Monster’s Bride (Part: 37 Spanking) Sidnaaz

After their make-out session, he again started her English class. In the next romantic scene, he just kissed her, pressing her twins. Now she is sitting wearing his shirt.

When in the movie, Ana asked Christian to spank her, Sana paused the movie and told him boldly, “Sidharth Ji, Spanking humhai bhi turn on karti hai. (Spanking turns me on too.)”

He looked at her in surprise. “But I won’t spank you because you’re my good girl and Bad Girls deserve

Spanking.” He said, tucking her hair behind her ear. She gave him a naughty smile.

“Lekin hum bhi toh bad girl hai.. hum apko Sidharth ji bula rhai hai. (But I’m also a bad girl, I’m calling you Sidharth Ji when you asked me to call you Sidharth.)” Sana indirectly demanded him to spank her and Sidharth is just looking at her in disbelief. Her naughty demand surprised him.

“Okay, sweetheart, if you want, I’ll spank you. And then you will tell me how do you feel in English. Okay?” He asked and she nodded her head in response, her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

After that, he laid her over his lap on her front. Her heart is thumping and her breath is becoming heavy. She’s excitedly waiting to get spanked for the first time. He raised her shirt and pulled down her undies till her knees. He gently stroke her round butts, sending a shiver down her spine, arousing her.

“Uhh.…” She moaned in pleasure, closing her eyes as he squeezed her both butts together, grinning.

“So is my wifey ready to get first spank?” He asked, fondling her butts.

She smiled and answered, “Yes.”

He raised his hand and spanked one of her butts, not so hard. He can never hurt her. She moaned loudly in pleasure and felt an intense sensation between her thighs. She felt more incredible than her expectations.

“So now tell me my wifey how was it.” He asked, caressing her butt where he spanked her.

“Sidharth, humhai…” she moaned as he spanked her other butt before she could answer him.

“Sweetheart, I asked you to answer me in English.” He told and she bit her tongue, realising her mistake.

“Sidharth, I, felt, di-different and so good.” She answered him in English, giving pauses after every word.

He smiled and made her sit on his lap after pulling up her undies. “Where did you feel different?” He asked her.

“Here.” She pointed her finger at her crotch and hugged Sidharth, feeling shy.

He laughed, hugging her back. “I remember someone saying that she doesn’t shy in front of her husband.”

“Sidharth, yeh sab kuch naya hai humhre liye, toh thodhi bhut sharam toh aegi hi na. (Sidharth, this is all new for me, so that’s why I’m shying a bit.)” She answered him after looking at him. He beamed at her before kissing her forehead, she closed her eyes, smiling contentedly in response.

“Sidharth, kya hum apki lap par sar rakh so sakte aaj. (Sidharth, could I sleep placing my head on your lap?)” She asked, feeling sleepy.

“Of course, bacha.” He agreed and she smiled broadly before laying down by placing her head on his lap. She closed her eyes, feeling so good.

From today his lap has become her favourite pillow. She wants to sleep like this every night.

He smiled at her fondly and started caressing her hair. She instantly fell asleep and he kept gazing at her with so much and kept stroking her hair.

After sometime he also fell asleep like this only.


The next Day Sidharth is taking Sana to his penthouse. They are biding bye to Sakshi and Sona before leaving.

“Auntie Ji,” She paused as Sidharth glared at her because she again put ‘Ji’. She instantly corrected herself. “Auntie, aap dukhi mat ho hum apse milne ate rhainge. (Don’t be sad, I’ll come to meet you again.)” She said to Sakshi and they are upset because Sidnaaz are leaving so soon.

“Sidharth jiju, please stay here for a few days more.” Sona requested him.

“Sona, I have some work. We will come back soon to meet you both.” He answered her.

Then Sakshi bid them bye by giving them a warm hug. They last time smiled at them before leaving the house hand in hand, beaming at each other.


“So welcome to the Rockstar Sidharth’s penthouse.” He whooped as soon as they stepped into his lavish penthouse. Sidharth looked at Sana, smiling and his smiled instantly vanished as he found her looking at him with tearful eyes.

He clasped her face. “Bacha, what happened? Why these tears?” He asked concernedly, wiping her tears with his thumbs.

“Voh, Sidharth, aaj hum bhut kush hai kyuki aaj aap garav se humhai apne ghar mein lae ho. Yeh asun khushi ke hai, chinta mat karo. (Today I’m so happy because today you welcomed me into your house with pride. So this is the tears of happiness, don’t worry.)” She told him cheerfully.

