(Part: 43 Tortured) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass

Nandini is looking at her and Manik’s photos and videos on her phone’s gallery. She’s smoking like always to release her stress. She is upset and feeling so helpless. She is forced to hurt Manik because of that bloody Dan. It’s hurting her a lot to hurt him. He needs her.

She came on the earth back as Manik’s message popped on her phone’s screen.


What happened, Sunshine? Why are you doing this?

I know you’re hiding something.

She opened his message and her eyes twinkled as an idea popped into her mind. “I can tell him over message about Dan by moving the phone away from the necklace.”

But before she could reply to him, she frowned as she received a message from Dan. She unwillingly opened the message.


I know Manik has just messaged you. So don’t act smart and tell him everything. I have all records of your phone.

“Bloody Bastard.” She cursed himafter reading the message.


Fuck off, Asshole.


I’m warning you to stop abusing me.


Oh, I’m so scared of your warning, Asshole.


You have to pay for this. I’m already so angry.


Just Fuck off.

Then she received a message from Manik.


If you’re online, why aren’t you replying to me? Will you please tell me what’s the matter?

“I’m sorry, Manik. I can’t reply to you. I have to ignore it. I hope you find out the truth soon.” She read his message and put the phone on the side. “I wish I could tell you everything.”

“Oh, God! I’m feeling so helpless.” She grumbled and held her hair, she is frustrated, dejected, angry and helpless.

She doesn’t know this is just the beginning. She has to face the worst. She has to go through all the pain of her childhood all over again. God is taking the test of her strength and also examining Manik’s and her love. If their love is true, they will be together at the end but if their love isn’t true, they will fall apart.

Suddenly the door of her room unlocked from outside and she instantly moved her eyes towards the door, suspicious.

She knitted her brows and gritted her teeth as she saw Dan. He stepped into the room, smiling devilishly at her.

He turned around to lock the door. She jumped out of the bed and growled at him. “Get the fuck out of my room.”

He ignored her and locked the door. She’s scowling at him. He turned around, smirking and stared at her bust lustfully. She’s wearing a deep cut dress.

“After my warning still you were romancing with Manik and also cursing me nonstop. So I came here to teach you a lesson. I’ll also see after today how you won’t behave properly with me.” He strode to her, she’s just glaring at him, clenching her hands in fury.

“Fuck off, asshole.” She again cursed him without any fear.

He harshly grasped her jaw and said, “I very well know how to shut the mouth of a badass girl like you.”

He jerked her face and took out the phone from his pocket.

“Get out,” she paused and her eyes dilated in horror when Dan showed her the live video, in which few men are constantly slapping her Aunt Zia, she has been tied to the chair and blood is oozing down her lips.

“You bastard, stop it.” She roared at him with rage and he slapped her hard on her face that she fell on the bed.

“This won’t stop until you behave properly with me. My men will torture your Aunt until you learn your lesson.” He told her.

She raised her head from the bed and sneered at him, her eyes burning red in anger.

“What do you want?” She asked him in a loud voice.

“I want you to obey me and be my slave.” He told her his condition.

She became angrier but controlled herself by squeezing her eyes shut and sighing deeply.

“I’m ready to obey you and do whatever you want but on one condition, you just ask your men to stop torturing my Aunt.” As she agreed to his condition, he smiled with triumph.

“I can’t trust a bad girl like you. First, I will take the test of you and then I’ll order my men to stop torturing your Aunt who is suffering because of your bad behaviour.” He scoffed and she glowered at him.

“Now stand up and take off your dress like a good girl.” He ordered her and she gave him a disgusting look before standing up unwillingly.

“Do it quick as I don’t have a whole day to waste over you.” He barked at her and she reluctantly pulled her dress out of her head. His eyes glinted with pure lust seeing her flawless and toned body.

“First I’m going to punish you before fucking you.” She’s glaring at him, feeling so helpless. She is constantly praying to God in her mind to send Manik before Dan touches her body which belongs to Manik. She doesn’t want Dan to spoil her body with his touch.

“Be on all fours now and raise your ass.” He instructed her in a stern tone, opening the buckle of his belt.

She closed her eyes dejectedly and unwillingly obeyed him by going on all fours and raising her hips.

He yanked out his belt from all the loops of his jeans. He grasped the buckle and rolled the belt over his fingers before raising the belt in the air and hitting it over her raised butts.

She flinched and pursed her lips, burying her face in the mattress as she felt extreme pain when he hit her. He hit her again and again, and tears rolled down her cheeks mechanically. Her hips are burning because of the intense pain. He’s welting across her butts non-stop with the leather belt, leaving the welt marks all over her butts. Suddenly all the memories of her dreadful past started revolving in her mind and she started trembling.

“Stop it, please.” She started screaming hysterically, slumping straight on her front over the mattress, trembling as her dreadful past is making her weak and crazy again. But he still didn’t stop the torture.

“Please, stop.” She begged frantically, her voice quivered.

Dan laughed evilly, seeing her so vulnerable and crying to stop, and he finally stopped whipping her.

She is crying miserably in agony as Dan has recalled her about the horrible past which is her biggest weakness. She’s shaking because of the anxiety attack as today’s incident has triggered her.

“Nandini, are you fine?” Then they heard the knock on the door and Manik’s voice from outside. Dan’s eyes widened in shock.

She calmed down a bit as soon as she listened to the voice of her lover who is her healer. His voice was filled with concerns.

“Manik.” She murmured his name like a prayer, she needs him badly right now. She wants him to engulf her in his protective arms and make her forget everything. She hastily climbed down the bed and rushed to open the door, putting her all pain on side.

But Will Dan let her meet him?

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