(Part: 16 Stubborn Angel) Our Angel

Angel’s P.O.V.

Hey, Friends, I’m back after two months. My life is going super great and I’m turning one-year-old super duper soon. I’m doing my job of entertaining people and bringing smiles to their faces perfectly.

Momma and daddy say I’m growing so fast. Really? I don’t feel like this. I still can’t speak and explain to them what I need. I’m feeling sad for the babies like me. I tried a lot to speak and convey my feelings but nobody understands me except my Momma Daddy. When I need something, I just cry or scream. But I’m super happy as now I can walk few steps like other giant people. Yippee, I love to walk. Now I can’t stay on the bed, I love to be on the floor so that I can walk or crawl all around.

I woke up from my deep slumber and stood up, holding the railing of my crib. I frowned and pouted angrily when I saw Daddy and Momma cuddling and kissing each other completely forgetting about their cutie daughter. I want their attention.

How could they forget me?

I clutched the railing and cried out aloud, drawing their attention towards me. As they looked at me, I smiled broadly, moving my hands to them, asking them to pick me up. They laughed at me like always as I’m so adorable. I’m their super adorable Angel.

“Hihi.” I laughed and Mumma picked me up from the crib. She placed me down in my favourite place, in between my loving momma and Daddy. This is my favourite place because from here I get both of their attention. I smiled at them gleefully.

“Momma and Daddy love you a lot.” They said together and started kissing me lovingly all over my face. I’m just enjoying their tender kisses lying between them. I really love it when my both the favourite person gives me their utter attention, I feel so lucky to get their immense love.

Then momma fed me the milk and I slept between them again peacefully while having the milk.

The next day I woke up and found Momma Daddy sleeping holding each other’s hands above me. I stayed quiet for a few minutes and didn’t disturb their sleep like a good daughter. I kept cooing, playing with legs, holding them with my hands, kicking them and sucking my thumb.

Momma and Daddy don’t let me suck my thumb, I don’t know why. I really like it. I can suck my thumb all the time but because of momma and Daddy, I can’t do it. So I’m doing it now when they are sleeping. I giggled and suck my thumb, making the sound. This is the perfect time to do what I want without any interference.

After a few minutes, I started crying because I’m hungry. I didn’t want to disturb my loving parents’ sleep but what to do, I’m so hungry. I don’t have any other option.

“Oh, my Angel, when did you wake up?” Momma woke up and asked, hugging me closer to her chest.

“Ma-ma, Ma-ma.” I cried in hunger kicking my legs, raising my head.

Daddy also woke up. “What happened to my Princess? Why she’s crying so much in the early morning?” Daddy asked concernedly, caressing my hair.

Daddy, your Princess is hungry.

“Aee…” I cried louder as I can’t tell them that I want milk badly.

“Hubby, I think she is hungry. For now, I’m feeding her milk.” I instantly stopped crying when my intelligent Momma finally understood that what I want.

Why should I waste my time in crying when they understood that I’m hungry? Right friends?

“You feed her, I’m going to fresh and up.” Daddy kissed momma’s forehead and my head before going. If I wasn’t hungry, I would have cried loudly for going with Daddy but now I want milk first.

As soon as Mumma opened the buttons of the shirt, I attacked her and started drinking the milk.

I’m so relieved. Momma’s milk is my favourite food.

“Oh, my Chotu baby was so hungry.” She leaned down and kissed my hair.

Yes, Momma, I was so hungry.

“Ga-Ga,” I responded to Momma in my language, moving my eyes to her and then again started drinking the milk.

After sometimes Mishti Didu and I are sitting on the play-mat in my room. Momma is also present in the room. I’m playing with the toy and Didu is doing something on phone. I crawled to her and stood up, holding her shoulder. I looked at the phone to see what she’s doing. The colours on the phone attracted me and I tried to snatch the phone from her hand.

“Angel, you’re small, you can’t use the phone.” She took the phone away from me.

“Aaa…” I cried, looking at the phone, moving my hand towards the phone.

“What happened?” Momma asked after turning towards us.

“Choti Mumma, Angel is crying for the phone. Could I give her?” Didu asked her.

“Give her the phone for some time as you know our Angel is so stubborn, she won’t stop crying until she gets what she wants.” Momma said and they laughed. I laughed too, seeing them.

“She’s so cute, in one second she cries and the another second she laughs.” Didu pulled my cheeks after keeping the phone on the side.

I took advantage and hastily grabbed the phone. Momma and Didu laughed louder, seeing my this act.

“From now on only she needs phone, not toys.” Momma shook her head in disbelief and I laughed at her, finding her adorable like me.

I sat on my knees, holding the phone, turning it, tapping my fingers over it, shaking it but no colours are coming like before. I pouted in anger and shook the phone fast but still, no colours appeared. I became so upset.

“Aee…” I cried out, moving the phone towards Didu. She took the phone from my hand and I cried louder.

“Angel, I’m just unlocking it, wait.” She did something on the phone and attractive colours again appeared on it. I instantly stopped crying and my eyes shimmered.

“Take it now.” Didu gave me the phone back and I just stared at it in amazement, smiling.

“You’re so cute.” Didu placed a kiss on my cheek and my gaze is just fixed on the phone.

I tapped my finger on the phone as the other giant people do but nothing happened and Didu laughed at me.

I put it over my ear and talked like Momma, “Da-Da, Ae, Ae.” Momma and Didu are just laughing hysterically. I love it when I make others laugh, it makes me happy. I smiled at them.

Momma picked me up and kissed me all over my face. “I love you, my bacha.” I giggled when Momma nuzzled my neck.


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