Our Angel (Part: 20 Our Romantic Time)

We’re going to the luxurious suite which we have booked to spend some alone time. I’m driving and my baby is sitting beside me.

“Hubby, now I’m feeling guilty to leave Angel at home. She was crying so much.” She said to me breaking the silence.

When Mukti denied handling Angel we went to Navya. We tried to make Angel busy with Mishti but today she wasn’t ready to come out of her Mumma’s arms, she was crying a lot. So she fed the milk to Angel and we came after putting her to sleep. We strictly instructed Navya to call us immediately if Angel cries.

I’m also feeling guilty to leave her at home but I really want to spend some alone time with my baby.

“Baby, I’m also feeling bad but it’s just a matter of few hours. Let’s forget everything and relive the memories of old days.” I clasped her hand and kissed her knuckles, smiling at her.

She beamed at me. “I’m so excited now as today nobody will disturb us.” She squealed cheerfully.

“Hubby, when we will reach?” She asked.

“We have reached.” I said, entering our car to the hotel.

“Wow, It will be so much.” She clapped her hands gleefully. I just smiled at her and parked the car.

We stepped into the hotel hand in hand, smiling. We collected our keys from reception and went to our suite.

I switched on the lights and her eyes sparked seeing the interior of the suite. It’s beautiful and lavish. She’s taking the tour of our suite and I’m following her. There is a bathtub in the room only, rose petals are scattered in it filled with water.

“Wow, hubby, it’s beautiful. I want to live here forever.” She said, sitting on the sofa of the bedroom. I settled down beside her.

“I specifically like this bathtub in the room.” She said, pointing at the bathtub.

“Then let’s jump into it.” I said and she instantly stood.

“Yes, let’s go.” She clasped my hand and made me stand up.

“Let me free you from this dress.” I said.

She said, “okay.” She smiled at me and stood facing her back to me.

I slid down the zipper of the dress and took the straps out of her arms, touching her bare skin and sending chills down her spine. The padded dress dropped down her body, leaving her only in undies.

“Now I’ll remove your clothes.” She instantly turned around, standing naked in front of me without any shyness. My baby has become so bold and I like my bold baby.

“Today I’m going to drink all the milk of yours.” I squeezed her twins and milk dripped out of her nipples. I leaned down and sucked the milk. She moaned, moving her hands through my hair.

“I don’t like milk but I love the milk your body produces.” I whispered against her lips, curling my fingers around her neck.

“Do you wanna taste it, baby?” I asked her and she nodded. I captured her lips to make her taste her milk. We kissed each other deeply, our bodies pressing against each other and our tongues exploring each other mouths. I’m moving my hands all over her bare back and squeezing her butts, kissing her passionately. I’m grinding my crotch back and forth against her groin and she is also moving up and down against my crotch, moaning in my mouth.

“Hubby, I wanna ask you something.” She said and I chuckled as her questions always come in the middle of our romance. Our Romance is utterly incomplete without her question.

“Why did you laugh?” She asked, pouting angrily at me, looking so adorable like always.

“Because your question session never ends, baby.” I answered, pulling her cheeks and pecked her lips.

“That’s true.” She chuckled too. “But this time my question is different.”

“So ask fast because we have limited time, you know.” I said and she nodded.

“Do you like my milk more or my honey?” She asked, raising her brows and pointing her finger at her crotch. I wasn’t expecting this question.

“This is a quite difficult question,” I said and she giggled.

“You have to choose one because today you will get one of them?”

I instantly questioned her. “Why can’t I have both?”

“Because I want to keep it as a game. You will get the other thing next time.” She grinned mischievously.

Now I pouted sadly at her and complained like a kid. “That’s not fair, baby.”

“Choose one fast.” She asked me to choose.

“I’ll choose milk because your milk is available for a limited time, and I can have your honey for my whole life. So I’m choosing milk.” I answered her.

“Great choice but what do you like the most. Tell me tell me.”

“Really, baby, I love both. I love everything about you, from your lips to your hips to your fingers.” I brushed her lower lip, gazing at her intensely before sucking her finger and squeezing her butt with my other hand.

“I like your answer. So now you can have my honey and my milk both.” She whooped, clapping her hands and I smiled broadly at her.

“Now stand straight and let me take off your clothes.” She said strictly.

“Okay.” I nodded meekly.

She held the hem of my white tee and pulled it up to my chest. She raised her heels and stood on her toes to pull the tee out of my head. I love her my tiny baby a lot. She grinned at my muscular body before opening the button of my jeans. She took off my jeans and stood up.

“Before stepping into the bathtub, I want to have your delicious honey. Could I have it?” I asked her like a gentleman.

She blushed and nodded, “Permission granted, Hubby.”

I hurriedly took off her undies and said, “Now sit on the sofa and spread your legs for me, baby.”

She wandered to the sofa and sat down, splaying her legs for me. I stared at her honeypot with profound desires in my eyes and strolled to her. Her honeypot is glistening with her honey. She is looking at me, her eyes are filled with anticipation. I knelt before her on the floor and attacked her alluring honeypot by placing my hands on her thighs.

After having her honey from the honeypot. I lifted her in my arms and led her to the bathtub. We both settled in it. She’s sitting between my legs and I’m sitting with the support of the bathtub. She is playing with the rose petals like a baby, holding the glass of wine and I’m just admiring her, drinking the wine and kissing her face and neck. She’s so beautiful and adorable. There is no doubt she has become responsible after becoming the mother but there is no change in her cuteness and I’m happy about it. I never get tired of gazing at her. She’s the happiness of my life. After a long time, we’re spending quality time like this without any disturbance and I’m enjoying it a lot. I was really missing spending time like this with my baby. I hope Angel is also enjoying with Navya and Mishti like this.

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