I’m gonna kill her!

Who spoils someone’s sleep like this?


Cursing her for ruining my sleep, under my breath, I took the phone from the side of the bed.

“What?” I shouted, answering the phone without even glancing at the caller ID.

“Woah! That’s such a unique way to greet, baby girl.” A husky voice came, making my eyes winded.


I immediately rubbed my eyes with my palm and saw the caller ID.

Mr brown eyes!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

“You there?” He chuckled breaking my trance, making me startled.

Stupid girl!

“Umm..yeah! I-I’m s-sorry,” I said, biting my lips in utter embarrassment.

“You don’t need to apologise, baby girl. I know it’s not an appropriate time to call but-” I smiled hearing his reply and I’m pretty sure he must be rubbing his nape, while saying that, making that adorable faces.

Hehe! Cutie!

“Stop rubbing your nape, Sidharth. And you can call me anytime.” I said, lying comfortably on my bed having a beatific smile on my face.

My sleep is now a long-forgotten thing!

“Suddenly, someone is being so sweet to me.” He chuckled saying this.

“Aren’t you liking it?” I asked, biting my lips in shyness.

“You have no idea how much I liked it and stop biting your lips, baby girl.” He chuckled making me turn all red at his comment. I immediately left my lower lip in utter embarrassment.

He knows me so well!

We both know each other so well.

“Stop being embarrassed, and come out, and please wear something comfortable.”

“What?” I shouted in utter disbelief.

“God, woman! Are you planning to make me deaf?” He chuckled.

“Are you seriously outside?” I asked ignoring his comment.

“Yes, baby girl. Now come out. I want to take you somewhere.” He said.

“At this time?” I asked again.

“Yeah, please?” He said again making me smile.

“You don’t need to say please. I’m coming.” I ended the call, without hearing his reply, rushing towards the bathroom.

For him, I can happily compromise my sleep!

After doing my morning business, I took the quickest shower ever and went directly towards my closet. Wearing my blue denim shorts, with an off-shoulder white top, applying the moisture and lip balm, pulling my hair in a messy bun, and wearing my fav white shoes, I looked satisfied seeing myself in the mirror.

Glancing at the time, I patted my back and murmured, “Great job, Sana. In just twenty minutes, you’re all ready.”

Taking my purse and phone, I went out and I saw Sidharth, standing leaning against the car, typing something on his phone, looking breathtakingly handsome in a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans, making my breath hitched.

But wait! What a coincidence! We are twinning!

As if sensing my presence, he immediately turned his attention to me, from his phone, giving me a beautiful smile.

Haye! His smile!

“Did I made you wait a lot?” I asked strolling to him.

“Trust me, that was different yet a beautiful feeling. I never waited for anyone in my life before but looking at your angelic face the wait is worth it.” He said giving a quick peck on my nose, making me blush.

“Are you trying to flirt with me, mister?” I teased, crossing my arm across my chest and he chuckled.

“You naughty girl!” He chuckled and brushed my nose with his index finger playfully making me laugh.

“By the way, you’re looking cute.” He said tucking the hair strands behind my ear making me blush.

“So as you. How can someone look this handsome early in the morning?” I whispered, staring into his eyes.

“Is someone is trying to flirt with me?” He said mimicking me, making me laugh.

“Stop it, Sidharth.” I said punching in his stomach playfully and he giggled.

“Come, let’s go.” He said opening the passenger door for me and I slid inside, smiling at him.

He rounded the car and came to sit beside me on the driver’s seat, and started the car after entwining our fingers together. Electricity of desires coursed down my spine making me shiver when his finger came in contact with my thigh.

Oh God! His touch! I’m dead!

I moved his hand up to fabric of my short as his touch was driving me insane and it was getting difficult for me to control my burning desires. I glanced at him, he had a smirk on his face.

As he gripped my hand tighter, I glanced at our entwined hands.

Like our hands, I want our life to be entwined like this forever.

I blushed slightly, when this thought crossed my mind.

But what should I do?

He always captures my mind and heart.

He never forget to entwined our fingers and his little gestures literally made my heart smile.

I pulled down the window and looked outside, feeling the touch of soft, cold, soothing breeze, having a contented smile on my face.

“Don’t you wanna ask where are we going?” He asked, making me turn my head towards him while he was still looking at the road, glancing at me from time to time for my answer.

“Nope,” I whispered, turning my body towards his side, resting my head on the back, noticing his every movement.

It’s so peaceful!

“Why?” He asked, glancing at me, and his ear turns a little pinkish when he noticed me staring at him.


“Because I don’t feel like.” I replied shrugging my shoulders, still gazing at his angelic face, I said, ” I’m already enjoying this moment which I’m spending with you.” Rubbing my other hand thumb on our entwined fingers.

A smile appeared on his face hearing my reply, he took our entwined fingers near his lips and placed a soft kiss on it making this moment more beautiful and soothing, making me smile widely.

The silence in his car felt so comforting and peaceful, I closed my eyes feeling so contented, and I could feel his lips on our entwined fingers from time to time, making me smile more.

He’s my heaven!

And I’m liking every moment which I’m spending with him.

My Mr Brown Eyes!


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