(Part: 45 Powerless) Mafia’s Badass

“Andrew, look what she did to me. She’s betraying you, she always tries to seduce me when you aren’t around. When I warned her that I would tell you, she did this to me. She’s a bitch.” Ban accused Chloe, pointing his finger at her. She is standing still, looking down, silent because of her Aunt as she is already suffering because of her. But deep inside she wants Andrew to have faith in their love.

Today is the test of his love. If he fails in this test, he will lose her forever.

Andrew is staring at her, his eyes are burning red with anger. He strode to her and asked in a stern tone, “what Dan is saying is it true?”

“Ye-Yes.” She clutched her hands and answered him keeping her eyes down on the floor.

“Get lost from here right now.” He roared at her in a fit of rage and she flinched. Dan smiled evilly.

She was thinking that he would trust her but her heart broke down when he asked her to go and believed in Dan. Tears welled up in her eyes and she rushed out of the room, covering her mouth.

She became hysterical and cried profusely after coming out of the room. She is shattered and hurt.

Wounds on her body are the evidence that she is innocent and she can prove that Dan has tortured her by showing this evidence to Andrew but she’s badly hurt as Andrew believed in Dan. Now she doesn’t even want to prove herself innocent to him.

Inside the room Andrew is standing still, staring straight in utter shock. Dan placed his hand over his shoulder and he came on the earth back.

“I just can’t believe that she betrayed me, Uncle. I loved her so much. I changed myself for her and she did this with me.” He cried out frantically in front of Dan.

Dan hugged him and said, “everything will be fine with time, Andrew. Now you should move on and forget her.”

“You should forget her because now she’s mine, Andrew.” He thought and his lips stretched up to a smirk. Andrew cried in his arms, heartbroken and appalled.

They broke the hug. “Everything will be fine, Son. You’re a strong man.” Dan said, placing his hand on his face.

Andrew pursed his lips and nodded at him. He sobbed, wiping off his tear with the back of his palm.

“Uncle, leave me alone for some time.” He sniffled.

Dan nodded before stepping out of the room, smiling evilly.


Chloe reached her mansion driving the car at full speed, tears are continuously trickling down her cheeks. She was utterly shattered. Her phone is ringing constantly.

She stepped into her mansion and frowned as she saw the caller Id ‘Dan’.

“Fuck you, bastard.” She roared and hurled her phone in fury.

She dashed to her room and started throwing the things onto the floor to calm down herself. She is still crying in agony.

After messing up the whole room, she moved her fingers through her hair and sit heavily on her knees with a thud on the floor, clutching her hair and crying profoundly.

“Why didn’t you trust my love, Andrew?” She howled, heartbroken.

She hiccuped, “I thought-I thought you would trust me. I thought our love is strongest but you destroyed everything, Andrew. You destroyed us.”

After some time, Chloe is lying like a lifeless soul on the edge of the terrace, not afraid to die. She isn’t crying but her heart still aching painfully. She’s staring at the sky with a deadpan expression but her eyes are filled with immense pain. Her hair is fluttering in the cold breeze.

She is wondering, “I wish I could kill that fucking asshole. He’s an animal and made me recall my dreadful past. In past I was weak, therefore bear all the torture, but now I’m strong. I’ll never fall weak and show that bastard his real place very soon. I won’t let that fucking bastard torture me more. It’s enough. But before that, I have to find my Aunt.”

“I wish you would have trusted me, Andrew.” She dejectedly closed her eyes and a lone tear coursed down her cheek.

“Why the hell you aren’t picking up my calls?” Dan’s voice startled her and she instantly opened her eyes.

She fumed in uncontrollable anger and stood up as she saw him standing in front of her. She scowled at him, knitting her brows.

“Get the fuck out of my house or else I’ll push you down the terrace.” She barked at him with rage.

Dan harshly grasped her jaw and pinned her against the wall of the terrace. “When will you learn to behave properly with me?” He growled at her, clutching her jaw.

She sneered at him. “Never.”

He glared at her. Her badass attitude is frustrating him.

“Do you want me to order my man to cut your Aunt’s hand after her finger?” He asked her and she kept glaring at him.

“You won’t understand like this. I think I should order my man to cut both hands of your loving Aunt.” He jerked her face and took out his phone.

Chloe again felt so helpless. She wants to kill him but she can’t because of her Aunt. He always shut her mouth and forces her to obey him by blackmailing her.

“Stop.” She yelled and Dan looked at her. “You can do anything with me but keep my Aunt away from all this.”

“Why would I listen to you?” He smirked at her and asked, raising his brows.

“You have to listen to me or else I’ll tell everything to Andrew.” She warned him.

He chuckled evilly. “He doesn’t trust you, he trusts me. He threw you out of the house in front of me.”

She closed her eyes dejectedly and recalled the incident when Andrew had asked her to leave.

“But the wounds given by you can prove me innocent in front of him. So you better listen to me if you don’t want me to tell Andrew that how evil you’re.” She turned the table smartly and blackmailed him.

“You fucking bitch.” He raised his hand to slap her but this time she grasped his wrist before he could hit her.

“Now you can’t torture me more.” She threw his hand away.

“I think you don’t love your Aunt. Go and tell Andrew everything, then I’ll kill your Aunt.” He barked at her in fury and her mouth twisted into a grimace.

“Now stay quiet if you want to see your Aunt alive.” He moved dangerously close to her and she stared at him with pure hatred in her eyes.

He grasped her hair and attacked her neck like an animal. She squeezed her eyes shut, clutched her hands and tears rolled down her eyes. She wants to push him away but she is feeling so helpless as she can’t do anything because of her Aunt.

He swiftly turned her around. He tugged her hair harshly and pinned her face against the wall, bruising her face. He started biting her neck from the back like a wild animal, leaving deep marks down her neck. She cried silently and praying to God to stop all this.

She has the power to stop him but she can’t do anything because of her Aunt. She’s feeling extremely powerless and weak, this feeling is hurting her more. After being so strong, she is bearing all this. It is killing her from inside.

“Aaaa…” She cried out in pain as he hit her wounded butts.

Then the sound of a gun shoot startled them.

What do you think, who shot at the end?

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