(Part: 49 Finally, It’s Over) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl

Sidharth’s phone beeped and he hastily took the phone out of his jeans pocket as he was waiting for this. He saw the notification of Mike’s message on the lock screen. He prayed to receive good news. He can’t bear this torture more. It is killing him from inside to see the bastard hurting his Sunshine.

As he read the message, his eyes shone and a smirk appeared on his face. Shehnaaz and Dan staring at him, confused.

Mike: We found Zia.

He threw the phone on the bed and looked at Dan. He started loosening his belt.

“I’m ready to hurt,” he said, taking his belt out of all the loops of jeans and shouted, “you,” before welting Dan with the belt in outrage.

Sidharth is not letting him speak up and he is hitting him continuously, taking his all anger out on him. He’s also roaring, “you bastard, you hurt my Sunshine and you threatened the Mafia Boss. I trusted you all these years. Now I’ll show you what happens to the people who betray Mafia Boss and hurt his Sunshine. You fucking Asshole, I’ll make you suffer till your last breath. I’ll take the revenge of my Sunshine’s every tear.”

Shehnaaz is getting utterly satisfied seeing the bastard in pain, but as soon as she recalled about her Aunt, she tried to stop him, not knowing Mike has found her.

“What are you doing, Sidharth, stop.” She held him from behind.

“Sunshine, it’s over. Now you don’t have to follow this bastard’s orders and bear more pain. You’re finally free. He can’t threaten us more because Mike has found Zia.” He finally told Shehnaaz, her eyes shimmered with profound happiness and a smile of relief flashed on her face. His lips are also drawn up to a contented smile.

“I knew it, this will be over soon.” She smiled and this time tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks. “And I’m happy that finally, it’s over.”

“Yes, it’s over.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead, they are so relieved and happy. Dan is crying in pain lying on the floor.

“Take this, he’s your culprit. Punish him, take out all your anger on him.” He held the belt out to her.

She took the belt and scowled at Dan.

“Now it’s your turn, Asshole. Now I’ll make you regret to mess up with a girl like me.” She growled at him and started hitting him with the belt brutally. She is beating him, recalling everything he did with her and how mercilessly he had welted her butts and treated her. He had tortured her mentally more than physically, he had made her feel so helpless and weak.

Sidharth settled down on the sofa comfortably, smiling with triumph. He took out a box of cigarettes and a lighter from the pocket of his blazer. He lightened up the cigarette and smoked it while enjoying the torture of the person whom he hates the most.

“I’ll fucking kill you, you bastard.” She barked at him, striking hard and heavily with the belt. Dan is howling in pain and his screams are giving them profound relief and satisfaction.

Sidharth’s phone rang up and he went to pick it up from the bed.

“Hello.” He answered the call.

“Boss, Did you read my all messages?” Mike asked him from the other side.

“Let me check.” He said and hurriedly opened his messages.

He gasped and his eyes widened in shock after reading his other messages.

Mike: but we found her dead.

Mike: Boss, Dan was making us fool all this while.

He took out the Gun from his pocket and shoot Dan directly on the middle of his forehead in a fit of anger without thinking anything, making Shehnaaz stunned.

Shehnaaz looked at him with her eyes widened in shock. She walked to him and asked, “why did you kill him, Sidharth? We have to make him suffer more. What happened to you all of sudden?”

He clenched his hands and squeezed his eyes shut. Tears coursed down his cheeks. His silence is making her anxious and he isn’t understanding how to tell her the truth.

“Say something, Sidharth. What happened? You’re making me worried.” She shook him and asked him to speak, getting restless. She can sense something wrong.

He slowly opened his eyes and finally told her, stammering, “your-your aunt is no more.”

Her face turned pale and she stepped back, dumbstruck and tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

“You’re joking, right?” She asked him in disbelief, shedding silent tears.

He shook his head. “I’m sorry.” He apologised to her that he couldn’t able to her Aunt.

“No, this can’t be the truth. You’re lying. I did whatever he asked me to do, then why did he kill her?” She yelled out, her pain is coming out in the form of anger.

She marched to the dead body of Dan in fury and knelt. “Tell why did you kill her?” She asked, grabbing the collars of his dead body.

“Tell me, you bastard.” She thundered at him, crying profoundly. Sidharth is also crying silently, seeing her condition. He never wants to see her like this, therefore he was doing everything to find her Aunt. Her condition is piercing her heart.

“Wake up and tell me.” She punched his chest, weeping in agony.

Sidharth walked to her and sat beside her on his knees. He just pulled her into his arms, not understanding what he should do. “Sidharth, she was my everything. She made me what I’m today. She was my strength. She died because of me. I will never be able to forgive myself.” She cried profusely in his arms in grief, recalling the moments which she had spent with her. She couldn’t believe that she has gone and she will never be able to see her again. He’s crying too with her, rubbing her hair and back. They both didn’t expect that this would be over like this.


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