(Part: 46 Relieved) Mafia’s Badass

As Dan walked out of the room, Andrew hastily called Mike.

“Yes, Boss.”

“Mike, send few men behind Chloe to protect her, she has just left the mansion and you come to meet me in our secret room.” Andrew ordered Mike as soon as he answered the call.

“Okay, Boss.”

He disconnected the call and dashed to his secret room.

Mike stepped into their secret room which was behind the bookshelf of Andrew’s study room. Nobody knows about this room except them.

Mike saw Andrew sitting on the chair, holding his head, eyes musing on the floor. “I trust you, Sunshine. I know you’re bearing so much pain but still, you’re standing strong. I just can’t believe that Uncle Dan is evil, he was like a father to me. I thought he cares for me but I was so wrong, he just wants to earn a profit, therefore he made me the mafia boss, I was nothing to him. If he had only hurt me, I would have thought for once to forgive him but now he has hurt my sunshine, I won’t leave him. I’ll take revenge of her every tear and wound, I’ll make him suffer till his last that he will beg me to kill him. Dan, you’re end is near. But first I have to free Chloe’s Aunt ‘Zia’. For her Aunt only, I asked Chloe to leave. First I want to protect Zia because he can do anything to her or else my Sunshine will never forgive herself. I’ll make everything fine Sunshine and bring you back to me.”

“Is everything alright, Boss?” Mike asked him worriedly, sauntering to him.

Andrew came on the earth back and swept his eyes to him. A big tear rolled down his cheek. “Mi-Mike,” his voice cracked and more tears trickled down his eyes mechanically.

“What happened, Boss? Has anything happened between you and Chloe?” Mike asked anxiously.

Andrew stood up, crying. “Mike, Dan Uncle. I don’t even want to call him Uncle. He’s a bastard. He never loves me. He hurt my Sunshine behind me and she endured his torture because he kidnapped her Aunt Zia.” Andrew told him and Mike’s eyes widened in shock after knowing this.

Andrew took a deep breath to compose himself and wiped off his tear.

“Mike, we don’t have time. We have to find Zia as soon as possible. Dan can do anything with her, we know his power. He’s behind my Sunshine. We can’t protect Chloe until we find Zia. Dan shouldn’t come to know that we know about his real intentions.” Andrew instructed him.

“Boss, I’m going to kill that bastard.” Mike roared with rage.

“Mike, I want to make him suffer till his last breath for hurting my Sunshine and betraying me.” Andrew gritted his teeth and clutched his hands in fury.

After that he ordered his men to start searching Zia and the men who went behind Chloe, he called one of them.

“Where is Chloe? Are you following her?” He asked, concerned for her. Only he knows how is stopping himself from going to her and engulfing her in his arms. He’s dying to kill Dan for hurting his Sunshine. Zia is nothing for him but still, he’s finding her, for his Sunshine. He can do anything for her. He loves her a lot.

“Boss, she came to her mansion and we’re now sitting inside the car out of his mansion.” His man answered him.

“Okay, inform me immediately if someone comes to meet her.”

“Okay, Boss.” He disconnected the call and got back on the mission to find out about Zia. He came to know few men inside his mansion is working for Dan. He secretly abducted Dan’s two men and brought them to his secret room.

Now they are bounded to the chair, bleeding. Andrew and Mike are constantly beating them with a rod for betraying him and asking them about Zia, but they are denying that they don’t know. But Andrew is feeling like that they know and they aren’t telling him.

“I’m asking you both for the last time that where Dan has kept Zia. After this, I’ll start cutting both of your fingers one by one.” Andrew roared at them in anger. He’s going insane. His Sunshine is suffering alone there and he can’t do anything because of these bastards who betrayed him.

His men glanced at each other with fear in their eyes. Andrew is noticing every expression of them.

“We-we do-don’t know, Boss.” One of them Man answered, stuttering.

“Now you both forget about your fingers also.” He sneered at them.

“Mike, bring the cutter.” Andrew ordered Mike. His men started trembling in fear.

“Boss, please pardon us. We didn’t want to work for Dan but he threatened us that he would kill our family, therefore we agreed to work with him. We were just informing him about here. We don’t know anything.” One of them begged for forgiveness frantically.

“I know, you both know something about Zia. Please, tell me where he has kept her. I’ll forgive you both. I adjure you both to tell me, please.” Now Andrew begged them to tell him if they know something. Mike’s eyes became teary seeing this.

The Mafia boss who had never begged like this in front of anybody before, today he’s beseeching to them for his Sunshine. But they stayed numb.

Andrew closed his eyes dejectedly and tears trickled down his eyes mechanically.

Then his phone rang up in his pocket and he opened his eyes. He took out his phone and answered, “hello.”

“Boss, Dan Sir has just come to meet Chloe Mam.” His man informed him and his brows frowned in fury.

“Fuck, I’m going to kill that bastard. You stay out, I’m reaching there.” He disconnected the call.

“Mike, we don’t have time. Chloe is in danger, he can do anything with her. Therefore I have to go to protect her. Mike, you have to find Zia as soon as possible.” Andrew instructed Mike.

“Boss, you go and protect Chloe. I’ll handle everything here and will find Zia.” Mike assured him.

Andrew nodded before rushing out of the room.

In no time he reached Chloe’s mansion and sprinted inside with his man. They are finding her everywhere. Andrew is searching for her restlessly and anxiously, holding the rifle. His heart is thumping with fright because Dan can do anything with her. He is distraught for her.

He reached on the terrace. His eyes dilated in shock and his heart almost stopped beating as he saw Dan torturing his Sunshine. He scowled in fury and shot Dan’s leg without thinking anything.

Dan cried out in pain as the bullet hit his leg. Chloe turned around, her teary eyes shimmered and her lips stretched up to smile of relief as she saw Andrew standing with the rifle in his hand. He’s killing Dan with his eyes filled with hatred and anger. He fell and cried, holding his leg.

Then he moved his eyes to Chloe. Tears welled up in his eyes and filled with pain after seeing her bruised face.

She just dashed to him and hugged him tightly by throwing her arms around his neck and digging her face in his shoulder after jumping over him. He embraced her in his warm arms, pulling her closer to himself. He just wants to store her in his heart forever. He was dying to hug her and tell her that he trusts her and love her a lot. He squeezed his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks. She felt profound relieved after coming in his arms and cried hysterically.

“I thought,” she sobbed, “you don’t have faith in our love.” She sobbed again, holding him tighter, clutching his blazer and pulling him closer to herself more and more like she wants to utterly bury herself in him.

“I love you, Sunshine. I have utter faith in you. I’m sorry for making you feel like this.” He said, caressing her hair and kissed her cheek.

“I love you, Andrew. I love you.” She confessed, crying profoundly in his arms.

But their sufferings don’t end here as still they don’t know where is Zia.

What do you think what will happen next and don’t forget to tell how do find this part?

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