Monster’s Bride (Part: 9 Falling For her) Sidnaaz

“Mukti, why did you give leave to all the workers?” Cabir asked, confused.

“Cabir, when Sana is in the house, so why we need servants in this house?” Mukti shrugged her shoulders and an evil smile flashed on her face. That time only Sidharth also came downstairs, closing the buttons of his blazer.

“Mukti, but she won’t able to do all the work alone.”Cabir said, taking the side of Sana and Mukti frowned.

“Cabir, we want that only that she won’t able to complete the work, then we punish her and she runs out of the house to her brother. I want her to go from here as she is irritating me.” Before Mukti could speak anything, Sidharth said to hide his real feelings. Cabir shook his head and left from there.

“Bhai, I’m sorry that because of me, you’re bearing her.” She apologised to him.

He shook his head. “I can even die for you and this is nothing for me.” He pulled her into his arms.

“I’m glad that I got a brother like you.” Mukti smiled broadly.


“So I think you would have gotten your lesson by yesterday’s punishment, right?” Mukti asked her when Sana came out of her room.

“Certainly she would have gotten her lesson.” Alia said and grasped her wrist where there are marks of rope.

“Aaa…” she hissed in pain as Alia pressed her mark.

“Alia, don’t hurt her because today she has to clean the whole house.” Mukti said and Alia freed her hand.

“Would you able to do?” Mukti asked her and Alia smirked.

“Hu-hum karlenge. (I-I will do.)” Sana said with full confidence making them a shock.

“Okay, so bye and do your work.” Mukti said curtly and walked out from there with Alia.

“Humhne bol toh diya hum kar lenge, lekin kese? (I said that I’ll do, now how I’ll do?)” Sana thought, nervously playing with her fingers.


Fab4 went out for their performance and Sana is in her room talking to Abhi on phone.

“Bhai, hum apko bhut miss kar rhai hai. (Bhai, I’m missing you a lot.)” She said and pouted cutely.

“So come to meet me tonight with Sidharth for the dinner.” As Abhi invited her and Sidharth for the dinner, her lips drew down in sadness.

“Bhai, hum ange apse milne, abhi apko pata toh hai Sidharth ji humhai honeymoon par lekar ja rhai hai. (Bhai, I’ll come to meet you after a few days, now as you know we are going on honeymoon.)” Sana lied to him and her eyes became moist.

“Wow, where?” Abhi asked her.

“Pata nhi bol rhai thai surprise hai. (I don’t know, it’s a surprise.)” Sana said dejectedly.

“Sana, Are you happy there?” Abhi’s sudden question made her quiet.

She spoke up after a few seconds. “Bhai, Sidharth ji humhra bhut achai se khayal (care) rkhte hai aur hum bhut kush hai humhri chinta mat kijiye. (Bhai, Sidharth is taking care of me properly and I’m happy here, don’t worry about me.)” She lied and big tears trickled down her cheeks.

“I’m so happy to know this because as a brother I want my sister to always remain happy with her husband.” As Abhi said, fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Acha, Bhai, hum rkhte hai, Sidharth ji humhai bula rha hai. (Okay, Bhai, now I’ll talk to you later, Sidharth is calling me.)” Sana lied as it is getting difficult for her to control her emotions.

“Okay, my loving sister, take care.” Abhi said and she smiled faintly with moist eyes.

“Bye, Bhai.” She disconnected the call.

“Bhai, hum apko kis muh se btae ki aap shi thai Sidharth ji ke bare mein. Humhne jeed kri tabhi aap mane. Sab humhri galti hai, ab toh hum chahakar bhi iss ghr se dur nhi ja skte kyuki Sidharth ji humhre pati hai. (Bhai, how do I tell you that you were right about Sidharth. I forced you that’s why you agreed to our marriage. It’s all my fault, now even if I want, then also I can’t go away from this house because Sidharth is my husband.)” Sidharth thought and wiped her tears.


