(Part: 47 MAGICAL LOVE) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass

He broke the hug and cried more, seeing her bruised face. She’s also crying profusely, looking at him. He gently caressed her face before leaning down and placing tender kisses on every inch of her face, with these kisses he wants to take away her all pain. She’s getting immense relief with his every kiss. His touch is doing magic over her and taking away her all pain and sorrow.

His eyes fell over Dan and he fumed in uncontrollable anger.

“You bastard, I’m gonna kill you.” He roared, pointing the gun at him. “I thought you care for me. You were like my father to me and you did this behind my back with my Sunshine. How could you? I’ll kill you.”

“If you kill me, you will never get to know about Zia.” Dan smirked at him. He’s injured but still, he isn’t leaving his evilness.

He marched to him and grabbed his collars after bending down. “I’ll find her. You don’t need to be worried about this. Now nobody can save you from me. I’ll show you what I do with the person who betrays Manik Malhotra and hurt his Girlfriend. You gonna regret.” He growled at him.

“Nobody knows where is Zia except me and if something happens to me, my men will kill her. You have to scarify your girlfriend’s Aunt to punish me. The choice is yours.” He said curtly and Manik is giving him deadly glares. Nandini is still shedding silent tears because she is feeling so weak and helpless.

He punched him hard. “I hate you and I’ll kill you right now.” He again pointed the gun at him, bristling in anger.

“Nandini, do you want to let your aunt die too?” Dan asked from Nandini and she looked at him with her eyes filled with hatred.

Then she moved her sorrowful eyes to Manik and said pleadingly, “Manik, we have no other option, we have to listen to him. My aunt is already suffering and now I don’t want her to die because of me.”

He walked to her. “Sunshine, we’ll find her. I can’t let him hurt you more.” He assured her after clasping her face.

They both frowned as they heard his evil chuckle. “You both can’t find her.” They glared at him.

“Now take me to the hospital if you want to see your Aunt alive as I can’t bear this drama anymore.”

Manik opened his mouth to shout at him but Nandini stopped him by holding his hand. He looked at her and she implored, looking at him pleadingly. “Please, Manik.”

He closed his eyes dejectedly and nodded. “Okay.” He agreed unwillingly.

Then he asked his men to take Dan to his mansion where there is his private medical room.

They reached his mansion. The doctor is taking Dan for the operation, he demanded, “Nandini will stay with me inside the room during the operation.”

They both glared at him, standing hand in hand.

“I don’t like to repeat, Nandini.” He sassed, glaring at their entwined hands.

Nandini reluctantly left Manik’s hand and went inside with Dan after glancing at Manik helplessly. Only Manik knows how he’s controlling himself from burning Dan alive.

As Doctor closed the door, he called Mike.

“Yes, Boss.” Mike answered the call.

“Do you come to know anything about Zia?” He asked him, pacing across the corridors restlessly.

“No, Boss, but we’re finding her.” As Mike denied, Manik closed his eyes, distressed and fresh tears trickled down his cheeks.

“Mike, do anything, just find Zia as soon as possible. You know, we can’t do anything to Dan until we find Zia. My strong Sunshine is suffering so much because of him. I can’t see her like this, Mike. Please do something.” He cried on the phone, powerless.

“Boss, we will find her soon. Please stay strong. If you break down like this, then who will handle Nandini.” Mike tried to console him.

“You’re right, Mike, I have to be strong for Sunshine. She’s going through a lot.” He said, wiping his tears and sobbed.

“Manik.” As he heard Nandini’s voice from behind, he instantly turned around to face her. Dan is unconscious, so she came out of the room, taking advantage.

“I’ll call you later, Mike.” He disconnected the call and strolled to her. They both are gazing at each other intensely, their eyes are filled with immense pain.

He held her arms and apologised, “I’m sorry, Sunshine. You’re suffering so much and I’m not doing anything.” He stared at the marks of the bites on her neck and her bruised face with so much pain in his eyes.

She clasped his face and said, “Manik, it’s not your fault. We both are helpless. If I’m suffering, you’re suffering more than me by seeing me like this. I’m sure everything will be fine in the end. You gonna find Zia soon and this will be over. I’m just bearing all the pain in the hope that one day everything will be fine and we’ll be happy again.” After bearing so much, she’s still standing strong like a pillar.

“This will be over very soon and you don’t have to bear more.” He assured her after engulfing her into his arms, storing her safe in his heart forever. She felt incredible to be in his arms and automatically a contented smile flashed on her face, his arms are her safest place. She is getting her strength back as now her love Manik is with her.

“I love you so much, Sunshine and it hurts a lot to see you suffering.” He said, pulling her closer to himself and burying her in himself.

“It will be over soon, Manik, I’m sure. I have full faith in you that you will make everything fine.” She uttered as they pulled apart.

“Yes, everything will be fine.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“You know when you asked me to leave I thought you don’t trust me. By the way, how do you come to know about all this?” She asked him, curious.

“I doubted him that time only when I saw you coming out of his room and the bloodstain on the floor. Then you took his name, that false alarm and Dan reached into your room before you can tell me about him. After that, I found out everything. I asked you to leave for your Aunt only as Dan is very powerful, he can do anything with your Aunt. I promise you, Nandini that I’ll take revenge for your every single tear and wound. I’ll make him suffer till his last breath.” He promised her and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and smiled blissfully.

“I love you, Manik. I’m so relieved that you’re with me in this. Now we’re together, I’m sure everything will be fine very soon.” She said with full confidence, entwining her hands with him, smiling contentedly.

He lovingly caressed her hair with his one hand and

his other hand is curled around her neck. He leaned in and kissed her lips softly, pouring all the love in the kiss. He’s taking away her all pain with this soft and loveable kiss. It seems like this kiss is doing magic over her as she’s enjoying it, forgetting her all pain. She never thought that anybody would ever make her feel so good in this worst situation when they both are in so much pain. He’s not just kissing her lips, he’s kissing away her all pain, giving profound peace to her soul.

Today it got confirmed that love is magical and it is the cure of all pain.

He broke the kiss and touched his forehead

with her, they both are breathing heavily. He moved a bit away from her and they both gazed into each other eyes intensely. She is utterly lost in him and this special moment because they are together and she wants nothing else.

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