(Part: 42 Suspicious Mafia Boss) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass

Nandini dashed to Dan’s room and smiled devilishly as she found him sleeping. She strode to him, holding the gun, glaring at him.

But Dan woke up and snatched the gun from her hand and tossed it in the corner of the room. He harshly twisted her arm behind her back, digging his nails into her skin.

“You bitch, I think you didn’t understand my words. Now you will understand.” He took out the knife from the fruit basket with his free hand.

“I’m not scared of you, asshole.” She barked at him, struggling to come out of his tight grip.

“You will be scared.” He slid the knife up into her black top from the front and pressed the sharp point over her stomach.

She felt extreme pain but didn’t scream. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her hands to bear the pain. She doesn’t want to show herself weak in front of him.

Dan is shocked because he thought that she would scream and beg him to forgive her. But he isn’t aware of the strength of Nandini.

He became angry and pressed her wound harshly in fury after throwing the knife because he wants to see her crying and begging in front of her. But still, she didn’t scream and just took all his torture by squeezing her eyes and clenching her hands. The blood is oozing out of her wound and dripping down.

“Just fucking get lost from here and don’t dare to do this again. If you again do this, I’ll hurt your Aunt next time.” He warned her sternly.

“Asshole.” She barked at him before storming out of the room.

She bumped with Manik in the corridors. She instantly rushed towards her room because she wants to hide her wound from him.

But he stopped her by grasping her hand from behind. “Still Angry?” He asked softly, she’s standing facing her back to him, pulling her top down to hide the wound. The blood is dripping down and she’s fighting back with her tears. She just wants to hug him at that moment and tell him everything. She doesn’t want to hide this from him. She can’t lie to him and hurt him by behaving rudely with him.

“Manik, I don’t want to talk, why aren’t you understanding such a simple thing? Now leave my hand.” He left her hand and strode in front of her.

The wound on her forehead caught his attention as he looked at her face. His brows creased in worry and his eyes filled with concerns.

He instantly placed a soft kiss over her wound and she closed her eyes in response, a lone tear trickled down her cheek mechanically. She instantly wiped it and opened her eyes.

“How this happened, Sunshine?” He asked concernedly after clasping her face. She’s fighting back her tears by clenching her hands.

“It’s none of your business, you just remain busy in your work.” She pushed him away and dashed from there before he could again stop her and see the wound on her stomach.

He is shocked and baffled to see this kind of behaviour of her. His eyes dilated in shock as they fell over the blood droplets on the floor. He became suspicious now and even more anxious for her.

“I know, there’s something which she is hiding from me. Her wound on the forehead, her unnecessary extreme anger and now this blood. What are you hiding from me sunshine and why?” He thought, staring at the blood suspiciously and worriedly. His sixth sense is saying to him that there is something fishy.


After sometimes he stepped into her room by opening the door with the spare key. He saw her standing beneath the shower from the glass wall of the bathroom. She is standing facing the wall, placing her head on the wall. The water is cascading down her sexy body. She’s utterly naked. Suddenly Manik’s eyes glinted with profound desires as he saw her wet body, the water dripping down her toned back to her round butts and her sexy legs. After seeing her like this, he forgot everything.

He strolled into the bathroom, taking off his shirt. She can feel his presence, her heart is beating fast. She placed her hands on the wall. He’s sauntering to her and her breath is becoming heavy. He stood behind her, placing his hands over her hands.

He pressed his body against her wet body from behind. Her body burned with profound desires. His touch drove him crazy.

“What are you hiding, sunshine?” He leaned down and asked her in her ear in a whispering tone. As his warm breath caressed her skin, a shiver rushed down her spine.

She wants to turn around and kiss him like there is no tomorrow, but she stayed numb and still as she has no other option. She’s dying to tell him everything. She’s feeling intense pain in her heart and she’s feeling so helpless.

He is nuzzling her hair and neck, making her weak on her knees. “Answer me, sunshine.” He whispered against her neck before nibbling her sweet spot and arousing her desires, her core throbbed for him.

His hands cupped her twins from behind and squeezed them before pinching her hard and wet nipples, she moaned in response. She is utterly lost in his touch, forgetting everything. His touch is driving her crazy and taking her to another world where there no one except them, the world which is filled with only and only love.

Now his one hand is massaging one of her twins and as his other hand cupped her pelvis, she gasped.

“You can ignore me, Sunshine but you can’t resist my touch.” He started rubbing her clit slowly and forgetting everything as she automatically splayed her legs for him, he smirked and ground himself against her butts and rubbed her vigorously under the shower. She’s moaning in immense pleasure, forgetting everything. He’s taking her to heaven. He’s kissing her back, his one hand kneading her twins and he’s rubbing her clit with his other hand.

On the other side, Dan is fuming in anger, listening to her moans. Now he’s getting more desperate to bring Nandini on his bed. He wants to listen to her moan when he will fuck her.

“After my warning, you’re romancing with Manik, you have to pay for this, Nandini. Now I’m gonna show that who I’m.” He said, staring straight in anger.

Inside the bathroom, Manik’s hand is gliding down from her twins and before his hand could touch her wound on her stomach, she unwillingly removed his hands by grasping his wrist.

“I don’t want to live with you anymore. Your presence is suffocating me. You’re a criminal, you kill innocent people. You tortured my Aunt. I want to go back to my place.” Fresh tears trickled down her cheeks mixing with the water when she spoke these words. A few days back only she had promised him that she would never leave him and now she’s throwing him out of her life. It’s hurting her more than him. She never thought that she would ever say this to him.

Manik isn’t understanding what happened to her all of sudden but he’s sure that she’s lying to him and doing this to push him away from her like before.

He pledged to find out the truth. He knows she’s hiding something and she’s in pain. He can vividly sense pain in her voice and he also saw the pain in her eyes in the corridors. He understood that it’s waste of time to ask her and now he has to find out the truth himself.

He walked out from there without saying anything.

“I’m sorry, Manik, but I can’t tell you the truth. I hope you find everything yourself. But I will also try my best to finish that bastard.” She stared at the wall, determined to kill Dan.

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