Our Angel (Part: 19 Planning To Go Out)

I woke up in the evening and stood up, holding the railing of my crib. I saw Momma and Daddy getting ready.

Are we going somewhere?

Yippie I’m so excited to go out with them. I smiled broadly and my tiny eyes twinkled.

Momma is standing in front of the mirror. Haye… my Momma is looking so beautiful in this red dress. Daddy is standing holding her waist from behind and kissing her face and neck. They look so cute together. I also want someone like Daddy in future, hehe.

But now it’s time to catch their attention. I think I have given them enough time to spend with each other without me.

I laughed to catch their attention and they instantly turned towards me like they got a shock. They are looking at me surprisingly and gave me tight-lipped smile.

I think something is fishy as for the first time they are not looking happy to see me laughing and smiling.

Am I not looking cute today? Am I becoming less cute?

Daddy leaned down and whispered something in Momma’s ear and she pouted at him sadly.

I pouted at them, thinking. What’s wrong with them? Why they aren’t happy today?

I cried out in confusion and irritation.

Daddy walked to me and picked me up. “Couldn’t you wake up a bit later, Angel?” He asked and made saddy-saddy faces, looking at me.

Momma also reached us.

“It happened because of you, Hubby. I was asking you to hurry up but you have to romance with me. Now we can’t go alone.” Momma complained to Daddy.

“We can again put her to sleep and then go.” As Daddy said, I moved my eyes to him.

“She has just woke up, hubby. It’s not easy to make her sleep again. I think we should take her with her.”

“I want to take my Angel where ever I go.” Daddy said, looking at me with so much love in his eyes. Haye, I love him a lot. He kissed my forehead before looking at Momma.

He continued, “but today I want to go out with my wife alone for one day. You know.”

“I know, hubby but she will cry if she sees us going. She can’t live without us.” Now Momma kissed my cheek. “Our Chotu baby only loves to stay with us.”

I’m listening to them silently, looking at them but I’m not understanding what they are talking about as I’m very chotu baby to understand this.

“Let’s try to leave her with Navya or Mukti as she enjoys with Mishti and Golu (‘Arjun’ Mukti’s baby).” Daddy said and I started playing with his shirt buttons, getting bore.

(Navya and Cabir adopted Mishti, now they are their Mom Dad. She calls Nandini ‘Choti Mumma’ and she calls Manik ‘Uncle’.)

“Okay, let’s try. First, we’ll go to Mukti Didu.” Momma nodded at Daddy.

I seriously don’t know what Momma and Daddy are talking about. I also don’t know when they will make me wear the beautiful dress and take me out with them. I’m super duper excited to go out with me. I’ll see new things, attractive colours and attractive pictures. Wow.

Momma Daddy take me out fast because if I lose my patience, I’m gonna cry loudly.

They took me out of the room. I’m still in Daddy’s arm.

Are they taking me out in these clothes only?

Momma is wearing such a pretty dress and they are taking me out in this jumpsuit.

Maybe we’re getting late and they will change my clothes in the car.

They knocked on the door of the room. I don’t know whose room is this because as you all know I’m a chotu baby and for now every room seems same to me.

“Hehe.” I suddenly laughed and Momma and Daddy looked at me and they laughed too. I smile, they smile, I laugh, they laugh, I cry, they cry and when I become sad, they also become sad.

Mukti bue (bhua/Aunt) opened the door and as I moved eyes down, I saw Golu, standing behind his Momma, holding her leg.

“Mukti, we need your help. As you know we have both planned to go out alone after a long time, so could you handle Angel for a few hours?” Daddy asked her.

“Hello, my Golu Molu bacha.” Momma bent down and picked Golu in her arms and I pouted in anger as it’s my place. I frowned becoming angrier when Momma kissed his cheek. They can only love me or each other. I don’t know why but I get angry when they share my love with somebody else. They are mine and they will love me only.

I clenched Golu’s hair in fury.

“Angel, what are you doing, leave his hair.” Daddy tried to make me leave his hair but I’m not ready to leave him. He is still in my Momma’s arm.

He started crying, hitting him with his hand. I cried louder but I’m not leaving his hair.

“Angel, leave his hair. Why do you behave like this? This is wrong.” Momma chided me.

I became angrier as my Momma is scolding me because of him.

Finally, Bue took Golu in her arms and I tried to go out from Daddy’s arms to Momma. He cried, hiding his face in her Momma’s chest.

Now Momma understood everything and took me in her arms. “Angel, why so possessive for us? He’s your brother. Don’t behave so aggressive, please, my doll.”

“Hubby, it’s your fault. You’re possessive and that’s why she is possessive too.” Now Momma scolded Daddy.

“Oh, so you aren’t possessive about me, baby?” Daddy asked, raising his brows.

Oh God, my Momma and Daddy are fighting like Kids but I’m enjoying it. “Hehe.” I laughed, catching everyone’s attention and they all laughed at me.

“Bhai, you know I can handle Angel very well. But handling them together,” Bue said, moving her finger from me to Golu and continued, “is quite impossible for me.

“Hubby, I think we should cancel the plan or we should take Angel with us.” Momma said to Daddy.

I’m seriously not understanding what we’re doing here and why we aren’t going out?

“Navya can handle her for a few hours as Angel loves to spend time with Mishti.” Bue suggested them.

“We were also thinking about this, thanks for reminding us, Didu.”

“All the best.” Bue wished them before closing the door.

“Angel, please, let us go alone for only a few hours.” Daddy said and they both looked at me pleadingly. Why they are looking at me like this? What they want from me.

What do you think, friends, will I let them go out without me?


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