“Sana, you know how much happy I’m to have you, you can’t even imagine. It’s like I’m flying. It’s a completely new world for me like everything has changed. With you, this world is so beautiful. Before meeting you I was just spending my days but now I’m living wholeheartedly. You taught me to live, sweetheart, you’re my world, you’re my God. I’m so blessed to have you.” He said from the core of his heart.

Sidharth life was a nightmare before meeting her. He was only passing days, no one was there to tell him that how to live. But when Sana stepped into his life, he started living. Sana told him the meaning of true love. He never believed in God before meeting her but now she has become his God because she gave him a new life.

“Sidharth, you, are my world, my life and my everything.” She replied to him in English and he smiled proudly at her. She is learning so quickly.

“You’re a fast learner, sweetheart.” He praised her and she smiled broadly.

She placed her head on his chest and said, “yeh sab mein hum dono ke liye hi toh kar rhi hoon. (I’m learning so fast for both of us.)”

“I love you so much.” He kissed her forehead, engulfing her into his arms.

“I love you more.” She smiled at him merrily.

Caretake of his penthouse, Meera welcomed them. “Welcome, Sir and Mam.” Listening to her voice, they broke the hug.

“Sana, she is Meera, the caretaker of this house.” Sidharth introduced her to Meera.

“Hello, mam.” She greeted her with a warm smile.

“Hello.” Sana smiled at her.

“Sidharth, chale, humhai need aa rhi hai. (Sidharth, let’s go inside as I’m feeling sleepy.)” She said in a sleepy tone, rubbing her eyes.

“Okay, my bacha.” He nodded at her and suddenly lifted her in his arms, surprising her. Meera smiled at them. She is seeing her sir happy for the first time and she is happy for him.

“Sidharth, aap kya kar rhai hai.. humhai neeche uthariye. (Sidharth, what are you doing? Put me done.)” Sana is shying in front of Meera but Sidharth doesn’t care.

“Meera, prepare some healthy dinner for tonight.” He ordered her before taking his wife to his room. She now chuckled, resting her head on his chest.

“Sidharth sir has changed so much.” She thought, staring at them when they were going upstairs. Now they were gazing at each other intensely.

“Welcome to my room, wifey.” He said, stepping into his room and she just smiled at him.

He laid her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. “I know you wanted me to welcome you like this on our first wedding night. I’m so sorry for treating you so badly earlier.” He apologised guiltily.

“Sidharth, voh past tha aur ab voh mere liye koe mayne nhi rakhta. Kyuki ab toh aap itne badal gye hai. Ab toh aap humhre pyaare Sidharth hai jo humhari kushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai aur jo humhse bhut pyaar karte hai aur humhra khayal rakhte hai. (Sidharth, it was past and it doesn’t matter to me anymore because now you have changed. Now you’re my sweet Sidharth who can do anything for my happiness and who loves me and take care of me.)”

“Now don’t be sad. Now I’m speaking English. Smile please.” She spoke in English to make him smile.

“I love you so much.” He confessed and kissed her lips softly and lovingly. Then they both fell asleep because they both were tired after the long journey.

After sometimes Sana woke up from her peaceful sleep with a smile on her face, rubbing her eyes but her face turned pale when she didn’t find Sidharth in the room with her.

“Sidharth.” She called him, climbing down the bed, scared as her dream was getting true.

But she got his breath back as she saw him stepping into the room. She rushed to him and hugged him after jumping over him.

“Sidharth, kha chle gye thai aap? Pta hai hum kitna dhar gye thai. (Sidharth, where were you? You know I got so afraid.)” She is hugging him tighter and tighter and pulling him closer and closer to herself.

She widened her eyes in shock as she heard his sob. He is crying, hugging her. Why he’s crying? She wondered, confused and worried.

“Sidharth, are you fine?” She asked concernedly but he cried louder in response. She became anxious for him.

“Sidharth, kuch boliye, kya hua hai? Aap humhai tension de rhai hai. (Sidharth, tell me, what happened. You’re making me tense.)” She asked, rubbing his back to calm him down but he’s not ready to say anything. He’s just crying like a baby in her arms. She isn’t understanding what happened to him all of sudden. He was so happy before sleeping. Her heart started thumping with fright.


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