“Itna badha ghar hai, hum kha se safai shuru kare, Ganu Ji. (This house is so big, from where do I start the cleaning, Ganu Ji?)” Sana asked her Ganu Ji, looking around the whole house and tucked her saree’s pallu in the petticoat.

After thinking a lot she started arranging the hall and then dusted the table, then swept and wiped the floors and then arranged all the bedrooms.

After some time she is standing on the stool and cleaning the door. Then only Fab 4 stepped into the house. Alia and Mukti smiled devilishly at each other as they saw her. Sidharth looked at her with concerns in his eyes.

She felt dizziness as she has been empty stomach since yesterday. She was about to fall on the floor but before she could fall, Sidharth rushed to her and caught her into his strong arms, making everybody shocked and Mukti fumed in anger.

(Itni mohabbat karo na

Main doob na jaun kahi

Vaapas kinare pe aana

Main bhool na jaun kahi)

She grasped Sidharth’s blazer collars tightly and hid her face in his chest as she became afraid to fall down. Sidharth had also become sacred as he saw her falling and that’s why he rushed to her and safely scooped her into his arms. Both of their hearts are thumping.

(Dekha jabse chehra tera

Main toh hafton se soya nahi)

Sana slowly raised her head from his chest and as their eyes met, they both got lost in each other. For the first time, Sidharth is looking at her from so close and he found her face so beautiful like an angel and saw her eyes which are filled with innocence.

(Bol do na zara

Dil mein jo hai chipa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi)

Sidharth is unknowingly fulfilling the real vows of marriage by protecting her. Sana is feeling incredible to be in his arms. Her heart is jumping with joy as her husband protected her from falling. She is extremely happy and Sidharth is just lost in her.

Sidharth came out of his thought and made her stand on the floor.

“Voh-voh hum-humne kal se kuch-kuch khaya nhi hai, tabhi chakar aagya. (Actually, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, that’s why I felt dizziness.)” She told him, stammering as she didn’t want to be punished again.

He freaked out after knowing this, getting worried for her health unknowingly. “You idiot, You wanna die? Why didn’t you eat anything?” He shouted, grasping her arms.

“Aaj kaam karna tha aur kal humhre hath bande thai. (Today I have to do the work and yesterday my hands were bounded.)” She told him and Sidharth felt hurt after knowing this.

He left her hands and ordered her sternly, “go and eat now.”

She nodded and went from there.

The scenario is proof that Sidharth has started caring for her which is noticed by his friend also. Mukti is fuming in anger, clenching her first.

“Sidharth, are you okay?” Cabir asked, putting his hand on his shoulder from behind.

Sidharth turned around and about to say something but before that Mukti said with hatred. “Bhai, you should have let her fall, why did you catch her?”

Sidharth placed his hand on her face and explained, “Mukti, we can’t hurt her physically,”

She jerked away his hand. “No, Bhai, you’re attracting toward her. In two days only Cabir started taking her side and now you’re also attracting towards her, like this, she will never leave this house and the what about our revenge?” She’s doing the drama so that Sidharth won’t care for her.

“Mukti stop it. You’re thinking I’ll choose her over you. Are you out of your mind?” As Sidharth shouted in anger and Sana also came out of her room after listening to his shout.

“Mukti, you’re my world for me. I can do anything for you and that girl doesn’t even exist for me. She means nothing to me, Mukti, how can you say that?” Sidharth asked Mukti incredulously. Tears coursed down Sana’s cheeks after listening to his words.

“Bhai, I’m sorry. I thought wrong about you.” Mukti hugged Sidharth.

“Mukti, your brother loves you a lot.” He hugged her back.

“I love you too, Bhai.” She said and smiled evilly.

Sana is standing like a statue and seeing all this. It is very heartbreaking for a wife to listen from her husband that she doesn’t exist in his life, she means nothing to him.

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