Monster’s Bride (Part: 11 Her New Look) Manan

Life is uncertain nobody knows what will happen next.

After 4 month

Fab 4 are sitting in the hall. They are discussing something with a serious look on their faces.

“Manik, we have to find Nandini before Abhi comes back from London and asks about Nandini,” Cabir said anxiously.

Nandini has been missing for four months.

“I don’t care, Cabir. I’m happy that she’s gone forever.” Manik stated sternly after standing up from the sofa.

“Bhai, but what about our revenge? It’s still pending.” Mukti asked him, her eyes filled with anger.

“Mukti, this is a limit, you still want revenge.” Cabir shook his head incredulously. “Because of you only our band is at risk, we can be arrested by police if Abhi comes to know about Nandini’s missing news.” Cabir chided her.

“Cabir, it’s enough why you always talk about that girl?” Manik asked him in anger.

He answered back, “Manik, this isn’t about, Nandini, it’s about us our band. I warned you all before also that you all are going too far in taking revenge but nobody listened to me that day.”

“Cabir, we thought that she would go to his brother, we didn’t think that she would get disappeared like this.” Alia said, getting up from the sofa.

“You thought completely wrong.” Then they all heard a voice of a girl and as they moved their eyes to the door, their eyes dilated and their mouth wide open in utter shock.

Nandini is standing in front of them in a completely new look. She’s looking stunning in a black short dress with black heels, her hair is well straightened. They can’t believe that she is that same small-town girl, Nandini who didn’t know a single thing about fashion. They never thought that one day they would see this look of her. She is blowing their mind with her new look.

A smile flashed on her face as she saw the bewildered look on their faces and a man stepped into the mansion behind her.

“Surprised? No, stocked, right? Never expected to see me like this?” She asked them, speaking English with full confidence without any hesitation and nervousness. She has completely changed from outside and inside both. The thing which still hasn’t changed is her eyes which are still filled with innocence.

They all are not in a condition to speak anything as they are shocked beyond anything. For the first time, Nandini shut their mouth.

“Fab4 is a big band but now it’s mine.” She announced falling the bomb over them and smiled mischievously.

“Confused?” She asked, raising her brows. “Wait let me show you something.” She held out her hand in front of the man who has come with her. He gave her some papers which she tossed on the table.

“Read it. These papers have been signed by you all only.” She ordered them when they didn’t pick up the papers. They are staring at her in anger and disbelief.

“Fuck these papers and get lost from here.” Manik roared at her, striding to her, his eyes are burning red in anger.

“You get lost from my house, Manik Malhotra.” She thundered at him, making him shocked. Now it’s her time to retort the humiliation.

“My house? Are you insane? This is my house and you get lost.” He waggled his finger at her and she rolled her eyes.

“First read the papers, Mr Malhotra and then talk to me.” She sassed, pointing her finger at the papers.

Manik hastily picked up the papers and started reading the papers in anger but soon his brows narrowed bemusedly. Nandini chuckled seeing his facial expression.

“How can this be possible?” He murmured in a disbelief tone and moved his eyes to Nandini.

“What is written in the papers, Bhai?” Mukti asked and snatched the papers from his hand. Then they all read the papers and widened their eyes, aghast. Nandini is standing crossing her arms across her chest and her lips drawn up to a broad smile.

It mentioned in the papers that they all have named their all properties to Nandini including their band also. Now they can’t even sing a single song without her permission.

“When did this happen? Where did this happen? How did this happen? So many questions would be running in your mind, right?” She asked in full attitude.

“But sorry,” she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t have time to answer your questions.”

“You bitch, how dare you?” Mukti raised her hand to slap her but this time Nandini stopped her by grasping her wrist and slapped Mukti with her other hand.

“Speak properly with me from next time.” She warned her and Mukti is standing placing her hand on her face. They all frowned in anger.

“Nandini, How dare you to slap my sister?” As Manik grasped her arms and shouted at her, she gave him a tight slap making everyone shocked.

The girl for whom her husband was everything and who was ready to do anything for him. Nobody thought that one day that girl would slap her husband. They all changed her.

“This is nothing in front of what you all did with me.!You all deserve thousands of slaps from me.” She said, her voice is filled with pain.

Manik is standing placing his hand on his cheek, killing her with his looks.

“But, guys, don’t worry I’m not throwing you all out of my house. I’m giving you an offer, if you want to stay in this house, you all have to live as my slaves here.” She smirked at them.

“I’m giving you all time till to think till evening. The choice is yours.” She smiled with triumph and turned to walk.

She turned towards them and stated sternly, “one more thing, if you go out of this house, then you will be never permitted to come back here.” She snickered and marched to Manik’s room which is her now.

They are standing in the hall in utter shock, feeling like they are dreaming. They are in shock after seeing Nandini’s unbelievable transformation.

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