Monster’s Bride (Part: 31 Enjoying The Rain) Sidnaaz

Sidnaaz are lying cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to each other. It was raining outside and making the atmosphere romantic. They are so happy with each other, forgetting everything.

“Sidharth ji, apko barish kesi lagti hai? (Do you like Rain?)” As she asked with curiosity and his brows creased.

“I hate rain, Sana. Please I don’t wanna talk about rain.” Sidharth said in a calm voice but his eyes filled with anger and pain. Sana felt hurt as now also he is not ready to share his pain with her.

“Sidharth ji aap humshai pyaar krte hai na? (Sidharth Ji, do you love me?)” Suddenly she asked in a serious tone, putting her hand on his face.

“Yes, of course, sweetheart, I love you so much.” He answered her, gazing at her intensely and kissed her hand.

“Toh kyu aap ab bhi humshai sb kuch share nhi kar paa rhai? (So why are you still not sharing your pain with me?)” She asked and pouted sadly.

“Tum aisa kyu soch rhi ho, meine tumhse sab toh share kar liya. (Why are you saying this? I have shared everything with you.)” He said, caressing her cheek with his thumb.

“Nhi, Sidharth ji, apne yeh bol diya ki aapko banana aur rain pasand nhi hai, lekin yeh nhi batya kyu pasand nhi hai. (No. You only told me that you don’t like rain and banana but you didn’t tell why you don’t like them.)” Sana said, she wants him to take out his all pain because if he doesn’t share, he will never be able to move on properly. She wants to take away his all pain.

He climbed down the bed silently and stood facing his back to her, closing his eyes dejectedly.

“Because in childhood, that bitch made me stand in the rain the whole night and one day I ate banana without her permission and then she forcefully made me eat lots of banana. Since that day I hate rain and Banana.” He said grimly and tears trickled down his cheeks as he recalled about those incidents. Now Sana is regretting asking him about this.

She also stepped down from the bed. “Sidharth ji, aap kab tak apne past ko soch kar dukhi rahoge. Sidharth ji, aapko age badhna padhega. (How long will you be sad thinking about your past. You have to move on.)” She said, placing her hand on his shoulder from behind.

“No, Sana, it’s not easy.” He said without turning towards her.

She hugged him from behind. “Sidharth ji, hum hai na apke sath, hum apki help karenge. Please, apko dukhi dekh kar humhai bilkul acha nhi lagta. (Sidharth, I’m with you, I’ll help you. Please, it hurts a lot to see you upset.)” She cried, making his shirt wet and he instantly turned around.

He agreed to move on seeing tears in her eyes. “Okay, I’ll try to move on as I trust you more than I trust myself. I know if I fall, you are there to help me in standing up.” He said, clasping her face.

She clasped his hand and squealed, “toh chalo barish mein bhigne ke liye mere sath. (So come with me to get drench in rain.)”

She led him to the open balcony and he didn’t stop her as he doesn’t want to make her cry more because of him. He wants to become the reason for her smile, not the reason for her tears.

“Yeh…” she whooped like a baby, jumping, clapping, giggling in the rain. She loves rain a lot.

He smiled broadly, forgetting his all pain, seeing the way she’s enjoying the rain. He got utterly lost in her cuteness.

She joined her hands together and collected the water. “Sidharth ji.” She splashed the water on him.

“Haha.” Then she laughed, throwing her head back.

“Sidharth ji, agar aap aise hi khadhai rhainge toh hum apko aur tangh karenge. (If you keep standing like this, then I’ll irritate you more.)” She said and showed him her tongue.

“Okay.” Sidharth nodded and she pouted sadly.

“Sidharth ji, humhare sath masti karo na, please. (Sidharth, please, enjoy with me.)” She implored, looking at him pleadingly.

“Okay, okay, tell me what I have to do.” He smiled and asked.

“Jump with me.” She told him and he narrowed his eyes bemusedly. She started jumping gleefully, clasping his hands but Sidharth didn’t.

She pleaded, “Sidharth ji, please.”

Sidharth also started jumping with her. First, he felt wired but soon he also started enjoying with her. He’s enjoying it like this for the first time.

“Hahhaa.” They are laughing madly while jumping holding each other hands. Then they started dancing crazily in rain.

He snaked his arms around her and lifted her from the floor. He twirled her and she laughed mechanically, throwing her head back.

Sidharth for the first time enjoying the rain as no one ever told him how to enjoy the rain. His childhood was worst. Because of Sana, he can able to enjoy his childhood now. Sana is making him enjoy the rain because she wants that Sidharth should move on in his life forgetting about his dreadful past. Now he’s just enjoying the moment like a small kid, laughing, jumping and giggling. Sana has brought so much happiness into his life. He’s blessed to have her. She added colours to his black and white life.

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