Our Angel (Part: 17 Craving for Momos)

The next morning Momma came out of the bathroom after taking the bath. She smiled broadly as she found me playing with my Daddy’s ear like it’s my toy. Daddy is caressing my hair lovingly. He’s still feeling sleepy, his eyes are closed. I woke him up when Momma was in the bathroom. Momma laughed out hysterically, placing her hand over her mouth when suddenly I attacked Daddy’s ear, sucked it and bit it.

“Angel, today do you want to eat Daddy’s ears in the breakfast.” Momma asked, walking to us and I hurriedly crawled to the edge of the bed. I held my arms out to her, asking her to hold me in her arms.

Momma picked me up in her arms and kissed my cheek. “Good morning, my Chotu baby.”

Daddy climbed down the bed and strolled to us.

“She drinks your milk every morning by sucking your nipples,” Daddy said, pinching Momma’s place from where I drink my milk.

Momma moaned, “Hubby…”

“So today she was eating Daddy. Right, Angel?” Daddy tapped my nose, I beamed at him.

Daddy yanked Momma to himself by holding her waist and sandwiched me between them. “Anyway, Good morning, Baby.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on Momma’s cheek.

Aww… my Momma and Daddy are so cute.

But what about my kissy, Daddy?

“Eee…” I screamed catching their attention.

“I can never forget you, Angel.” Daddy kissed all over my face, cupping my face. I giggled with glee. Momma also laughed at us.


In the evening, I’m crawling and walking all around my room. Momma is recording my video and talking to me. I’m responding to her in my language.

Trisha Auntie stepped into the room, holding a plate in her hand and my eyes glinted with excitement.

Has she brought something for me to eat?

I crawled to her swiftly to see what she has brought for me. I sat on my knees and cried as she gave the plate to Momma. Momma licked her lips after inhaling the scent of tasty food.

What is it? I want to know and I also want to eat it.

I cried louder to catch Momma’s attention.

“What happened, Angel. Why are you crying?” Momma asked me, moving her eyes from the plate to me. I pouted at her sadly and moved my eyes to plate.

“Trisha, keep my Momos on the table. I’ll eat them after making Angel sleep because I don’t want any disturbance when I eat my favourite Momos.” Momma said, giving the plate to Auntie.

What? This dish isn’t for me? But I want to eat it, Momma.

Momma picked me in her arms and I cried louder and louder. “Eee…. Eee…nana. Eee…”

“What happened to my baby Doll?” She rocked me in her arms and I cried, moving my hand toward the plate.

I’m trying to come out of her, screaming, “Ummm… Eee…”

“Trisha, bring a banana for her. I think she’s hungry.” Momma ordered Auntie and she left after nodding her head.

No, Momma, I don’t want Banana, I want Momos.

Why I can’t convey my feelings to her?

I’m squalling and Momma is pacing across the room, rocking the rattle in front of me, trying to calm me down.

“Your food is coming, Princess. Don’t cry.” She is trying hard to calm me down but I’m crying noisily, trying to come out of her arms as I want to go to the plate of Momos.

Momma started making adorable faces and for a few minutes, I stopped crying and laughed at her. Momma closed her eyes and sighed with relief but the next moment only I again started crying as my eyes fell over the plate of Momos. They are looking so yummy. I want to have them badly. But how do I explain to my Momma? Poor me. I can only cry or scream.

Then Auntie came with a banana after cutting in the plate. I frowned at her in anger.

“What happened, Angel? Why so angry?” Auntie asked, tapping my nose after giving plate to Momma.

“Your food is here, Angel.” Momma whooped and sat on the couch, making me sit on her lap.

As she brought the slice of banana to my mouth by holding it with the fork, I pursed my lips tightly and turned my face to the other side.

“Eat it, Princess, you’re hungry.” Momma forcibly tried to make me eat the banana.

“Umm…” But I cried, pressing my lips, not ready to open my mouth.

At last, she stuffed one slice of banana into my mouth forcefully and I instantly spat it on the floor in anger.

“You don’t want to eat the banana?” Momma asked me, finally giving up.

“Trisha, bring something else for her.” As she ordered Auntie, I pouted at her.

“Mam, I think she wants to eat Momos. I’m noticing her gaze is fixed at the plate of Momos.” Auntie finally understood what I want. I smiled, looking at the big Momos, craving to eat them.

Momma looked at me and asked, “Really?”

“Ya-Ya.” I responded to her, laughing with excitement.

“Princess, Daddy will kill me if I feed you Momos and anyway it isn’t good for your health. You’re so small. So no Momos.” Mom denied and I knitted my brows in anger.

I stepped down on the floor from her lap and hurriedly crawled to the plate of Momos.

“No, my life, I can’t feed you Momos.” Momma picked me up before I could grab them.

“Eee….” I cried loudly and hit my head with my hands in anger. I want to eat Momos. “Mo…Mo…” I cried, staring at the Momos, my eyes full of longing.

“Oh, Princess, I wish I can feed you Momos.” Momma kissed my forehead and I cried, placing my head on her chest and took my thumb into my mouth.

“I know Momos are very tasty. When you grow up, I’ll surely make you eat them, but I can’t feed you now. Sorry, Bacha.” Momma apologised and kissed my hair. I’m sucking my thumb, still staring at the Momos, tears rolling down my cheeks. They are looking so attractive and delicious. I’m feeling like jumping on them and gobble all of them.

When I will have them? Oh, My Delicious Momos.

Momma suddenly squealed. “I can feed you Momos. I just got an idea.” I raised my head from her chest and looked at her innocently, sucking my thumb.

“Let’s eat Momos.” She whooped and sat on the sofa, holding the plate of Momos. My eyes shimmered with happiness. Finally, I will taste them. I’m so happy, yippee.

I laughed delightfully in her arms and Momma beamed at me before kissing my cheek.

Momma picked up a momo and break it into two parts. She moved her hand to feed me the inside veggie of Momos and I instantly opened my widely, dying to taste them. Momma laughed at me.

But before I could taste them, Daddy’s shout startled us. “Baby, what are you doing? How could you feed Momos to Angel?”

Daddy, wouldn’t you come after some time? I convinced Momma so difficultly and now you also come. Now I have to convince you also.

“Eee…” I cried, staring at Daddy.

What do you think friends, will Daddy let me eat Momos?


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