(Part: 48 Helpless Mafia Boss) Mafia’s Badass

Andrew and Chloe are now sitting touching their forehead outside of the medical room. Dan is still unconscious and they want him to never regain his consciousness. They are silent and utterly lost in each other presence, their eyes are closed. There is sadness on their faces as Dan can do anything with them. They are distraught but each other presence is giving them strength. They are a bit relieved as they are together.

“Andrew, I want you to promise me something.” She opened her eyes and uttered breaking the silence, their forehead is still joined.

He also opened his eyes and asked, “what?”

She sighed deeply and said, placing her hand on his face. “I want you to do nothing until we find my Aunt. You have to promise me you won’t fight with that bastard if he even hurts me in front of you.” She asked him to promise her something utterly impossible for him. She is asking him to not protect his Sunshine.

He shook his head. “No, this is impossible. I can’t see him hurting you, Sunshine. He has already hurt you so much. You know how much it is hurting me to see your bruised face and marks of his brutal bites on your neck. I’m ready to do anything but I won’t let him hurt you anymore. I will set the whole world on fire if he even touches you.” He growled with outrage, his eyes are burning red in anger.

“I know it’s difficult, Andrew. But we don’t have any other option. My Aunt is suffering because of me so much. He cut her finger and now I don’t want him to hurt her more. Please, for me, promise me that you won’t do anything until you find Aunt.” She implored, tears trickling down her cheeks. She knows she is asking him to do something quite impossible but she has no other option. She doesn’t want her Aunt to suffer more because of her.

“No, Sunshine, I can’t promise you this.” He again denied, shaking his head. Tears are rolling down his cheeks too.

“Please, Andrew.” She pleaded. “Promise me, please.” She held out her hand to him and stared at him with pleading eyes, brimmed with tears.

“Please, I can’t promise you this.” He pleaded too.

“For me.”

They both are not ready to step back.

“You think it is easy for me to not fight for myself. My Aunt is suffering without any fault. If she dies in this, I will never be able to forgive myself. Please, I want your promise, Andrew.” She tried hard to convince him.

“Okay, I promise you that I’ll try to do nothing but only if it is possible.” He finally promised her, placing his hand over her hand and cried.

“It will be over soon, Andrew. Everything will be fine.” She reassured him, wiping his tears with her thumbs.

“I hope so, Sunshine as it is getting unbearable to see you in pain.” He said, touching his face with her. They both closed their eyes, getting lost in each other, tears are coursing down their cheeks.

“So this is happening behind my back.” The voice of Dan startled them and they pulled apart. They looked at him and their eyes glinted with anger. He is sitting in a wheelchair.

“So what’s your decision, are you both ready to follow my orders if you want to see Zia alive?” Dan asked them.

Chloe composed herself and warned him, “we’re ready but if something happens to her, first I’ll torture and then I’ll burn you alive.”

“Oh, I’m scared.” He chuckled evilly and they glared at him.

“Now come and stand with me because from now you’re my girlfriend and you’re not allowed to talk to Andrew.” He ordered her and they both sneered at him.

She unwillingly stood up and strolled to Dan after glancing at Andrew.

She stood beside Dan and he held her hand tightly, digging his nails in her skin. Andrew fumed in uncontrollable anger. He is hurting his Sunshine in front of his eyes and he can’t do anything.

“Now take me to the room.” He ordered Chloe. “And Andrew you also come with us because I want you to punish you for making my this condition and bringing me on this wheelchair.” He now instructed Andrew.

Andrew and Chloe glanced at each other helplessly. She took Dan to the room and Andrew followed them reluctantly.

As they all stepped into the room, Dan ordered and their eyes widened in shock. “Chloe, remove your dress now. I want you to show the wounds to Andrew which I have given to you.”

Chloe looked at Andrew, he shook his head, asking her to don’t do this. Fresh tears trickled down her cheeks. She doesn’t want to do this but she has to do this for her Aunt. Her helplessness is breaking her completely from inside.

“Do it fast, I don’t have time.” He shouted and she scowled at him.

She stood in front of him and slowly pulled off her dress with her eyes closed as she can’t see Andrew’s expression. Now she’s only in the undergarment. His heart wretched and more tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw the deep wound on her belly given by Dan with the knife. He’s staring at her wound with sorrowful eyes.

“Are you seeing this wound? This is given by me only. I gave her when she was behaving badly with me.” Andrew hissed as Dan pressed her wound with his hand. She squeezed her eyes shut and pursed her lips to bear the pain but didn’t scream. He clenched his hands in fury and stared at Dan darkly.

He raised his hand to punch Dan but stopped in the middle as he recalled the promise which he gave to her a few minutes back. He cried hysterically, closing his eyes dejectedly. He can’t see him hurting his Sunshine, his heart is breaking. It is killing him from inside. Somebody is hurting his Sunshine and he can’t do anything, he never felt so helpless in his life before. He wants to protect her and kill Dan.

“Now turn around and show the marks which I have given to you on your perfect round butts.” He ordered her again. She turned around facing her back to Andrew without opening her eyes. Andrew cried profusely seeing the welts of the belt on her butts.

“You know why I welted her butts because I caught her romancing with you. I love to give these marks to her. It makes her body more beautiful.” Now he harshly squeezed her butts and a scream full of pain escaped out of her mouth. Dan smiled evilly with triumph as finally he succeeded to make her scream and Andrew’s heart broke down listening to her scream and he couldn’t control himself anymore.

He grasped Dan’s hand and threw it away. He bent down and grabbed his collars. “Don’t dare to hurt her more.” He roared at him with rage and she instantly turned towards them.

“Andrew, stop, I’m fine.” Chloe said, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt her.” As Dan said, their brows narrowed in confusion. “Because you will hurt her.” He said and laughed evilly. Andrew is feeling like killing him.

“You think, I’ll hurt her? Not even in your dreams, I’ll hurt her and the person who hurts her, he has to bear the consequences.” His lips quivered with outrage and he’s killing him with his deadly looks.

“You have to hurt her because I can’t hurt her because I’m in a wheelchair. This is your punishment. Now you have to hurt her. You know if you don’t follow my order, I’ll kill Zia. Chloe, you make him understand.” He said, moving his eyes to Chloe. She’s standing behind Andrew, helpless and distressed. She is just praying to God to end this torture.

“Andrew, we have no other option, you have to hurt me, please.” She pleaded and he stared at her in disbelief after looking at her over his shoulder.

“No, I can’t take this anymore, Chloe.” He shook his head after turning toward her.

“Okay, so I’m calling my man and ordering him to cut Zia’s throat.” Dan said, taking his phone out of his pocket.

“Stop.” Chloe shouted. “He’ll do whatever you say, I’m giving you my words.” Andrew is just staring at her incredulously.

“Okay, so he has to welt your breasts the way I welted your butts.” He smirked, crossing his arms across his chest and Andrew’s eyes widened in horror but Chloe’s looks didn’t change as she isn’t afraid to bear any pain.

Andrew marched to Dan to punch him but Chloe stopped him by holding his hand. He looked at Chloe in anger and she looked at him pleadingly. Dan is smiling mischievously.

What do you think, what will happen next?

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