Our Angel (Part: 18 Naughty Angel)

“How can you feed her Momos, baby.” Daddy snatched the Momos from Momma’s hand and threw it on the floor.

“Aeee…” I cried louder, frowning at Daddy. I want to eat Momos. Daddy, why you’re doing this with a little baby like me? He’s making me angry for the first time.

“Hubby, I was only making her eat veggies from inside the Momos, she was crying a lot. Look she’s crying now also, looking at the plate of Momos.” Momma explained Daddy and I looked at daddy with pleading eyes to convince him.

He picked me in his arms. “My Angel, Daddy will make you eat your favourite Mangos. Yummy yummy. You loved it, right.” Daddy said, trying to distract my mind from Momos by talking about my favourite Mangoes.

I love Mangoes a lot but now I want to taste Momos and I’ll taste it, Daddy.

“Na… na…” I cried and cried noisily, denying to eat Mangoes.

“Hubby, let her taste. I can’t see her like this.” Momma also tried to convince Daddy.

Haye, Momma, I love you so much. My Momma is the best.

“For me, both of your health is most important. I won’t let her eat and from now you won’t also eat any junk food.” Daddy again denied.

Now Momma also joined me in crying. Seriously Daddy is very stubborn but Momma and I are even more stubborn.

“Hubby, please.” Momma implored.

“No means no, baby.” Daddy said in a stern tone, making me angrier. I lost my mind and attacked Daddy’s face. I bit his cheek. I never want to do this with my loving Daddy but he made me furious.

Daddy fulfil my every wish, he never let me cried for anything before. Why are you doing this Daddy?

“Angel, aaa…” Daddy cried out in pain.

“Angel, that’s a bad manner. You shouldn’t bite anybody.” Now Momma glared at me and scolded me.

Now Momma is also with Daddy. Now how will I get Momos?

“Aaaa…” I cried louder and hit my head with my hands to show them that I’m very angry.

“Angel, calm down, my darling. Daddy is only thinking about your health.” Daddy said, holding my hands.

“Ee.. mo…mo…” I cried, looking at the plate Momos with longing eyes.

“Hubby, let her eat it. Veggies are not unhealthy for her. I also care about her health. You think I’ll ever feed her something unhealthy?” Mom asked, raising her brows.

Oh, Momma is still on my side. I’m falling in love with Momma more. I have no words to praise her.

“Okay, fine, but after this, no one will order junk food here.” Daddy finally agreed.

“Yippee, Angel, now you can taste it.” Momma squealed cheerfully after picking up the plate from the table. I jumped towards the plate of Momos in excitement. Daddy and Momma laughed at me.

“She’s going to become Momos lover like you, baby. Oh God, before only it was getting so difficult for me to handle one Momos lover and now I have to handle two-two Momos Lover.” Daddy said, shaking his head.

Now Momma and I laughed at him.

“Hubby, the way I’m handling two-two angry birds, in same you will handle two-two Momos lover.” She said, showing her two fingers.

Momma fed me the Momos and finally, I felt relieved after tasting them. They are so delicious. I want more. I hastily snatched the Momo from Momma’s hand and took it to my mouth before they could stop me. Momma and Daddy’s eyes widened in shock and I laughed naughtily. I’m so happy. Finally, I won. Wow, Momos are so delicious.

“Angel, you’re becoming very naughty. First, you bit Daddy and now you snatched the Momo from your Momma’s hand.” Daddy tickled my tummy with his head and I laughed hysterically, throwing my head back.

Oh, Daddy, please stop. He’s tickling me

continuously and I’m laughing loudly. “Haha…”

Momma said, “Manik, we both are spoiling her.”

“Whatever, I’m going to fulfil my Angel’s every wish. I won’t let her cry.” Daddy kissed my cheek and I smiled broadly.

“You’re our Princess, Angel. We’ll give all the love and happiness of the world.” Now Momma kissed my forehead.

“Thank you for giving me this precious gift.” Daddy thanked Momma and kissed her lips.

I pouted at Daddy, indirectly asking him to kiss me, but Daddy got lost in gazing at Momma.

“Ummm…” I screamed, catching their attention. As Daddy looked at me, I again pouted.

“Oh, so my Angel also want a kiss on her lips.” Daddy said and pecked my lips. I giggled merrily after getting a kiss from him. Momma also pecked my lips, making me happier. I snuggled in Daddy’s arms, I’m so happy.

“Oh, my loving Angel.” Momma caressed my hair and kissed my cheek. Daddy is stroking my back.

I looked at her, smiling adorably. Momma clasped my tiny hand and kissed it.

“Hubby, I think she pooped, I’m getting the smell.” Momma said.

“Let me see.” Daddy checked my panty and confirmed, “yes, she pooped.”

“You changed her panty. I’ll eat the remaining Momos.” Momma licked her lower lip.

“Eat it, but don’t forget after today, no junk food.” Daddy said sternly and Momma pouted at him sadly like me. My Momma is adorable like me.

Momma complained, “Hubby, that’s not fair.”

“No junk food means no junk food.” He said strictly, pointing his finger at her.

Momma muttered something under her breath in anger, not audible to us.

“Okay, fine. Now clean her and let me spend some time with my love Momos.” Momma curled up her lips and turned around facing her back to us, showing her anger to Daddy.

“Let us change your clothes first and then we will pacify your Momma.” Daddy said to me and took me to the bathroom.

I’m laughing and giggling as the water is dripping down my little butts. Daddy is cleaning me with tissue. I love to play with water. I want to bathe.

After cleaning when Daddy was taking me out of the bathroom, I cried, moving my hands towards the washbasin. I want to bathe as I want to play with water. Oh God, I have to cry a lot to convey my feelings, poor me.


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